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Monday, January 13, 2014

Why Priyanka Chopra?

Why would a builder sign 'Desi Girl of Dostana' as his brand ambassador?

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Last weekend, I visited the launch of Fifth Avenue, 2 BHK Flats next to Runwal Seagull, on Handewadi Road, Hadapsar, Pune, only to find out - Why did Mantra Properties (www.mantraproperties.in) & Majestique Landmarks (www.majestiqueproperties.com) sign Priyanka Chopra - 'Desi Girl of Dostana' - as their brand ambassador?

"What are you looking for?," a young boy asked.

Looking around, I said, "Certainly, not for you!"

"I am here to give information of Fifth Avenue - what is your budget?," the young boy said.

"You are a sales-boy - salesman! Good!! First show me yours - tell me about your project - about your company," I said.

"Priyanka Chopra is our brand ambassador!," the sales boy said.

"Why Priyanka Chopra?," I asked.

"We are 5 year old builder. Have completed 2 projects. But are coming up with some 16 more - 6 are already launched - 10 will be launched in the next few months - so instant recognition was the need - which Priyanka fulfilled," said the sales boy.

"Instant recognition for instant bookings?," I asked.

"Yes! Our every project has received huge response - even in this project - Fifth Avenue - in the last 2 days - Friday & Saturday - more than 60 flats are booked," said the sales boy.

"Because of Priyanka?," I asked.

"No. Because of the 5 reasons 1) Location - on the main Handewadi Road - next to Runwal Seagull - 2) Property rate - only Rs. 3,490 for 1st to 3rd floors. Rs. 3,540 for 4th to 7th floors. Rs. 3,590 for 8th to 11th floors. Much less than any project - in fact one neighbor - builder - came and complained - 'why are you charging less when people are ready to pay more?' 3) Work has already started - you can see that - 4) Banks have approved the project & given APF Numbers 5) We Pay You Rent - possession is in 20 months - so at the rate of Rs. 5,000 we pay you 20 months rent - 1 Lakh - at the time of registration of agreement," said the sales boy.

"When the offer is so attractive - why Priyanka Chopra?," I asked again.

"Hello Mr. Ravi Karandeekar! How are you? Thanks for coming!," said Mr. Rahul Mundra, one of the directors, when the sales boy was about to answer.

"Hello! Congratulations for the huge response, Rahul! Can I take a photo of one of the most dynamic builders in Pune?," I said.

"Yes! Why not!!," said Mr. Rahul and invited Mr. Sanjay Mehta, the other director too.

I took a couple of photos and thanked them.

While checking their photos on the screen of my digital camera, I asked myself - Is this the answer to my question - Why Priyanka?

"God knows!," I said and thanked them once again.

Contact Fifth Avenue, 2 BHK Flats next to Runwal Seagull, on Handewadi Road, Hadapsar, Pune

Ajay 84079 98899 / Arun 84079 95599 / www.mantraproperties.in / www.majestiqueproperties.com

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  1. May be to add some glamour in sluggish real estate market...

  2. I like your post, it’s very interesting and useful for us, this may be very helpful to all..DLF Ultima Phase 2

  3. Hi ravi,
    Never read negative when Amanora had AB , Star city --Makrand anaspure or when Amit enterprises --Sachin Tendulkar -----------so why are you jealous now.

  4. Rates will fall after general elections. Economy of India is in a very bad phase. There is NO CASH FLOW in the market.
    Post June, it would be interesting to watch the dynamics of indian market!
    But the hour of the need is that the new government in Delhi need someone like Kejriwal.
    India cannot survive capitalism.

    1. As a foreign investor, I have been monitoring rates in Pune quite closely. Both builders and buyers are playing the waiting game. Prices in Pune have been stagnant in areas like NIBM, Wagholi, Katraj etc for last one year. Some projects have reduced the number of buildings as well ! For e.g. Kumar in NIBM initially proposed 6 buildings but is only building 3 now... Seems like the Puneri bubble is bursting and very soon it will be a buyers market.