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Monday, June 11, 2012

Sahara City Homes Pune
- Patience, My Dear Pune Property Buyers, Patience!

Patience is a virtue
- Lesson Learned at the Launch of Sahara City Homes Pune,
1 BHK 2 BHK 2.5 BHK 3 BHK Flats off Vishrantwadi Lohegaon Road,
Pune 411015:

At the Site of Sahara City - Visit Sahara City Homes Pune, 1 BHK 2 BHK 2.5 BHK 3 BHK Flats off Vishrantwadi Lohegaon Road, Pune 411015
At the Site of Sahara City Homes Pune, 1 BHK 2 BHK 2.5 BHK 3 BHK Flats off Vishrantwadi Lohegaon Road, Pune 411015

View Sahara City Homes Pune, 1 BHK 2 BHK 2.5 BHK 3 BHK Flats off Vishrantwadi Lohegaon Road, Pune 411015 in a larger map

On the day of launch, on 10th of June 2012, there was no booking, no sample flat, no brochure available at Sahara City Homes Pune. It means that the wait for the launch of Sahara City Homes Pune, began around 2005 is not over yet.

Moral of the story is: if you want to own a home in Sahara City Homes Pune, you need lots of patience.

I think the sole purpose of the launch of Sahara City Homes Pune was to teach this important lesson to Pune property buyers, for free!

Because, patience is an ability to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay, misfortune, or pain. The patient property buyer never complains. The patient property buyer never losses his temper. The patient property buyer never gets irritated.

Patience is an essential virtue for everybody who books a flat at the launch or under construction stage. Not only at Sahara City Homes Pune, but at any township, of any size, in any city in the Republic of India.

To imbibe patience in Pune property buyers, Sahara India Pariwar took lots of effort. The sales staff & brokers of Sahara City Homes Pune, sold the quota of the flats reserved for the launch, nearly 175 units of flats, before the day of launch.

Working day and night, first they booked at the pre-launch property rate of Rs. 3,800 per sq.ft. - then, they booked the flats reserved for the launch of Sahara City Homes Pune at the inaugural property rate of Rs. 4,000 per sq.ft. So, on the day of launch, the sales staff could teach Pune property buyers 'how to be a patient property buyer'.

Write down your name, email id and phone number in this note book and go home. We will get in touch with you when the next quota of flats is released for booking. Property rate? Certainly, more than the inaugural offer of Rs. 4,000 per sq.ft. May be 4100 - 4200 - 4300 - whatever our corporate office in Lucknow decides. Patience, my dear Pune property buyer, patience!

Besides Pune, yesterday, Sahara City Homes launched their projects in two more cities in Maharashtra. At Aurangabad & Solapur. A year ago, I had been to Sahara City Homes Aurangabad. So, I know for sure that for many many years, Aurangbad property buyers are learning and practicing patience. If Punekars are in the 8th standard, Aurangabad property buyers have received PH.D in patience. I am curious to know in which standard Solapur property buyers are.

What i admire about Sahara India Pariwar is - they practice what they preach. In any circumstances, they don't give up.

For example, Sahara India Pariwar took the mission of teaching patience to Indian property buyers in December 2004. Sahara announced Sahara City Homes in 217 cities in India.

Over the last 8 years, a few of Sahara City Homes Townships are actually under construction.

(At the launch, unfortunately, i couldn't meet anybody who has booked a flat in Sahara City Homes Pune in 2005. But, I met a guy who has booked in Sahara City Homes Nagapur. Yes, he has received masters degree in patience!)

Yesterday, after a long gap of nearly 8 years, once again, along with Pune, Solapur and Aurangabad, Sahara India Pariwar announced 58 housing projects - 21 Sahara City Homes Townships and 37 Swapna City Schemes - 5 to 15 Lakh Homes - Affordable Housing Projects.

Point is, it's not about Mayawati, Mulayam - Akhilesh and Gleeds.

Or a recent joint venture with Turner Construction Company, a leading general builder in the United States of America.

Sahara City Homes (www.saharacityhomes.com) is all about patience. An ability to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay, misfortune, or pain.

Click to Visit the Slideshow of Sahara City Homes Pune - 1 BHK 2 BHK 2.5 BHK 3 BHK Flats off Dhanori Porwal Road & off Vishrantwadi Lohegaon Road, Pune 411015

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  1. Well after patiently reading your post I realized that Sahara guys are really good at teaching patience :)
    I bet you also had to write this post very patiently :) Pun intended

  2. The advt of Sahara City Homes Pune was nice. Particularly the 'Proposed Amenities'; a 'Main Gate' is one of them.

  3. I also visited the site on launch day. I was looking for brochure of the Sahara city homes, in search of same i went to the main pandaal. I saw a long waiting queue there, thought it to be for brochures/layout plan but to my amazement the queue was for eateries. Rather than getting the details about project, people were busy in having snacks, seems like Sahara was successful in diverting their attention. Better if Sahara had worked on printing brochures than making arrangements for snacks.

    I asked one sahara guy where can i get brochure , he pointed me to a small sitting area where sahara people told me that all brochures are gone and asked me to enter contact details in visiting book.

  4. Please find Sahara city homes Complaints & Reviews.

    Should i invest my hard earned money in this project? Kindly guide me

  5. Well Mr.Ravi if you are looking for such patience person , your search ended here , I am the one such person who are still waiting from 2005 :), I have also visited the site on the day launch , and trust me my experience was also similar to what other has written on the post.

    I thing i have also observed that they have shown very little interest in old bookings what could be the motives behind that.


    1. Dear Santosh,
      Builders are very hungry...more hunger to suck blood of property buyer....be it a blood of genuine home buyer or an investor...both the blood types taste well... he, pune builder, has developed the lust of drinking blood and and eating flesh of every home buyer during last 5-8 years....God knows when this giant hinger will pacify...by the time unfortunately we will die Santsoh....

  6. Had a visit @ site office today and was amazed by the laidback attitude of the person in charge.

    By the way, there is still a scarcity of broucheres and pamplets. Only thing that can be done there is enter your name in a red register.

    Well, inaugral offer is long gone and also the alloted flats... current rate is @4200/sqft. Even a stock price do not hike these days as much as this rate has hiked in 2 days :)

    cheers sahara

    1. Thanks for the updates, Nikhil! Yes, you are right about property price rise.

  7. Hilarious post Ravi... you have nailed it. One of my friend's parent had booked flat in Sahara sometime back in 2004and they are now very well experienced in this patience game.
    The sales person also asked that you have to pay the booking amount which is not 50K or 1 lac but 5 % of total amount and u have to pay the next 10% in 2 months. i.e 15% in 3 months. I thought this to be an upfront scam like behaviour.
    Why is Sahara which is considered a good brand image trying to tarnish its image by making such shady deals with no brochure, no sample flats nothing.?
    Rate quoted is also very high considering that they bought the land at dirt cheap rates back in circa 2004.

    1. Spot on, Nomad!
      This is the way they do real estate business in NCR.

      Good! We all are in India!!!

  8. Hi ravi,
    Nice post.

    I would like to know your vision @ the this launch as I booked it at 4000/-. Is it like I also need to be ready to wait for years? Jokes apart,, !!
    What you say, will this project start on time ?


  9. Hi All,

    I'm also searching for 1BHK or 2K Sq.ft Plot in surrounding areas OF PUNE but found that particularly the so called townships, providing unnecessary amenities instead of using that place to build budget homes. If anybody having Home loan on his head, will never be in mood to enjoy those amenities but to work hard or do overtime to overcome of loan. STOP PROVIDING AMENITIES - WE WANT HOME AT AFFORDABLE PRICE.


    1. Hello Shriprasad!

      You are right. Amenities increase the property prices and the maintenance cost of project.

      However, amenities are developed in the open space - extra space left open after consuming the available FSI of the plot. Means, the builder can't use that space for the construction.

  10. Thanks for sharing this with us, i am really interesting about this post.

  11. Really nice post to open up people's eye.

    Thanks Ravi

  12. Hi Ravi,
    Yesterday i contact to sales person of SAHARA City Pune. He said me tomorrow they launching new phase for booking , please book on today . Also they commited project will start within 6 Months . I send him scan copy of Booking check ,but not actual check.Actually I'm working in Singapore
    Could i know this information provided by sales person is correct or not ?

    Please reply me , on this basis i will decide .

    1. Santosh, you shouldnt book in such a project which is not honouring its commitment made 6 years back.

  13. Hi Ravi,

    I have been waiting since 2007. Just learnt today that they are going to send out option letters for existing investors with revised rates. Your thoughts????

  14. I heard that many people after receiving the new options went to their Regional Office in Kalyani Nagar to show their frustration.
    I don’t know what answers they got, but this definitely has started a new thought. Are they not going to the same again, with current investors?
    If any of the old members read this blog, please respond with insightful information regarding the options offered to you.
    Bottom Line: Are they really making any buildings? Does anyone have information on how many Sahara City Homes projects are completed or near completion till date?

    1. Dear Vikram,
      someone who booked at 2600 received 3 options:
      1) Re-Book at 3,800
      2) Re-Book at 3,200 and not sell before 'completion' of the 'project'
      3) Get 8 per cent on the booking amount and get out

  15. Yes we as a group visited their office on saturday and registered our protest that we do not accept any of the options given by them. This has been given to them in writing and signed by everyone there. You also join us in the next meeting we are trying with their zonal head.

    1. First all thanks a ton for sharing valuble information and reviews

      I am Naresh. I have booked the plat at the initial stage when they have started the project i.e. 20th September 2005. I have received the letter from them a few days back and stated that 55 lacks I need pay for the plat which was initially booked for 31 lacks(1385 sq. feet) around 2300 Sq. feet. I was astounded after seeing the letter. They have not given any importance to investor who booked around 5/6 years back. How we would agree with the new prices. At the same time they have mentioned in the letter that we need to agree their term and conditions within 20 days. They also offered to 8% interest if I would not accept their new terms and conditions. I will call tomorrow on the below head office number.

      Sahara Prime City Ltd.,
      Tel: +91-022-39361111

    2. For your information I have sent an email to the below ids.


    3. Thanks for all the information.

      Ashish is there a group id where all of us can register and know the updates of meetings with Sahara. I currently out of the country and hence cannot attend these meetings personally, but would like to contribute to any action that may be necessary as a group.

    4. I have booked 2 flats in Sahara City Pune only because of their tie-up with Turner. I have ended up paying 15% booking amount but after reading all these reviews I am really nervous and confused. What is overall of feeling of group ? wait patiently or ask for money back ?

  16. Hi All,

    Thanks to All of You, including Ravi for this blog and valuable information from all of you who posted on this blog.
    I am also an investor in Sahara City Pune, and has concerns regarding the progress about Sahara as a company and development regarding sahara city in pune. There are many points

    1) What will happen to investors who booked 5-6 yrs back? will they get their rights?
    2) Will Sahara survive after he payes back 24K coror to its investors as asked by Honorable Supreme court within 3 months.
    3) Sahara pune office still no idea when will the work start and finish, Total costing not yet cleared to investors.

    There are already some other forum going on

    Please let us know when you are planning to meet with them.
    We can also join

    Please keep posting your views and news.

  17. Hi Guys,

    I have there at pune Zonal office last friday i.e 02Nov2012. I talked to Mr. Sankalp about the increased price and options given by them. In clarification against increased price he has a say that it due to increased development charges and under ground Bypass to cross the roads. Moreover as the additional area is on new pre launch rate i.e rs 3800. So the latest option price is average of all this additional cost.

    Then I went to site but it is still in the same condition as it was 6 years back no improvement except now there is one site office.

    I am about to write a mail to them regarding the complains related to increased price and condition. So does anyone else have written to them other than these 2 things , then please do share to reiterate the same in my mail.

    I am very confused related to their progress, and not able to take decision.Would like to know group opinion about the same.

    Thanks. Santosh Yadav

    1. Hi,

      Yes the progress is worrysome. I also visited the site last week, and there is nothing except the site office with 2-3 executives. They claim the work going to start in december for the infrastructure like sample flat, roads etc. Currently investors don't have any options then to wait and watch , but if Sahara won't be able to start anything in next 3 months then investors will loose their patience for sure.


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  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I have invested in two flats in Sahara city Pune assuming entry of Turner would change Sahara's image but now I am highly regretting on my decision. Any way I can get my money back ?

    1. Talk to -

      Mr. Vijay Sagar, Advisor, Builder Related Problems,

      Grahak Panchayat Pune Office
      Above Grahak Peth, Opposite S. P. College, Tilak Road,
      2020, Sadashiv Peth, Pune - 411030

      Every Monday, 6 pm - 7.30 pm

      94 22 50 23 15 / vsagar1963@yahoo.co.nz

    2. 1) Booked a flat in SAHARA City Pune.
      2) Even after 10 months, No construction has yet started
      3) Meeting with Sales people or Zonal office people, does not answer any of your queries. They
      will just give you some future time when the things are going to happen. They will always talk
      about head office decisions and waiting etc.This is happening since long.
      4) Investors have no clue what is happening with their money and where Sahara is utilizing
      their money.
      5)No Assurance or clear statement from Sahara regarding project plan or Project progress.
      6) 15% of booking amount is being taken, but no allotment letter is being issued yet.
      7) Saharas Process of Money generation from customer is so strong that if he delays payment, an interest of 18% is levied from due date. But same way project planning or project communication to customer is so poor that even after 10 months investors have no clue whats going on?the planning and sales people from Sahara can't answer any of your queries.They are just watch dog for investors poor situation :)

  21. Hi, i am from Jodhpur. Yesterday i have visited their site. seen big big hordings, constructed main gate. There was a sales office. Boundary earmarked. Don,t know more than that. The sales person said the delay in construction is due to some technical reasons. Please let me know whether the whole project is a fraude? or it will take as much time they want? The project will be materialised or not?

    1. Hi Friends,

      I took a transfer of the booking in 2008. I had to wait for more than a year to receive the confirmation of transfer. I have been issued with two option ;letters but not yet been offered allotment letter despit my consent on both the occasions. I invite all friend who have booked in Sahara (new or old booking) to share their details on my mail id: nk_chelsi@yahoo.com. I am planning to sue Sahara for their fraudulent activities and false promises. However, this will not be possible unless all those who suffered unite together and fight back.

      Looking for active response..

      Neeraj Singh

    2. Hello Neeraj, Have you taken any action, so that we can also take part in that mission.

  22. I have a booking for Sahara home pune 2 BHK flat since 03-01-2007.From some where I have come to know that the entire project has been transfered to some other builder of Pune on an assurance that all the bookings will be getting their allotments on booking terms and if any body is not interested to continue he can contact the new owners for complete refund. How far its true or not can not comment.If some body have more knowledge in this regard please share.

    Navita Mittal