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Monday, June 25, 2012

Invite me for a cup of tea!

Immediately, after you take a possession of your flat
- invite Ravi Karandeekar for a cup of tea, please!

Varsha & Sachin Singh, A4-602 Mangal Bhairav, The First Citizens of Nanded City Pune
Varsha & Sachin Singh, A4-602 Mangal Bhairav, The First Citizens of Nanded City Pune

Yes, the sole purpose of writing Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog is to drink free tea. Without milk. Without sugar. In your new flat!

As a return gift, I will write a blog on your satisfaction and happiness about owning a home and investing in Pune real estate market.

Your experiences, told by me, as usual, with lots of photographs & facts, you know, will help all Pune property buyers and all Pune builders.

A cup of tea - without sugar & without milk - is a better deal than writing comments on my blogs. Look at Sachin Singh. Today, Sachin is taking a lead in making Nanded City Pune a better place to live.

So, invite me for a cup of tea and let all property buyers & real estate investors know what they can expect when they book a flat in Pune real estate market.

Oh! You are visiting my blog for the first time. You haven't booked a flat, yet. Obviously, you do not know anything about a joy of taking a possession of your flat. OK. Have a look at these comments:

1) Sangria, Megapolis, Hinjewadi Phase 3:

Guys i have shifted to Megapolis sangria in April, and honestly want you guys to make aware of the inconveniences,
Dont just go by looking at the levish garden and fountains shown to you.
Highly disappointment when you actually start living here. Construction quality is so bad that after first rain only all the walls are wet all the day...!!! so called wooden flooring most affected part of the house...nobody cares about all these complaings( dont want to list dow all) , here everybody says not my job ...all the staff has the same attitude...i am following up from the day i shifted here on all the other issues but invain.....not a single weekend we enjoyed after getting shifted...we have to run after the each staff to get the things completed\repaired....i mean you will experience height of frustration and disappointment and all these things after one and half year of promised posession date!!!... No amenities yet..not a single one shown in the video !!1 :).........I wasted my money.....Ravi this time you went wrog in the assesment ...

Review of Splendour - Megapolis Smart Homes 3, Hinjewadi Phase 3, Pune 411 057

2) Pride Platinum Pancard Club Baner Pune:

Waiting for your reply. I have a friend who has a house in Pride Platinum and here are the shortfalls according to him:

1) They use sewage treatment for flush tank water. Most of the times their plant goes bad and you get Black brackish water in your flush. It stinks like a gutter.

2) They gave possession to the residents since November 2011 and the place is still not complete. They haven't provided the following amenities as yet:
- Piped gas.
- Working elevators (Only one is functional while the second is powered off for life).
- Corporation water line.
- They get water from tankers and mix it with bore well water for drinking purposes. They say that they are getting tankers from PMC which is a lie.
- Their amenities have changed and their layout has changed for the 3rd time. They promised a lot of things and delivered half of it.
3) They forcefully installed Videocon D2h common antenna without consulting the residents and then asked every one to remove their personal antennas. That includes connections for which people had paid in advance for a year.

4) Garbage chutes have been installed but are not operational.

5) The so called club house is still grey in colour without any walls and floor.

6) And they still have the guts to ask for Rs. 5800/- per square feet.

7) The water in bathrooms doesn't go through any treatment and you get ultra solid hard water that stains all the bathroom fittings and tiles. They say it is excellent water!

8) The work will take another year or two to complete.

9) And without any amenities they are charging maintenance from November. Wonder what maintenance they are doing when their lifts are failing every 4-5 hours.

Another few details about Pride Platinum. Last week, flat owners go their PMC property tax bills and everyone has a different amount to pay.

The prices are as follows:

- 3bhk - 30,000/- (1620 sq.ft)
- 3bhk - 14,000/- (Same size flat 1620 sq.ft)
- 3bhk - 16,000/- (Same size flat 1620 sq.ft)
- 2.5 bhk - 24,000/- (1450 sq.ft)
- 2.5 bhk - 12,500/- (Same size flat 1450 sq.ft)
- 2.5 bhk - 18,000/- (Same size flat 1450 sq.ft)
- 2 bhk - 12,000/- (1250(sq.ft)

Builder has washed off his hands by saying they are not responsible for this. Just to give you a comparison, prime bungalows in Kothrud which are about 5000 sq.ft plot size pay about Rs. 7,500/- for property tax. And they have all PMC facilities.

What's up at Pancard Club, Baner Pune?
2 Roads & 1 Upcoming Project!

3) Amanora Park Town Hadapsar Pune:

From where we can do the background check for City Group - Amanora. I have recently purchased a property in Amanora and I am really concerned about City Group reputaion. I have already faced couple of issues with them;

1. They intially committed to give the Granite platform with trolley, now they are not giving it. and that to without informing us they have removed this from agreement.

i feeling like cheated. can we take legal action againt Amanora.

from mypersonal experience it not the best place to Buy....

Because they are showing customer the watermelon and going to give grape...showing big which going to not happen....

Amanora Park Town, Hadapsar: 400-acre model township for Pune

4) Amit's Bloomfield Ambegaon Gram Panchayat, Pune:

Shraddz..Thats gr8..infact hearing that only i went for amit. but the points that i have brought up are someone cant deny...
1.person called me up saying my entire bedroom was is leaking is there any water flow from you Tap.

2. I nver got any initimation from Amit for structural changes (Stair case). which opens right in front of my kitchen window now there is hardly any light in the kitchen ask any female family member is she would like to have kitchen with hardly any light..when i saw the flat it had good light..also my flats kitchen n living both are visible from stair case passage. u cant put curtains on kitchen windws.. :)

3. Whatever concerns i raised to Customer care i nevr got any response.

4. Parking allotments were already done n i was not even informed..hoever sales team commted that we will invite you for parking slot selection since you have pais premium prise for floor rise.

5. Cracks(clearly visible nt thin ones) to my living wall

6. I have been following up for my main door lock repair for last 4-5 mnths..i use to travel from mumbai to get that done n am still nt satisfield

These are all facts n figures no emotional staments..u r lucky u didnt face this issues.. am happy for u.. :)...everybody's experience could be differnt..

Amit's Sereno Baner Unveiled!

Related Story:

1) Forum raps builder (Mr. Anirudhha Deshpande, director of City Corporation Limited, developers of Amanora Park Town Hadapsar Pune) for not issuing completion certificate

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  1. Ravi...this is great work..now everyone knows what they are paying for and the importance of buying a ready possession flat...I salute u for bringing this up...

    To all people who are planning to book early and wait for 2-3 yrs to get possession...lets join hands and buy ready possession home so that we get what we pay for and the evidence is already provided of the consequences.

    Thanks Ravi once again.

  2. Ravi, thanks for bringing such issues in attention to buyers. Please post more such issue for the benefit of buyers putting hard earn money at the mercy of builders(or cheaters I would say)
    Buyers will be 1000 times thankful to you

    good job!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You deserve more than a cup of tea, Ravi. Good work there.
    I will try meeting up with you when I visit India.

  5. Hi Ravi, You are always welcome for a cup of tea. Tell me when you are going to come at Nanded City?

  6. Richy rich !! please keep Buying!!! flats over flats on launch day and face the fortune. I've made my mind to buy only ready possession flat. Thank you Ravi Jee, you are saving people's money free of cost and also saving lot of petrol. Thank you again....

    1. Hey Techstart, is there any particular location (blog entry) where I can find all ready possession flats listed? I am not in Pune, so find it hard to zero in.

    2. Raj, you can use standard real estate sitesand filter only ready possession flat. You might be lucky. As Ravi sir has repeatedly asked us to buy ready possession flats there are very feww left because people loose out on patience as they fear, if they wait they will end paying more.

  7. Fantastic idea. We listening from horse’s mouth. What else feedback we need on Pune's real estate market's ground reality.

  8. Ravi. This is one of your best blog entry. Really loved the post.

  9. Ravi, Please have this type of blog entry at least once/twice a month which shows personal experiences so that we are always in alert state before makeing any real estate decisions

  10. I'm surprised no one from Park Street invited you :-D. May be they are too busy calculating their monthly society expenses. Recently discovered they are buying water from private water tankers. What delights me, all flats are booked in almost all of the project.

  11. Thanks Ravi for publishing these personal experiences which will really helpful in deciding the good builder... Infact i am trying to book flat in Sahara City Homes, Pune. Lets see where they will take.

  12. Ravi,
    Any professional realter can publish the hoards of project but your blog serves to common people who has to think 10 times before they spend their hard earned money. Your honest reviews and honest feedback from your blog followers are really helping people to make important decisions in their life. Whenever people get the possession & forms a society they should invite you to recognize the work you are doing.

  13. Hi Ravi,
    You are always welcome to sangria ,Megapolis.
    If you are planning to come please update me on swaphirapurkar@gmail.com.
    You are welcome.

  14. I have booked a flat in Megapolis Sunway II and they are saying the puggestion would start from June 2013. I have booked this flat for investment purpose only. My concern is how much Rent would i get and what is the growth in this area?

  15. Hello Ravi,

    I must say, its a commendable work. I really appreciate your efforts for keeping this great real estate information show up and your avid interest in a cup of tea (of course without milk & sugar).

    I am planning to buy a plot (preferably NA, however I am not getting one within my budget and also heard from people that the govt has stopped converting Agri lands to NA). I am conservative buyer and really feel nauseatic about whole process of real estate buying & selling. I hope to get my doubts cleared with your wise advise and guidance.

    Thank you very much... and irrespective of me buying a property or not buying one.... I would love to share a cup of tea with you.

  16. Hello Ravi,

    I recently got posession of my flat in nanded city. I always follow your blog for updates on nanded city.

    Malls is not ready yet so I think Sachin has to travel outside to get things for his home and what if He forgets to bring milk or sugar for tea. He has to ravel again around 1.5 kms to get that. Public vehicles are not there till now.

    Nanded city has to look into this and try to develop market for basic things and public vehicle as soon as possible.

  17. Read this:

    I booked a flat in SmartHomes, Sparklet A4, Megapolis.

    First of all they never informed in letters that they sent for payments to be made slabwise about the late payment fees that are applicable. Then later when the possession time was near, that is after 2 yrs they mentioned late payment charge around 40k which I negotiated and paid 28k.

    Later, after I got possession from last 6 months i have been complaining about so many things that is not done propoerly. The best answer they give is to repaint which is not the solution.

    1. In kitchen the slab fell over when they were grilling a hole in the neighbouring flat. Thankfully, i was saved.
    2. Bathroom flooring was not proper. Water used to come in flat instead of going in the drainage. I got that repaired but then it was not done properly. I had to get them put a slab to prevent water coming out.
    3. There was a leakage in kitchen ceiling and common bathroom which i doubt they repaired. They just painted.
    4. There are more than 6 colour shades tiles in master bathroom.
    5. Doors have been getting inflated and got them cut 3 times in 6 months.
    6. There were iron rods coming out from the walls which I got cut.
    7. Finishing is extremly poor in the whole flat.
    8. Now, there is leakaege coming to the walls of master bedroom from bathroom and all paint etc is coming out.
    9. If you put curtains, the holder comes out as the walls are hollow from within.
    10. Kitchen sink does not drain water properly.
    11. All pipes etc are leaking from period to period.
    12. Walls are ceilings are uneven.

    Overall, there is extremely bad quality of work and no audit done in this buildings. I wonder how can such a big builder not have audits and pass on flats in haphazard manner. I feel i have wasted my hard earned money by investing in thhis builder - Pegasus :(

    Can I get justice?
    Megapolis Complaints. Extremely bad quality of construction, Builders, Pune,Consumer Complaints Company Complaint India