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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

UrbanGram Kirkatwadi Sold Out!

By booking all 232 Flats in UrbanGram Kirkatwadi on Sinhagad Road - Pune 411 024, Pune property buyers once again proved that it's not 'the economy' but builders are responsible for a slowdown in Pune real estate market!

View A 2 BHK Flat for Rs. 25 Lakhs on Sinhagad Road at Kirkatwadi, Pune 411 024 in a larger map

Commenting on the booking, Nilesh Pate, Director, Pate Developers, First Franchisee of UrbanGram, said that the moral of the story is -focus on first time home buyers and offer a well designed 2 BHK Flat of a reasonable size with essential amenities at a rational property price.

However, Ms. Swati Deshpande, Vice-President, Vastushodh Projects Pvt. Ltd. was a little disappointed for not booking all 232 flats on the day of the launch. Particularly when more than 50 per cent flats in UrbanGram Kikatwadi were booked in the pre-launch offer!

Ms. Manjiri Bobade, Sales Manager, Vastushodh Projects, has noticed that there were no casual - impulsive - decisions to book a flat. Though the property price was tempting, sample flat was impressive, every property buyer gave enough time and took studied decision. It means that there would be less cancellations at UrbanGram Kirkatwadi.

Mr. Ranjit Nimbalkar, Sales Manager, Vastushodh Projects, gave credit to the concept of UrbanGram and satisfied property buyers of UrbanGram Kondhawe Dhawade.

Instead of 232, even if we had 332 flats in UrbanGram Kirkatwadi - all would have been booked in the four day launch event - feels Niketan Gawade, Sales Manager, Vastushodh Projects, who was at the site before and after the launch of UrbanGram Kirkatwadi. Showing the long list of the property buyers who have enrolled themselves for the next UrbanGram, Niketan says that we need more UrbanGrams all around Pune and all over Maharashtra!

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  1. It was bound to happen. Happy to see the response. I hope all the buyers are wise and have made the decision with brain and not just with a whim. It would be so sad to see cancellations later. Good luck to UrbanGram, all the future "Urbans" and Vastushodh.

  2. I was miss lead by the sales manager Manjiri Bobade at the times exhibition... she is a big fraud.. I missed the opportunity to book the flat at urbangram..

  3. even I agree with you.. I had been to the site on the final day of the launch and saw that the sales manager or VP of sales as she introduced herself ms manjiri bobade was sitting on the booking table and everything was so unorganised.. one of the employees came to her to ask the availbility as only few flats were remaining, she suddenly started shouting at him.. if the VP Manjiri treats her employees in such a way just imagine how she will treat the clients..and if the boss is arrogant what can an employee do... I was at the counter for booking.. but then I took a U turn and left for home...

  4. I have only consulted Mr. Niketan Gawade while investing in real estate in pune city.. as far as I know Niketan Sir only works for organisation with good code of conduct, ethics and financial transparency.. he is a kind of a person who doesn't care of VP or even the Builder in regards to customer care, financial/legal transparancy..so customers need not worry for sure.. I missed this value for money budget home option as out of state.. but next time I'll be waiting for Urban Gram..

  5. hey it is niketan sir the famous sales manager.. but how come he is working in such small company.. has he started doing social work again.. great to see him in action :)

  6. Is the guy in the video THE NIKETAN that I have been hearing of so much ... he is so young.. Great.. need to meet.. Only got to speak to him on phone once.. great preson and great company vastushodh...

  7. Of course all the flats will get sold... the magic man niketan is the sales manager- people must have blindly booked in urban gram..

  8. OOOHOOO Its Mr. Niketan Gawade.. making new records.. wonderful.. a man with a vision..

  9. Niketan is absolutely right... people of Pune need more Urban Gram budget homes... and hope so Vastushodh will take a heed of his wish... If possible please again in kirkatwadi..

  10. after watching to all videos.. I think Niketan is the only visionary and he will be the next generation leader in real estate industry.. mature thinking and positive attitude.. I had heard a lot of praises from my builder friends about him.. the best and most admired sales manager in pune real estate industry.. and he is working for vastushodh.. must be a good company..

  11. Niketan Sir has joined vastushodh is it.. there must be something very special about this company.. I had offered him 4.5 lac package in Vascon.. why did he join this company ignoring my offer..strange.. isn't the money no concern to him.. Intellectual gem! Good Keep It up:)

  12. first video pesimistic/greedy for profits/rude..

    second video threating/rude/bole bachan/naaklee
    third video who made him sales manager..

    fourth video kind/optimistc/innocent..

  13. if Niketan sir is sales manager then why was he working like executive in exhibition and at launch of urban gram.. hasn't vastushodh appointed any executives under him..

  14. Dear Vikas I completely agree with you.. I have seen Niketan do all sort of jobs on site that day... may be he doesn't care of the designation and status he carries while doing his work .. noble person indeed..

  15. yes noble person for sure.. I been senior citizen, having back problem have to travel through bus.. that day during site visit.. I called up Niketan from kikitwadi gate that I'm coming walking.. he quickly came to pick me up.. he gave all detailed info about the project/the company and even droped me again.. young generation should learn something from him.. his views and ambitions are great.. which match with the values of vastushod thats why he joined this company..

  16. guys I don't if you know this.. Niketan Sir is volunteer for India Against Corruption I have seen his pics in newspapers.. also is works for various NGO's in Pune.. I still remember he had sold his cell phone because he wanted help a labour on site of concord pushpak for the medication of their child.. I miss working under him.. Got to learn alot about this industry from him... a true royal person :)

  17. Do you guys have any plan for Hinjewadi, Wagholi, Moshi ? with the same rate.

  18. Yes Sarfaraj, all is planned, expect the news to flow in by Sept - Oct..!!

  19. Hi All,
    This is Nitin Kulkarni of Vastushodh.
    Got to go through all the "planted comments" praising our Sales Manager Niketan.... It is really unfortunate to note that Niketan (who worked with us for less than a month) had used such "cheap" stunts to improve his own "so-called brand image".. It is immature on his part to do this if at all he has done the same.
    Probably, because of the fear of getting exposed, he has quit the company yesterday without any formal information to his superiors. He did not even bother to meet us in person and has not left even a simple resignation letter.
    I wish to clarify that VASTUSHODH has no role to play in this cheap publicity stunt. All our customers / probable customers are requested not to deal with him and if they choose to do so, it will be at their own risk.
    For any queries, please feel free to call and speak to Swati Deshpande (VP - MKTG) at our office number 25463549 or her mobile 9011001168.
    Nitin Kulkarni

  20. Sarfaraj, we are in the process of launching URBANGRAM at Chakan (at Medankarwadi) and a big one in Talegaon Dabhade (Mumbai-Pune Road) in the next couple of months.
    Once we are ready with the plans and other details, we will communicate to all of you either seeking rave's help or thru a general communication in press. however if you are keen, you can register your name with any of our sales person on 25463549 and we will get back to you.

  21. what rubbbish is this.. that also about such a innocent guy.. need to talk to him..

  22. @ nibaku -- Yes I did.

    I saw your hording in warje, So my first preference is Warje. Bcoz currently i am living in warje. if i can not afford your warje's project then please inform me about other(s) project too.