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Monday, January 9, 2012

PROFEST 2012 - Was it worth paying Entrance Fee of Rs.25/- per person?

Paisa Vasool!

Value for money in every sq. cm. - Why you should buy your home only from a CREDAI Member

The one & only builder in Pune who gives maximum value for money gave me more than i was expecting from PROFEST 2012. Somebody must have told the lovely lady in red that this builder is my favorite. So, you know what she did? She gave me 2 chances. To shoot her. I am sharing one with you. Sorry. The other one is for my private collection.

Obviously, after this 'dazzling experience', i didn't waste my time in collecting property price lists and the colorful brochures of other builders.

If i had collected those brochures, certainly, i would have earned Rs. 25 more from my Raddi Wala. But this would have defeated the purpose of keeping the entry fee for the PROFEST 2012. Certainly, i didn't want to break the heart of Exhibition Committee of CREDAI-Pune Metro (www.credaipune.org) who were kind enough to organize "free shuttle service", from the parking to the cash counter of property exhibition, for the senior citizens and physically handicapped.

Along with the brochures of projects in Pune & Pimpri Chichwad, I would have given 100 page magazine type red color directory of Pune's Mega Property Fair to my Raddi Wala too. Which, at any cost, i didn't want to do. I want to keep it with me for life. Because, 24 pages of this directory are full of information - useful for every Pune property buyer. Like Train and Air Line Time Tables, Distances of over hundred cities and towns from Pune, and World Time.

Look how caring Exhibition Committee of CREDAI-Pune Metro is. With the PROFEST 2012, these customer friendly Pune builders did not stop at their three main goals:

1) Establish "collective dominance of CREDAI-PUNE Metro" over Pune property buyers

2) Officially announce that property rates in Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad are not going to come down in the near future and

3) Once & for all declare that a home in Pune is not for all.

But, by providing this useful information, kind and caring CREDAI-PUNE METRO showed the way and places where 'unqualified' Pune property buyers can invest in real estate or migrate permanently.

Not only that! A builder who took a lead in charging entrance fee for the PROFEST 2012, i heard, has also appealed to all members of CREDAI-PUNE METRO to start charging entrance fee for the project site visit and project brochure. The entrance fee is only to segregate financially qualified prospective property buyers from the unqualified mob. And to give better service to 'financially qualified prospective property buyers in Pune' when they visit the site of the member of CREDAI-PUNE METRO.

So, my dear readers of Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog, next time, when you visit any site, please, keep ready 2 currency notes of 10 rupees and a coin of 5 rupees per person. Also note that - your child is charged full. Because, your child is just like an attached terrace of a flat!

View PROFEST 2012, behind Le Méridien & SSPMS Grounds, Pune 411 001 in a larger map

PROFEST 2012 The Biggest Property Fair
PROFEST 2012 The Biggest Pune Property Fair
Free Shuttle Service! From the Parking to the Cash Counter of PROFEST 2012 The Biggest Pune Property Fair!
Free Shuttle Service! From the Parking to the Cash Counter of PROFEST 2012 The Biggest Pune Property Fair!
Entry Fee, Only, Rs. 25, per person, for PROFEST 2012 - Pune property exhibition!
Entry Fee, Only, Rs. 25, per person, for PROFEST 2012 - Pune property exhibition!
For Free! 24 Pages of useful information + 75 Pages of useless information for every visitor who pays Rs. 25 to visit Pune property exhibition - PROFEST 2012!
For Free! 24 Pages of useful information + 75 Pages of useless information for every visitor who pays Rs. 25 to visit Pune property exhibition - PROFEST 2012!
The Biggest Pune Property Fair on Friday Evening

Please, click here to view more photos of PROFEST 2012

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  1. Good blog after a long time, especially pictures were very interesting :D Rs 25 wasool Ravi :D

  2. Were there any snacks, water bottles available for sale too? Shuttle service looks interesting - hmm Rickshaw covered in advertisement.

  3. Paisa was vasool only at one stall... Vastushodh Projects.. they really had value for money projects.. and the way that fair guy was explaining was pretty satisfying.. I filled the registeration form for their proposed projects:)

  4. Ya even I feel only vastushod was paisa vasoool... and the fair guy's name is niketan... 1 number.. I could hear only his voice in the whole row who was sincerely giving information about their budget homes urban gram...

  5. are the livano people giving bimbo's for free with each flat... hahahah.. but then till the time of posession she will not remain a bimbo.. I think the most serious people in the exhibition were DSK and Vastushodh..

  6. the exhibition was useless.. I had only gone to meet the sales manager of vastushodh mr. niketan the best property advisor and unbreakable man of ethics.. i wish all the builders of pune had vision like him..

  7. shit i missed the chance to meet niketan and get registered for their next project.. can we do it at their office...

  8. what niketan sir is at vastushodh... where can we register for their future projects..?? can anyone tell me plz..

  9. full paisa vasul... only one company in whole of credai was worth booking flats.. vastushodh.. but they did not any flats to sell, so i registered for their proposed projects.. and that young gora sales manager was fantastic..

  10. so he is sales manager what.. i thought he is sales executive.. i even offered him to join my company with a very handsome package.. that guy is really hard to bend and so dam cute :)Niketan the unique mesmerising personality..

  11. i liked the property in the first photo...what is the rate :-)

  12. Ravi- are you sure this girl can't sue you for using her photo in an inane manner?

  13. rather than this dumb BimBo and her builder.. can we have more info about most proposed projects of vastushodh.. there is nothing on their website.. I heard alot of good things from niketan about the company and their future ambitions..

  14. i had been to this stupid exhibition... can't CREDAI even afford Rs.25 per customer- are all the builders have become so financial kangaal.. hehehe.. i found only one stall valueable that of vastushod as they were promoting their brand anandgram and urban gram.. our city needs such breed of builders rather than other 99% of profit greedy junk.. and feather on hat- it was niketan on front end.. got to meet him after long time.. simply great..

  15. Hi Ravi

    You attract trouble sometimes. Well, Vastusodh was a good take, other good take was iParmar River Residency.

    @Grish Bapat : As me how much money/liquidity each builder has, baltibhar pani se talab ko kya farak padta.... par on the other side, bund bund se sagar banta hai...
    Mere ghar par pani ayee ya na ayee isasay builder ko kya farak apdta hai.... Bramha Suncity Phase 2 me pani ana chahiyee is liye Ajit Patil tank inaugurate karta hai...

  16. I think Niketan has very large nos of friends...Smart boy....

  17. Here is one important link which will give you all details about KOLTE PATIL LIFE REPUBLIC like, Legal/Various permissions/Sanctions/Conditions attached etc..
    It seems that this township has permission of @180 Acres only.
    I think their claim of 400+ acres is false
    Pl go through following link


  18. Thanks for sharing the link for Life Republic, Santosh!

    Yes, you are right. In the first phase, Life Republic has opened the bookings of a few clusters in 147 acres out of cleared 180 acres.

    Rest of the project on 400 - 147 land is not yet opened. This is clearly mentioned in the presentation of Life Republic.

    It means that Life Republic hasn't made any false claim.

  19. Thank Ravi......
    This was my first comment on your blog
    But I read your each & every posting & comments thereon since last 2 years. And I get real Walk-Through in Pune Reality market without moving a inch in the chair..KEEP POSTING...

  20. All this praise about a young property sales 'manager' seems a bit fake...I mean, I am not denying that he must be good at his job but seriously most the comments here and under vastushodh's post praising this guy seems like they r from his friends and not real people. They r portraying him as a celebrity. :D Guys, chill...itna bhi mat chadhao ki sab jhutha lagey. From a third person's point of view it seems like these 'friends' want to get him a good raise and make him a brand image. If he is seriously so good he'll get it without such a hype. Its good to know that the sales manager is being very helpful but thats all to it...judging vastushod because this guy is good is so stupid. There should be better reasons to judge a project. I won't be surprised if this guy is made a saint soon...afterall he refuses high pay and is so devoted in social service.

  21. All my well wishers I kindly request you - please don't post about me... To make the picture clear- It really doesn't matter which person is selling in the front end, good or bad customers don't care... All they want is their dream home... in real estate industry the sales depends only on the product, place & pricing... a sales person been good in this industry doesn't make difference as he doesn't possesses any authority to make any policy changes.. What this industry needs is- good builders and nothing else...
    It is completely wrong to say that vastushodh’s sales happen due to me, because the two brands AnandGram and UrbanGram have their own Unique Selling Proposition - they will be sold even without a sales person. I do job my sincerely that’s it... So I request all my friends and well wishers please stop posting about me...

    1. Niketan,
      You have quit the company without any formal written / verbal communication.
      While you were with us, you had copied all customer database of all our projects, intentions are not known to us.
      Please make an extra effort to come to office, complete the resignation formalities. Please carry your personal laptop when you make it to office.
      The only reason/need for this "open" communication is your irresponsible behavior.
      Nitin Kulkarni

  22. Phony bloggers whose join date is Jan 2012 are spamming this popular blog with suspicious praises about unknown salesperson.

  23. Yes, Saurabh.K, i completely agree with you. Vastushodh & iParmar' River Residency were worth visiting.

  24. Thanks for the suggestion, Amol Katwatekar! I will write about Vastushodh's upcoming projects.

  25. I agree with punehomebuyer. Just out of curiosity I checked and its true...every single 'praising' comment for this sales guy has been posted by id's that were opened in Jan 2012. So does that mean everyone opened id's after the post came up mentioning him just to praise this guy? Now I am convinced these are just well wishing friends and not real prospective buyers. Log bhi kya kya karte hai!

  26. @ Punehomebuyer so sad of you to say all others phony.. as you yourself use a fake name.. you call mr. niketan unknown.. may be you are new to the industry.. and to tell you I know him from last two years and he does leave that mesmerising effect.. I'm a great fan of Ravi Sir but have not subscribed to his blog as it jams my mail box.. and I like reading it like any other web site- and to put a comment on this blog you need to register to the blogger may be thats why even my profile will show opened on jan 2012 that doesn't mean its fake.. if you want know about this unknown sales person you can contact me on:8087039767

  27. I have lost some respect for Mr. Ravi Karandikar.
    I would call this act of posting the young lady's photo on his website as "Chaavat".
    For the sake of luring visitors, increasing page count and adding masala..he has gone far ahead. I know that girl personally.

    I and many other readers will lose all respect for him in the future, if he does not stick to posting sensible and relevant information.

    1. Dear Anna, thanks for sharing your mind and warning me. I will keep in mind when i write next blog. What i write only reflects me and not the current state of Pune real estate. If i try to present it good, i will be considered as a good person. Right? I think i must read Times Property twice or may be four times.

  28. Hi All,
    This is Nitin Kulkarni of Vastushodh.
    Got to go through all the "planted comments" praising our Sales Manager Niketan.... It is really unfortunate to note that Niketan (who worked with us for less than a month) had used such "cheap" stunts to improve his own "so-called brand image".. It is immature on his part to do this if at all he has done the same.
    Probably, because of the fear of getting exposed, he has quit the company yesterday without any formal information to his superiors. He did not even bother to meet us in person and has not left even a simple resignation letter.
    I wish to clarify that VASTUSHODH has no role to play in this cheap publicity stunt. All our customers / probable customers are requested not to deal with him and if they choose to do so, it will be at their own risk.
    For any queries, please feel free to call and speak to Swati Deshpande (VP - MKTG) at our office number 25463549 or her mobile 9011001168.
    Nitin Kulkarni

  29. Sarode, why are you praising Niketan (real or not doesn't matter) here? What do you mean by "new to industry"? what industry areya talking? Besides people posting nothing on the blog content but singing praises for an unknown sales person(ya he is unknown) and that too with join date jan 2012 :D:D clearly some sort of marketing, ab samjhdaar ko ishaara hi kaafi hota hai Sarode! :D

  30. As a avid reader of your blog, I would like to request you to remove the photo of that lady in red. I'm sure your message was different but visitors may not neccessarily think on that line on first look. Please respect the privacy of that person, it has no relation with your blog content and her pose. I felt so and so i'm putting across my thoughts. Thanks you sir in advance.