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Monday, January 16, 2012

Goldfinger Avenir Wakad - Aise Danton Mein Ungli Dabao Nahin!

Goldfinger Infra Ventures Pvt Ltd opens booking of "Avenir", 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats, near Eden at Wakad, Pune 411 057!

To Goldfinger Avenir, Eden, Madhupushp, The Island, Latitude, Yash Wisteria!

At the site of Goldfinger Avenir Wakad Pune, I did it again and again. So, i was told not to do it. Who knows? Mr. Bond, you may do it too! And would be told, "Aise Danton Mein Ungli Dabao Nahin!"

Here are a few tips about Goldfinger Avenir Wakad Pune, which will help you to avoid Danton Mein Ungli Dabana:

Tax Advocate Mr. Deepak Sharma, Goldfinger Avenir, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats at Wakad, Pune 411 057

1) Goldfinger Infra Ventures Pvt Ltd is from Mumbai. Goldfinger Avenir Wakad is their 3rd project in Pune. 1st one - Vikas-Sheel, 1 BHK & 2 BHK Flats at Kasarwadi, is complete. 2nd one, Green Woods, 1 BHK 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats at Wanwadi, is under construction.

Mr. Deepak Sharma, Tax Advocate, who is from Pimpri, is looking after "Goldfinger Avenir Wakad Pune". Mr. Sharma told me that he is proud of "I N E Z" Goldfinger Ventures' more than 20 stories residential tower at Mahim, Mumbai.

2) Show (3 BHK) Flat of Goldfinger Avenir Wakad Pune is ready. Kitchen of this 3 BHK Flat is 8 feet x 8 feet and it's door opens in the entrance lobby.

Ms. Sangeeta Jagatap, the accountant who was working as a salesperson, asked me to comment on Glodfinger Avenir Wakad. First, I thanked her for asking and then, told her that the kitchen is too small. Instead of arguing, Ms. Jagatap said that - it's Bombay style - can't change the size but - could shift the kitchen door.

Sayali Garden on the service road of Mumbai Bangalore Bypass at Wakad, Pune

View Goldfinger Avenir, 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats at Wakad, Pune 411 057 in a larger map

3) Goldfinger Avenir is located on the road which connects service road of Mumbai Bangalore Highway to the road from Eden Grarden, Eden Towers, Madhupushpa, The Island, Latitude, Yash Wisteria.

Goldfinger Avenir has 2 twelve story towers with 1 stretcher lift + 1 passenger lift & 2 staircases.

Podium which connects these 2 towers has 9,100 sq.ft. garden cum party lawn. Certainly, Goldfinger Avenir has a club house, gym, & a play area for children.

On each floor of Goldfinger Avenir Wakad there are 6 Flats - 5 units of 2 BHK Flats + 1 unit of a 3 BHK Flat. The carpet areas of 2 BHK Flats are 688, 693, 701, 710, 735, 737 sq.ft. All 2 BHK Flats have 2 terraces. 1 terrace attached to the living or to the dining and 1 with the master bedroom. The size of a Master Bedroom of all 2 BHK Flats is 10 feet x 13 feet and children's bedroom 10 feet x 12 feet.

Size of the living cum dining divide these 2 BHK Flats in Goldfinger Avenir into 2 types. Type 1 - has 10 feet x 20 feet living cum dining and Type 2 has 12 feet x 18 feet!

Since most of the Bombay Builders don't consider that Mumbai is in Maharashtra State, the area statement is not given in the brochure.

Site of Goldfinger Avenir, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats at Wakad, Pune 411 057

4) Property prices of Goldfinger Avenir Wakad, at the launch, are exactly what you love to pay for a 2 BHK / 3 BHK Flat in Wakad Pune.

2 BHK Flats are for Rs. 45.82 to 49.28 Lakhs + Service Tax @ 2.575 per cent + VAT @ 1 per cent + Maintenance for 2 years at the rate of Rs. 2.90 per sq.ft. per month on saleable area + Rs. 15,000 Society Formation Charges.

Whereas, the property prices of 3 BHK Flats are Rs. 57.46 - 58.67 Lakhs + + Service Tax @ 2.575 per cent + VAT @ 1 per cent + Maintenance for 2 years at the rate of Rs. 2.90 per sq.ft. per month on saleable area + Rs. 15,000 Society Formation Charges.

Not only that! At Goldfinger Avenir, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Garden Flats are also available!

What say you Mr. Bond?
"Shocking! Positively shocking!!"
No! Mr. Bond, aise danton mein ungli dabao nahin!

EMI & Diamonds are forever, Mr. Bond!

Mr. Yogesh S. Sonar, V M (Value for Money) Finance, 98 50 98 42 55, Home Loans from ICICI, SBI & AXIS Bank
Mr. Yogesh S. Sonar, V M (Value for Money) Finance, 98 50 98 42 55, Home Loans from ICICI, SBI & AXIS Bank

At Goldfinger Avenir Wakad Pune 411 057, I asked Mr. Yogesh B. Sonar, V M (Value for Money) Finance, 98 50 98 42 55, to give me one important tip for you, the first time home owners. Yogesh has 7 years experience in housing finance. Along with his wife, Yogesh offers ICICI, SBI & Axis bank's home loans.

"If you keep on paying your EMI regularly, mostly, you will not be able to repay your entire home loan in this life!," Yogesh Sonar said.

"I asked for a tip! Not to threaten my first time home buyers!," i said.

"This is a tip! Most important tip for your first time home buyer who doesn't understand the turbulent economy and has over confidence about his repaying capacity!," Yogesh said.

Yogesh opened his laptop and showed me how the system is designed to make the home loan borrower keep on paying to the bank for life.

Now a days, since the home loan interest rates depend on the 'base rate', they are directly affected by ups & downs in the economy. However, though the home loan interest rate goes up or down, your EMI remains the same. What changes is the tenure - the number of months - of your home loan. Instead of 240 months (20 years), bank 'allows' you to repay your home loan in more or less number of months.

So, keep on repaying home loan till your retirement is not an over-exaggeration. It's a possibility.

Banks are not in a hurry. Because, 70 per cent of your EMI is interest and only 30 per cent is principal amount. So, banks allow you to increase the number of months!

"So, point is, plan to pay more than your EMI. Check your home loan account every quarter. Take help of an experienced home loan executive to plan your repayment strategy! Otherwise, be ready to pay your EMI for life!," Yogesh said.

Got it, Mr. Bond? No! Aise Danton Mein Ungli Dabao Nahin! Yes, home loan is a kiss of death! Cut your business appointments, Mr. Bond and start spending evenings at home - with your Miss Moneypenny.

Contact for more information about Goldfinger Avenir Wakad, Pune 411 057:

8888 155 999 / 9545 800 222 / 020 2710 9212 / goldfingerventures@gmail.com

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  1. LOL, schemes like these kind of justify the rates at Megapolis & Life Republic. hihihi.
    And kitchen door in the entrance lobby must be an industry first. Hats off for that :D :D :D Perhaps the guests can see whats cooking and decide whether to enter further or get out!

    Thanks for the visit and information Ravi.

  2. 46 lakh for 2 bhk, assuming it is going to be 1000 sqft 2 bhk it is 4600 psft; how are they charging 2575 psft and yet making buyer pay 46 lakh!?

    shocking price and shocking size of kitchen

  3. I think Common man like me should stop looking for property to live in pune . Only investors and people living abroad can get property in Pune.

  4. i think this is one of the best project for the peoples who are doing up and down from bombay rather than megapolis or life republic having same design concept of flats in pune... megapolis situated exactly at the end of hinjewadi even if you want to come to highway, at least u required half an hour during office hour what rubbish ?? AVENIR is situated near the highway and at wakad so in future property prize will definitely goes high in near future rather than megapolis .. if u think to invest ur money its better to invest at avenir than megapolis .......

    1. vinda, would you pay almost 10 lakhs more just for being nearer to highway and nothing else? No proper roads, no water? Yeah its a good place to "invest" only...One of my relatives has booked here. He seemed very happy indeed. I never managed to understand why!

    2. haha, I don't feel that way, that's why the quotes "invest" ;-). But I meant its only worth checking for the people who's primary intention is investment, and who don't really care what and where the property is...

  5. hey ravi plz give me the complete details about the AVENIR !!!!

    1. Sorry, Vinda. I give information to those who believe in taking informed decisions. I will not waste my time in giving complete details of Avenir to you. Because, you don't need information.

      Dear Vinda, I admire your capacity to form opinion about any project without any information.

      Hats off to you.

    2. no ravi its not like that i really want to buy a 2 bhk flat in baner hinjewadi or wakad .. so just come to abt avenir and read their adv in paper also ... i think on megapolis but its far inside and basically i m not a IT pro and now rates are also same as per avenir so wanted to knw abt avenir .. i went to avenir site and saw their sample flat ... they are costing me around 47lakh for 2 bhk for salable area of 1192 sqft area ... is this prize is ok and also wanted to knw that the land is clear or not and rest of documentation abt avenir i am going to buy the flat for first time so dont hv much knowledge abt this ... and come to know abt you from one of my friend then i read ur articles on megapolis and other projects also and i found that very helping for people lik me who are new in this so just wanted to more about avenir... but its ok ll get this info from someone else ... thanks a lot.. have wonderful year ahead ....

  6. Hi Ravi, Goldfinger's Avenir @Wakad or Ramagroup's Celestial city @Ravet, which would be a good liveable place with family and most importantly Investment . Pls suggest.

    1. Dear AnthonyR,
      Good place is very personal idea. No point in generalization.

      Investment? Can't say. Sorry. Economy is not in a good shape, you know.

  7. **********************BE AWARE**************************

    I want to share my disappointing experience about Avenir.

    I decided to book a 2BHK flat in this project after discussion with its sales team. I did my loan case as well over a flat with their faith in this project. After confirmation from Bank I had agreement with sales executive to pay booking amount in next 10 days and I trusted on that word. But after 5 days only builder sold this flat to other customer, without even bothering to give me a call. Ethically I was expecting at least a call before confirming deal with other new customer on the same flat where I was already in process to buy and got loan as well on that flat. This was a really disappointing experience for me. After that builder offered me another flat but at higher floor which was not in my budget any more and also I will now refrain to do any kind of deal in this project. Because now I lost the trust, "Who knows which promise they will break next time".

    1. What was the sales person's name? Ganesh?

    2. Yes! That's Right! Any reason you have asked this question?

    3. whats the rate psf they offered? and on which floor u booked the flat?

    4. anybody booked the flat recently in Avenir?
      if yes, can you disclose information like rates, infra charges etc??

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Buy and sell in a few years. Why? I am confused.

    2. like, I am not an investor who buys flats all around, and maybe sell them in a few years to earn a huge margin.
      I am a first time buyer, who is looking to buy a flat so that I can move in with my family.

    3. Bullsh*t
      Why don't you give a straight answer.?
      If you cant answer that question, Don't make fun of it.
      Do you think what will be the situation of first time buyer after reading your senseless blog..??

      and lastly
      Do you really think that you are enough smart in real estate of Pune, and rest all are fools to listen your crap??? Don't you?


    4. So true Sanika...
      this is exactly what I wanted to say...jus no straight answer..
      But then I thought maybe he can give info about the project...but cannot talk any more about it publicly on the internet..so I did not comment any more !!

    5. Dear Suit-up, first, ask straight question!

      Straight means to the point.

      Let us start again.

      Tell me what is your question.

    6. Dear Sanika,

      Why should I give straight answer?
      Why can't I make fun?

      Yes, the first time buyer understands that there isn't much sense in this project.

      Yes, I am smart and you are smarter than me.

  9. as a first time buyer, I found this project good. Yes, its not like an integrated township..where you will get all the facilities. But the township flats are expensive.
    This one barely fits my budget, so I cant think of goin any higher.
    It has good connectivity. I have heard there are some issues with water supply in Wakad, but I guess by the time this project is done. End of 2014, I would assume it should be resolved. PMC/PCMC is not gonna let Wakad sit dry for years.
    Any other points you found why a first time buyer should shy away from this project.

    thanks !

  10. Mr. Ravi, If this is the time if you take to answer one STRAIGHT QUESTION,TO THE POINT QUESTION then you can keep your most informative answer(so called Expert's Advice) to yourself. I know You can only talk just like the commentators in 'Fourth Umpire' before or after the match. Real players are we, who are on the ground, during that limited period of time we take our decisions, execute the same SUCCESSFULLY and don't bother about comments made in that Expert's Session.Ha ha.. OK?

  11. Dear Mr. Ravi Karnadeekar,

    Have you read the sale agreement for Goldfinger Avenir. It is totally one sided and fully favouring the developer, Can I have name and address and mobile nos of those who have booked the flats.Are you a salesman for this group or an under cover commission agent.??

    James Mazarello

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. You need to read the sale agreement before booking, I have asked for and apointment with their legal, as I am not in favour of the agreement they have drafted. I can send it to any one who has booked a flat in Gold finger Avenir Pune.

  12. Did u booked flat over there? whats the rate they are offering to you? Heard they are launching their second wing soon ??

    1. I have booked the 2BHK flat in new Wing they have recently launched.
      what about you? how much rate they are quoting?

    2. Please ask for the Sale Deed agreement.
      Call Me I am available on +919820627499 and I have the copy of the agreement.

    3. Please note I have booked a flat, for my retired sister to have a peacful life. I hope not to give her a agonising retirement. In case you are aware of any one who has booked there we need to discuss with the Developer, hope he doesnot want to have problems in his first year of starting business.

    4. Hi Sanika,

      I have booked a flat in the A wing.