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Friday, December 16, 2011

200 Affordable Housing Projects in Pune?

Do you know that 40 builders are developing 200 affordable housing projects in Pune real estate market?

Most of the citizens of Pune who earn decent salaries are not aware that property prices is not the reason why they can't afford to own a home at their preferred location in Pune.

To educate these salaried citizens, local Marathi & English newspapers not only devote front pages and as many inside pages as they can but regularly organize special events in different parts of Pune city. Hoping that, someday, these salaried citizens of Pune will realize that they are not paid well.

Not the property prices but the salaries they are paid are not enough to buy a home in Pune. What these salaried citizens need to do is demand a salary hike. And join those who earn reasonable salaries and buy not only a home for themselves but buy one or two more for renting out to those who don't earn enough to buy a home in Pune.

The Times Budget Home Expo '11 on this 17th & 18th December 2011 at The Pride Hotel, next to Rahul Theater, on University Road, in Shivajinagar is an event which will enlighten you about the real cause behind your inability to buy a home in Pune real estate market.

Enlightened you will be able to recognize the contribution of more than 40 builders in Pune. Like other enlightened property buyers, you will also start wondering which one - out of these 200 affordable housing projects in Pune - is more suitable for your family!

I request you to visit The Times Budget Expo '11 and enlighten yourself! From the 1st January 2012, you will stop wondering - are there 200 affordable housing projects in Pune?

View Hotel Pride Shivajinagar Pune in a larger map

Budget Homes Expo '11(TOI2011-12-16)

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  1. Ha Ha! If I could demand the salary I want, it would be so great. At the end of the day, the employer is running a business for profit & not a charity. So the salaries will be as per their choice & not employees'. It's a fact Ravi that the property prices have gone beyond reach. Its not like the salaries are too low. Rest of the things are still purchasable in most people's salaries even with today's inflation. Its just the properties that are out of scope.

    It's good to see that there is a budget expo. I'll visit it for sure. But I'll not be too optimistic. Most of the times the "Budget" tag turns out to be a magnet attached for the middle class. Fingers crossed.

    For the wise middle class, the order of the day is to try and buy 10 odd year old re-sale apartments instead of investing big amounts in under construction buildings and waiting for eternity for them to complete!

  2. Vikas Apte, you're absolutely right :D in this budget homes whats the budget should have been mentioned in the ad :D one may get a shock of finding 50 lakh 2 BHK (1000 sqft with carpet much less) "budget" flat :D:D Besides poor sales are forcing these (un)developer to build "affordable" or "budget" flats. But BEWARE! if you are buying underconstruction you may be trapped even in worse situation where you will end up paying EMIs in rising inflation at the same time possession may get delayed by these builders. Buy ready possession or resale especially if first house

  3. venue is also budget..Last time costly flats exhibition was at le-meridian.

  4. Hi Ravi,

    Are we expecting property prices come down in next 5-6 months?

  5. Mrs. Inamdar,

    I feel nobody can answer your question. Making a prediction like that will involve too many global, economical & social parameters. A decision making logic for that question will probably go more complex than IMD's monsoon model (which even after so many updates still delivers results in exactly 180 degree phase difference of reality...)

    Property market is like equity. People can say whatever they want on NDTV Profit. Its you as the investor / buyer who has to make the decision on totally your own gut feeling. No matter what people say, in a nutshell, this is a gamble. In general property market is a gamble that has the higher probability of paying off thats all...

    Trust me, don't look for advises. Take your own decision. What if Ravi / me / anyone says, "Yes prices will fall steep!" and you trust that and dont invest in a flat you were getting at 30L. And 6 months down the line the same one is priced 60L?

    Opinions in matters like these generally don't go a long way in aiding decision making. Add to the confusions instead!

  6. more and more these/such property exhibition now? right? indicates that builders are worried about slowdown ahead?? looks like something fishy

  7. Great ....

    Good to know that in pune there are still affordable properties left. In news paper builder community already started pitching for there cheap homes. It looks 50 lakh tag is no more costly tag. Now i think 1 Cr and above is what people think as costly .Good Change.. So our economy is really booming. Great. Guys ... just line up to exhibition to get the good cheap "Boxing Day" kind of deal in this X-Mas season .

    Best Of Luck .. property Buyer !!

  8. No one is buying flats right now all are just booking or visiting property exhibition for knowledge.