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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Phadnis Properties to launch 'Eastern Ranges' at Keshavnagar, Mundhwa Pune!

Eastern Ranges

Bhoomi Poojan on 14th August 2011!

Phadnis Properties' Eastern Ranges Keshavnagar Mundhwa Pune
Eastern Ranges

Phadnis Properties' (www.phadnisgroup.com) 'Eastern Ranges', 18 Acre - 650 Crore - Residential cum Commercial Project - at Keshavnagar, Mundhwa Pune, has 900 units of 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in 14 towers of 11 stories.

Launch property rate is (only) Rs. 4,200 per sq.ft.

Built-up areas of these flats (What is 'built up area'? I know only one area. 'Carpet Area'! You?) are from 1,015 to 2,121 sq.ft.

Possession of the first phase of Phadnis Properties' Eastern Ranges, 350 flats, is in 20 months and the entire project would be ready in 4 years.

For more information, please, call 020 6724 3000


  1. A general question actually,

    Excluding the land price, and the bribe paid, how much does it typically cost per/sqft to construct in Pune, based on current cement/steel prices and the "vaalu" bought in black market. 1500 Rs ? 2000 Rs? or much more?

  2. The site is 2 kms frm d main rd & the rate is 4200 ONLYYYY !! Kumar's is having only 4000/- per sq.ft. and they r on d main rd.

    pls justify

  3. Dear Malay,

    Property rate depends upon the distance of the project from the main road (!)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Dear Rahul,

    "how much does it typically cost per/sqft to construct in Pune.."

    Thanks! I am trying to find out the same!!

  5. Dear Ravi,
    From a customer's point of view, property prices depend on many parameters. One of them is distance from main road. BTW, from any point of view, why shouldn't distance from main road be a factor in the property rate?

  6. Because, fact of the matter is, property prices depend only one thing.

    How much max property buyer can pay.

    Dear Atul, how much you like to pay - depends upon your own beliefs, ideas and wishes. That's why some find it worth. Some don't!

    What you wish is not the 'worth' / 'cost' / price of the property. It's just your wish!

    Now, you know, many wish more!!

  7. Dear Ravi,
    You are right..
    The prices these days quoted by builders is based on their survey of how much an ignorant innocent earning couple can pay after looking at the flashy brochures.
    I visited their site at Launch, where they were trying to impress the visitors by showing google map on i-pads ( ha ha ha!!! ).
    (1) the land between their 3 phases (which they are showing as green patches between the 3 buildings) is not theirs
    (2) they are taking responsibility of the road which is just in front of their project.. (not the one coming from Kharadi road)
    (3) they say corporation water will come.. but not sure when.
    4200/- .. huh! I have started to think either I am a poor buyer, or the fools have all the money !! ha ha ha!!

  8. Price is too high. Other project there are in range of Rs3200-3500. Near by locality is kind of slum area.