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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eastern Ranges Keshav Nagar opens booking of 2 BHK, 3 BHK & 4 BHK Flats, Garden Flats & Duplex Penthouses!

Launch Offer at Phadnis Properties' Eastern Ranges, 8 Keshav Nagar, Near Renuka Mata Mandir, Mundhwa, Pune 411 036:

Eastern Ranges Keshav Nagar

A) 2 BHK Flats: 759 to 804 sq.ft. Carpet Area + 53 to 96 sq.ft. Terrace

B) 2 BHK Garden Flat 716 sq.ft. Carpet Area + 283 sq.ft. Garden

C) 3 BHK Flats 1138 sq.ft. Carpet Area + 132 / 134 sq.ft. Terrace

D) 3 BHK with Servant Room 1247 sq.ft. Carpet Area + 159 / 179 sq.ft. Terrace

E) 3 BHK Garden Flat 1138 sq.ft. Carpet Area + 652 sq.ft. Garden

F) 4 BHK Flat 1310 sq.ft. Carpet Area + 132 / 134 sq. ft. Terrace

G) 4 BHK Flat with Servant Room 1521 / 1700 sq.ft. Carpet Area + 248 / 252 sq.ft. Terrace

H) 4 BHK Garden Flat 1310 sq.ft. Carpet Area + 897 sq.ft. Garden

I) Duplex Penthouse From 1263 sq.ft. Carpet Area + 307 sq.ft. Terrace to 2656 sq.ft. Carpet Area + 846 sq.ft. Terrace

4 Page Launch Ad of Phadnis Properties' Eastern Ranges, 8 Keshav Nagar, Near Renuka Mata Mandir, Mundhwa, Pune 411 036
Click the Image to Enlarge:

Page 1 of the 4 Page Launch Ad of Phadnis Properties' Eastern Ranges - 2 BHK 3 BHK 4 BHK Flats - 8 Keshav Nagar - Mundhwa Pune 411 036

Page 2 & 3 of the 4 Page Launch Ad of Phadnis Properties' Eastern Ranges - 2 BHK 3 BHK 4 BHK Flats - 8 Keshav Nagar - Mundhwa Pune 411 036

Page 4 of the 4 Page Launch Ad of Phadnis Properties' Eastern Ranges - 2 BHK 3 BHK 4 BHK Flats - 8 Keshav Nagar - Mundhwa Pune 411 036

Contact for Eastern Ranges:

View Phadnis Properties' Eastern Ranges, 8 Keshavnagar, Mundhwa, Pune 411 036 in a larger map

Site Address :
Sr. No. 8, Eastern Ranges, Near Renuka Mata Mandir, Keshavnagar,
Mundhwa, Pune - 411036.


Phone No : +91 20 67243000

Mobile :+ 91 - 9657725622 / + 91 - 8605015089.

Email : info@easternranges.com sales@easternranges.com

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  1. sir i am hunting for a flat in pune outskirts i studied a lot but unable to decide i am planning as an investment my budget 30 lacs i want to have 2bhk i am thinking of 10 long years for investment like the area that will outperform at 5 to 10 yrs talegaon just 20 kms from hinjewadi or sus or phursungi or pirangut or lavassa .........kindly help

  2. Sunil - No one can help you, you need to do your own research in this insane market.
    If you want to invest something as meager as 30L, try Handewadi road(Hadapsar).. it has some potential.
    Wagholi is also good but water supply issues have infested the RE appreciation there.
    You can also book flats in some good project around Talegaon.
    "Itne paise mei to itna hi milega" ha ha ha!!! Good Luck!

  3. thanx rohit i need to increase my budget to 75 lacs so finalising akshar at wakad

  4. Sunil - if you have 75L, and you want to 'invest', then why not put this money in 2-3 different places where there is higher potential of appreciation (outskirts), rather than putting into one area where the prices are already appreciated.
    For example, a flat in Wakad booked in early 2010 for 45L is now 70L.. but does not mean it will be 1Cr+ in 2013. The drivers have changed.
    Moreover, before investing, make sure the flats will be delivered in time (looking at the financial cloud building up worldwide).
    Keep your options open (eg, a flat in Handewadi Rd. for 30L, Another one in Talegaon, and may be 10L in plot in Pirangut/Kanhe).

  5. Dear Sunil & Rohit, Thanks for the enlightening conversation!

  6. sunil,

    I am very surprised that you just raised your budget from 30 lacs not just to 35 lacs or 40 lacs but to 75 lacs ?

    I would suggest that don't block your money in just one asset class as RE. Think about other asset classes...like FD, Mutual funds(ONLY THROUGH SYSTEMATIC INVESTMENT PLAN AND FOR LONG TERM), GOLD(JUST 10% OF YOUR TOTAL PORTFOLIO) etc.

    In the long term which is more than 15-20 years Equity will always outperform than Real estate.
    There are lacs of articles which proves this.
    The era of 2005-2009 or 2010 where RE use to be hot sector has gone.


  7. @Amolw
    I would like to add that, from investment point of view one cannot completely discard RE. RE, say office spaces, commercial shops, will always give you good rental values. Look at the ratio of the property price to the rent the same property will give. Its quiet high in my opinion. If the property prices become out of reach for middle class, they will always go for rental option. But I agree your point on diversification of asset class.
    Nevertheless, Gold, I would say is a hopeless asset class. Its shame that we buy gold and keep it in our "TIJORI", no benefit to the economy what so ever!!!.

  8. As long as people are buying and sellers are selling, nothing is hopeless for economy!
    cheers !

  9. Dear Manoj, property prices of 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK Flats are approximately in the range of Rs. 50 to 1.25 Lakhs.

    You know, for a while, in Maharashtra, properties are sold on the carpet areas. So, now, like the bad old days, good builders don't quote property rate based on the saleable area. Generally, it's only carpet area + terrace and all inclusive property price!

    Good for the property buyers! Right?

  10. Is Keshav Nagar going to develop soon? Its so much in proximity to Kharadi, magarpatta, etc but still Thrs lots of agricutural land just lying out thr, and I believe with no municipal corporation.
    I wonder is it worth buying a flat thr?

  11. but keshav nagar is declared in pune corporation ...in worst case it will come in PMC in down the line 1 year.
    and about agree cultural land it will slowy slowy cement forest...so I dont think any in buying the flats in keshav nagar....This area will definatly boom next 3-4 years max....