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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Deep dark hole in Kumar Properties' Primrose, near Eon IT Park in Kharadi Pune

Masala Dosa:

I like Kumar Properties' 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats. Their floor plans are always normal. Buildings look OK. Entrance lobbies and landings of the building , shape of the flats, room sizes, passages, every thing is normally OK. In specifications, granite kitchen platform always comes with "1'6" glazed tiles above" and in toilets glazed tiles are always up to 7' height. Generator backup for lifts & common areas and piped gas connection are standard amenities. True, sometimes terraces are little odd but Kumar Properties' manage to keep the saleable area in limit.

I wonder how Kumar Properties manage to do this. Architects, size and shape of the plots and locations keep on changing but Kumar Properties' 2 bhk and 3 bhk flat in any project has the same familiar look!

If the location is convenient, you can simply go ahead and book the flat. You don't have to think much. It's as simple as ordering a Masala Dosa in any Udupi Restaurant. Mostly, you like it. Sometimes you may not like it, but you will never dislike your Masala Dosa and repent ordering it.

Properties near Eon IT Park, Kharadi, Pune:

Couple of days ago, i had been to India's first child-centric development, Gera's Emerald City, near Eon IT Park at Kharadi. After spending sometime in the "B" building of North phase, i said to myself, "Enough of creative conceptual housing!," and decided to visit Kumar Properties' Primrose, adjoining Goel Ganga Development's Constella.

Discount, Property Rate and Possession:

Every thing was perfect at Kumar Properties' Primrose. Couple of cars were parked at the main gate. All three buildings were white washed. Nasir Khan, salesman was not in the site office. Someone told me that he was in one of the buildings with the visiting property buyer. Kumar Properties' Celebration Offer, Rs. 430 per sq.ft. discount on the property rate, was going on!

For a while, i decided to admire the ongoing work at the site. Patches of cement concrete road were already cast and in the remaining part workers were laying cement blocks. At the far end i could see that construction of the club house was going on. Generator was lying in front of the B building. In the meter room of the A building, brand new electronic meters were already installed and electricians told me that in 2 days power would be on. It looked like Kumar Primrose would be ready for possession by December '09.

Kharadi and Kalyani Nagar:

Eager to experience "a cutting-edge design and traditional concepts of natural light, ventilation", i decided to visit 3 bhk flats in the A Building of Kumar Properties' designer complex in Kharadi.

View EON IT PARK - Kharadi in a larger map

"You can see the runway of Lohgaon Airport from the 9th floor!," Nasir had once told me, and i believed him. Because when he tells you anything, i know, you start seeing it. For example, kacha road on which Kumar Primrose is located becomes 120 feet wide and you see the five star hotel, commercial complex and multiplex with 9 screens in place of barren land on the other side of road. Obviously, you start believing that in a couple of years, this part of Kharadi would be as good as Gold AdLabs square at Kalyani Nagar. You accept that your investment will appreciate many times and you start feeling that Rs. 41 lakhs for 3 bhk flat of 1335 sq.ft. in Kumar Primrose is the best investment opportunity!

Property Review:

Visiting all 4 flats on the floor, i went on climbing few floors. Feeling the space in the flat, as if i am the master of the house, i went on moving around and enjoying the light and ventilation and, of course, the view from the windows and terraces.

Now, it was time to change the role. I became a house wife. From the terrace where i was standing, i went and answered the door bell. Welcoming the guests in the living room, i went to my kitchen to make coffee.

Deep Dark Ugly Duct:

Standing at the kitchen platform waiting for the water to boil, i started looking around. In the kitchen there was no window. Adjoining the dry balcony had an opening. Which opened in a semi dark duct. Curiously, i went to the dry balcony and saw that the windows of toilets and dry balconies of all 18 flats were opening in that duct. The duct was pretty small, may be 8' x 12'. It was closed from all four sides.

I decided to have a close look at the duct and went back to kitchen platform to put the gas burner off. Oh! you get a piped gas in Kumar Primrose. It means that besides the water and drainage lines, 18 exhaust of the kitchen chimneys and pipe line of the cooking gas would also come from the same closed duct!

I tried to took a deep breath. I realized that in this 3 bhk flat at Kumar Primrose, every day i can enjoy not only the smell of what is cooking in all 18 kitchens but how it is digested by every person staying in all 18 flats in the building!

Oh! the smell in the duct was spiced with the tinge of leaking cooking gas! At that point, i felt very sorry for giving up smoking. I could have dropped the burning match stick in the duct and could see what happens! This reminded me that i have seen the red pipe line of fire fighting system somewhere in the stair case! In the duct there was a water line entering in each flat. Little worried and nervous, i started pulling down the drying clothes in the balcony. They were sticking!

Honey, there is a cockroach in my Masala Dosa!

As i came in the kitchen saw the cockroach on the kitchen cabinet. The cockroach was looking unfamiliar. It was not mine. Sure, this cockroach must be Ms. Sharma's, who stays on the top floor. I could recognize the stupid expression on it's face. Feeling disgusted, i ran down the staircase of Kumar Primrose.

By the time, i reached the main gate, i had become me, Ravi Karandeekar. I was feeling hungry. I felt like eating Special Masala Dosa. I looked around. I realized that i was in Kharadi. The only place where there was no chance of finding a cockroach in my Masala Dosa was far away on F.C. Road in Pune!

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  1. thank you for this blog. it highlights what is wrong with this project and should be helpful for the people who were considering buying flats here.

  2. Thanks Ravi for this post! Such are the posts all of us were waiting for so long.

    Also your recent posts about Pune water situation and Water Affidavits were serious eye openers.

    Thanks again!

  3. Great post.. All said with nothing being said !!

    Exceptional Camouflaging :-)

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  5. Its not just the hole that is a problem in KUMAR PRIMROSE. There are lot of other problems.
    1: Water : Is supplied daily by tankers. Water source is suspect. Water smells of sewage.
    2: Sewage system is completely choked or not in place properly.A tanker comes daily to carry out the sewage. The whole house smells !!!! and the noise of the motor is deafning.
    3:The quality of construction is very poor !!