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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Home buyers can expect a better deal in the New Year

The next tipping point would come when job confidence is restored along with all other factors and forces

If a developer does not sell at a particular price he will automatically come down

The year 2009 will lift the gloom in the real estate market as the property market turns buyer friendly with the cuts in property rates and home loan rates

Developers for their part would benefit as they will focus on creating volumes at affordable price points.

Wait and watch until property prices correct further:

“There is money in the market but people are waiting till January-February as they expect prices to correct further and more conducive policy announcements," say experts.

Gulam Zia, Director, National Advisory Services, Knight Frank expects the market will correct itself further by another 15 % and almost 30- 40 % from its peak. There will still be a wait and watch until all of that evens out, he says.

Smaller, value for money homes without compromising on the quality:

Developers point out that it would be a good bargain for buyers as most players would bring down their prices. Boman Irani, Chairman and MD, Rustomjee Group, says there will be more of smaller, value for money homes without compromising on the quality. “For instance , we are developing Rustomjee Urbania in Thane, a walk-to-work township with residences, schools, hospitals and convenience shopping.”

Stable property rates and maximum 10% appreciation:

2009 will also be the toughest year for developers as they will have to work on lower margins and not increase prices. If stock markets can fall from 20,000 to 10,000, developers too have to take a hit in their margins. It would be a phase of consolidation for developers and 2010 for most part will see prices remain stable and appreciate by maximum 10%, says Ram Yadav from Orbit Corporation.

Increase the incentives for home loans up to Rs 40 lakh:

"The government must come out aggressively to increase the incentives for loans up to Rs 40 lakh which would make it more meaningful in places like Mumbai besides further reduction in interest rates." says Pravin Doshi, Chairman, Acme Group and President, Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI).

Sales depends upon:

The success of real estate projects or sales in 2009 would depend on: - how quickly developers align prices to the market,
- offer attractive financial packages,
- differentiate themselves in quality,
- demonstrate delivery or keep time lines.

Property buyers can demand transparency:

1) in area calculations,

2) in provision of amenities within the time line

3) insist on escrow accounts for under construction projects - says Balaji Rao, MD, Starwood Capital
To read more, please, visit - Padma Ramakrishnan - The Economic Times

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1 comment:

  1. I don't think the market will correct in few days as Jan is just here and Feb is not faar away.

    I know many guys who are completely stepped out from Real Estate investment option.
    All the NRI forum threads on Real Estate are dead silent, this tells the real buyer sentiment. Secondly, the major contributor of realty boom was the IT and NRI class who are currently under fire due to economic meltdown, every one knows their jobs are at risk, many guys are just counting days.