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Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Thank you, dear customer"

Devendra Ksheer Sagar, the first customer at one of the restaurants, was just about to dip into pocket for his wallet when he noticed he hadn’t been billed. Instead there was a card saying: 'thank you for your support' and a bouquet of flowers.

'I was surprised when I got the card saying thank you for your support instead of the bill,' said Sagar.

'I had come here (Marine Drive) for my morning walk and since I knew the hotel was re-opening I decided to try a cup of tea,' he said.

'As soon as I stepped into the hotel, managers walked up to me and shook hands saying thank you. I was surprised on being told that I was their first customer. I was really touched by their gratitude.'

'We should be bold enough to deter and stop them (terrorists). Instead of getting scared, we should scare them with our resolve to fight back,' said Sagar.
Welcome to the Trident, terror has checked out

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