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Friday, October 26, 2007

Wait is over! Now you can become a world citizen! Paranjape Schemes', out of this world, Blue Ridge will be launched tomorrow!

But, Who was waiting?

Yes! It was very foolish of me to believe that the Paranjape Schemes' ad campaign was for the citizens of this mortal world. I do not know who but some did not wait for the launching on Oct.27. They have already booked their flats! Somebody told me, almost 90% flats in the first phase of the Blue Ridge are already booked! But then why was there an ad campaign telling what can i do after certain number of days? For example: "After 6 days, anytime you feel like teeing off, take a 5 minute walk."

Was the ad campaign for Shashank Paranjape, Ramesh Jogani, Ajay Piramal, Mark Thornton, Chris Rowlands, Jamshed S Dabboo and Deepak Parekh?

When i went to the site of Blue Ridge at Hinjewadi, this afternoon, i got the answer i was searching for since i came to know that almost 90% of the first phase is booked.

More than 400 people were working in more than 5 acres of the reception area. Work of the site office was going on. People were putting lawns, stitching green on the green house, assembling sample flat, it looked like that nobody was going to sleep tonight.

Then i realized that this ad campaign was basically for these people. Telling them to finish it fast and launch the Blue Ridge officially so that Shashank Paranjape, Ramesh Jogani and company can go and play a round of golf! Let them relax and enjoy a couple of moments. Finish it fast!

Where will the 'space ship' land?

There was a big blowup of the layout of 138 acre land of the Blue Ridge. Someone came ahead and helped to identify the residential area, sez, half a kilometer Marina, Taj Gateway Hotel and all.

But, i was not interested in knowing that. I told him to show me where the space ship will land. What space ship, he asked. I explained to him about the aliens and how they travel in the space ship. But he asked me why aliens will come here? I told him aliens will come here to become the citizens of this world and showed him the slogan "be world citizen".

He asked me why i think Blue Ridge is not for the citizens of Pune? I told him the history of Pune Real Estate Market. First, we constructed for NRIs, then for Mumbai Investors, after that for IT people. But now all are over.

Now, at this location, at this special rate of Rs. 3200 per sq.ft. who else but aliens can book a flat! It looks like, he was convinced but he asked me about tomorrow's full day function and live coverage on the radio Mirchi. It is a welcome party and introduction of our culture, Khokhopatil will be here, i told him. Welcome to ....? i asked. "Aliens! Wait is over!!" he said. What i admire most about Paranjape Schemes is, its bunch of smart people!

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  1. Good Analysis. Thanks for making people aware of the current real estate trends in Pune