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Saturday, October 27, 2007

About Paranjape Schemes' reputation, booking rate at Blue Ridge and investing in the township at Hinjewadi, Pune

Rate? Rs. 3,200 per sq.ft. only!

Today when i went to Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge site, i did not see anybody shocked to see the booking rate of Rs. 3,200. Since, the rate was not mentioned in the four page special advertorial, obviously everybody had read my blog before coming here, i assumed.

Of course, there was a printed rate structure along with the brochure but i did not see anybody reading it. Most of the people must have forgotten their glasses at home, i thought.

When salesman said basic rate is Rs. 3,200, everybody was happy. When he pointed out that there is 20 rupees rise per floor from 8th floor, everybody looked more happy. It was the happiest moment of the day when salesman said from 21st to 25th floor rate is Rs. 3,800 per sq.ft.

When somebody asked about the possibilities of rate increase , salesman said 'anytime'. If he had increased the rate at that moment, i am sure, everybody would have started dancing with joy.

Reputation of the Paranjape Schemes:

Of course, people were asking questions and trying to get the information but nobody looked serious about the answers. Everybody was interested in only one thing, availability. Whether particular flat is available or not. I think, everybody was in a hurry to write the cheque, get a booking receipt and go home. But, there was no day and night one day cricket match, between India and Pakistan, on the TV!

As i told you yesterday, sample flat was not completely ready. Site office was not operational. Model of the project was huge but not complete. Development of the site was only for the occasion. But, nobody was bothered about it. Why? Because, everybody knows Paranjape Schemes will do it, for sure.

Not only that, Paranjape Schemes (Flagship Infrastructure (P) Ltd.) will provide them better infrastructure than the Pune Municipal Corporation and Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation or even better than the Government of India.

So, to me, it is not about playing a golf or walking to the office. It's all about the reputation of the Paranjape Schemes.

Investing in Hinjewadi:

"Today about 65000 people work in Hinjewadi and its estimated that this number will grow up to 3 lakhs employees in another 3 years," Kishor Patil, CEO and MD, KPIT Cummins Info Systems Ltd. says in todays advertorial. Unfortunately there are only 2000+ flats in the Blue Ridge and half of them are already booked.


By the way, till today, i have not found a single alien. Other wise, yesterday i had made up my mind to name this township as "ETshri". On the lines of "Athashri", Paranjape Schemes' retirement complex!

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