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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

It was a business as usual at Paranjape Schemes but Pune Real Estate Market is still in a frenzy

Can you get me a flat in the Blue Ridge?

Day started with the call from US requesting me to help him out in booking one 2 bhk flat in the Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge township at Hinjewadi, Pune.

But all 2 and 3 bhk flats are booked, i told him. He said he had already read my blog. That's why he was calling me to help him out. I gave him Paranjape Schemes' office phone number and made it very clear that i do not have any kind of business or personal association with them. When i started to tell him about myself, he disconnected the phone!

Launch of the iPhone!

With the first cup of the tea, i habitually fired my lap top and opened my HitTails. I was shocked to see the number of people visited my blog. 1,000 readers per day started looking like a possibility to me.

But how come 99% people use the exact search term "Paranjape Schemes Blue Ridge"? Oh! i should never forget that you can read the hoarding put at Hinjewadi chowk from the Mountain View, CA, US. OK, fine. But what about La Spain?

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Booking of the Blue Ridge was a weekend frenzy and Monday would be a normal day, i told myself. I tried to stop comparing "launch of the Blue Ridge" with launching of the iPhone as a silly thought and shut off my lap top.

No news, no Ad:

I was curious to read the news about the Blue Ridge's booking phenomenon in Sakal and Times of India. But i did not find the news on the front page. Or there was no Paranjape Schemes' thank you ad and with a typical boasting about the bookings. Shashank Paranjape, you are such a dull fellow!

Blue Ridge, Magarpatta and Amanora City:

But before i opened the news paper, my old client called me after a long time. He had been to the Blue Ridge yesterday evening with his friends. He was still very much overwhelmed with Blue Ridge experience and started comparing Blue Ridge with Magarpatta and Amanora Park townships. I told him i do not see any point in this type of comparison. You can not compare Shah Rukh Khan's Devdas with Dilip Kumar's. Magarpatta is almost over!

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But what about Amanora City? he asked. Amanora is a Honda City without engine. I asked him did he read Shrikant Paranjape's article or what! He told me his group has taken a well researched decision to book a flat at Blue Ridge.

I thought, we will say 'Jai Hinjewadi' and end the conversation. But he said he needs my help. I asked him what can i do for him. He said he did not booked along with his friends. Now, i should help him to book at least one flat. 2 bhk or 3 bhk any will do, he whispered. Can you speak little loudly? i asked him. He said no, his wife will hear!

Guinness World Record in Limca Book!

Around lunch time my journalist friend called.

He wanted to know how many flats were booked when 'DSK Vishwa' was launched. On the 7th day 1,000 flats were booked, i told him. But why he is interested in 'Vishwa', see what happens at DSK's Fursungi SEZ, i told him.

But he wanted to know how many flats were Booked at 'Darode - Jog's Crossover County'. 85 flats were booked by the Sunday evening, i told him.

But why was he interested in numbers? This is not a one day cricket. Now do not ask me about the speed of the booking, i told him. But he did not respond and suddenly he shouted 'Booking of the Blue Ridge can be a Guinness World Record! It should go into the Limca Book(!)

No special offer. No Brand Ambassador. No Digital Home.

True, bookings at Blue Ridge proves how strong brand equity Paranjape Schemes' has. It also proves that todays knowledge worker home buyer is not only an analytical and critical, he also appreciates and recommends with the open heart. Which some times, wrongly, interpreted as the real estate boom or even slow down! Shashank and Shrikant Paranjape knew this very well.

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