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Friday, April 4, 2014

Pethkar Projects to Open Booking of Siyona at Punawale - Today!

Pethkar Projects' "Siyona", 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK, 3 BHK Flats,
Survey Number 47 48 & 50, Punawale, on Mumbai Bangalore Highway,
opposite Tukai Nursery, near Bharat Petrol Pump,
PCMC, Pune 411033, Maharashtra, India

Call: 97649 95555, 97649 95588

E-mail: mail@pethkarprojects.com

Visit www.pethkarprojects.com

Location Map of Pethkar Projects' "Siyona" at Punawale, PCMC, Pune:

Click to View Original Location Map of Pethkar Projects' Siyona at Punawale:

Walkthrough of Pethkar Projects' "Siyona" at Punawale, PCMC, Pune:

Property Prices of 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK & 3 BHK Flats at
Pethkar Projects' "Siyona" at Punawale, PCMC, Pune:

1) 2 BHK Flat - 798 Carpet + 84 Terrace: Rs. 55,13,257 to 56,98,374

2) 2 BHK Flat - 802 Carpet + 105 Terrace: Rs. 58,22,886 to 59,80,727

3) 2.5 BHK Flat - 942 Carpet + 84 Terrace: Rs. 64,32,528 to 66,48,690

4) 2.5 BHK Flat - 946 Carpet + 105 Terrace: Rs. 67,73,202 to 69,56,914

5) 3 BHK Flat - 1076 Carpet + 76 Terrace: Rs. 72,54,699 to 74,98,439

6) 3 BHK Flat - 1081 Carpet + 111 Terrace: Rs. 76,94,784 to 79,03,542

Click to View Property Price List of
Pethkar Projects' "Siyona" at Punawale, PCMC, Pune:

Click to View Brochure of
Pethkar Projects' "Siyona" at Punawale, PCMC, Pune:

Click to Visit Original Launch Ad of
Pethkar Projects' "Siyona" at Punawale, PCMC, Pune:

View Photos of 3 BHK Show Flat & 2 BHK Sample Flat of
Pethkar Projects' "Siyona" at Punawale, PCMC, Pune:

(To View More Photos - Put Your Cursor Over the Current Photo)

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  1. Ravi Please make this sticky. Its an awsome article from Rediff : A 20 point checklist before buying a house :

    1. Can you afford to pay at least 40 per cent of the cost of the house as a down payment?

    2. Can you afford to pay the EMI on just ONE salary while running your household?

    3. Will you REALLY save any rent that you are currently paying?

    4. What happens if you buy the house, and at the same time your wife gets pregnant and is advised bed rest?

    5. What happens if one of you quit your job voluntarily and the other one lost her/his job involuntarily?

    6. How prepared are you for a loss of job coupled with a fall in property prices?

    7. If you take a 25-year loan, how quickly will you really repay it?

    8. Do you know at what inflexion point of the housing boom you are buying a house?

    9. Are you buying a house to live in or hoping that the property prices will double in three years time as it has happened for your friend?

    10. Are you using the immediate past data to predict immediate future data? This is a HUMAN disease, and you are human.

    11. Do you strongly believe that real estate prices were a NEVER-coming-down spiral? If that were to be true, the BFSI (banking, financial services and insurance) companies would have convinced you that YOU should NEVER buy a house but PERMANENTLY stay in a rented house; they would own the house.

    12. Do you have a parent who can step in and take the burden? Or are they financially dependent on you?

    13. Is your spouse supporting you wholeheartedly or are you PUSHING your agenda on an unwilling spouse?

    14. If things go wrong will your spouse stand by you or bug you with ‘I told yous’?

    15. Are you buying a house as a scoring point, because somebody with who you compete has bought one, or you really need a house?

    16. Is it an ego problem that you cannot stay in a ‘rented house’ any longer?

    17. Have you asked your boss about your appraisal and also your spouse’s boss’s view on her/his appraisal and job prospects in general?

    18. Are you overpaid? Be blunt. If you are and you lose your job you may not find a new job with a matching salary easily…

    19. What happens if you are transferred to a different location? Can you afford rental at the new place as well as an EMI for the house you have purchased?

    20. Finally, how much of this decision was created by media hype, parents, in laws, friends and salesmen from a mortgage company?

  2. Hello Ravi Sir,

    I have budget of 35- 40 Lakhs, and wanted to buy flat from any renowned builder and/or location (Magarpatta, Kharadi, Hinjewadi).

    If you could help me in giving below question's answer it will be great for me :

    1) Since 1 BHK will cost me around 35- 40 lakhs. So should I go for any resale flat near magarpatta or should I book a flat in Kolte Patil's Life Republic (possession 2015 Dec)?

    2) Which one (resale/ongoing project) will give me, not good but better appreciation so that in coming 2- 3 years I can sell it and go for good 2 - bhk flat?

    Thanks in Advance!!

    Vivek Bargat