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Thursday, December 18, 2014

In 2015 - Where to book a flat in Pune real estate market?

After the Burst of Pune Real Estate Bubble in 2014:

M/s. Benchmark Town Planning LLP, “Sirocco Grande” S. No. 11, Hissa No. 6/1, 6/2,7, Tathawade Road, Village Punavale, Tal. Mulshi, Dist. Pune - State Level Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC) has recommended Government of Maharashtra to take action for violation of Environment (Protection) Act, 1986

At the end of 2014, Pune real estate market has crashed.
But, life goes on.
A home is a home.
A basic need.
In 2015, we will keep on buying a home.

Certainly, we will avoid the illegal unauthorized projects & their builders
who have committed the crime of violation of environmental clearance.

Before considering any project / builder
- Yes, we will refer the list prepared by Vijay Kumbhar.

From the burst of Pune real estate bubble
- we have learned an important lesson.

Violation of Environmental Clearance was not only the crime against nature.
It was a crime against Pune property buyers.
These builders have committed a crime against Pune property buyers.

Violation of Environmental Clearance was not only breaking
- Environment Protection Act of 1986.
It was breaking trust of Pune property buyers.
These builders have cheated Pune property buyers.
These builders have swindled Pune property buyers' hard earned money.

While booking a flat in 2015, yes, we will shortlist the projects based on
- property prices, location, amenities & specifications.

But, in 2015, our decision to book a flat will be based on
- infrastructure in the project.

Yes! Infrastructure in the project!!

Because, now, we know what Environmental Clearance is all about!

Environmental Clearance is all about developing good long lasting infrastructure in the housing project. A small township on more than 3 acre plot of land.

Obtaining environmental clearance means convincing technical committee of experts that you are planning to develop good long lasting infrastructure.

If the committee of experts is convinced that a builder's plan to develop good long lasting infrastructure is technically sound - the builder gets environmental clearance to go ahead and develop the project.

The local sanctioning authority - Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) , Town Planning Authority - sanctions the plans of the entire project only after the builder obtains environmental clearance.

 Only when the builder gets the environmental clearance & PMC, PCMC & Town Planning sanctions floor plans of the entire project - housing finance companies & banks give final approval for the project and agree to give a home loan to the property buyers.

But this is not all!

Environmental clearance is just an approval to the proposal to develop good long lasting infrastructure.

The builder gets final certificate only after the implementation of the proposal.
When the development is complete,
the committee visits the project and inspects the infrastructure.
If it finds that the builder has developed as he has planned & they have approved
- they give the final environmental clearance certificate to the project.

Only after obtaining final environmental clearance certificate - PMC, PCMC & Town Planning - authorities give completion & occupancy certificate to the project.

Now, you can take possession & occupy your flat!

Now, you are sure that your flat is safe to live.

Your life in this home will be comfortable.

Right materials are used to construct your flat.

Your flat has good light & ventilation.

Your flat will consume minimum electricity.

You will use less air conditioners and save money.

Use of solar energy - renewable energy - for heating water & lights in staircases & common areas in the project - will reduce your dependency on power supply - reduce your maintenance charges.

Your wet garbage will make your life beautiful. It will be processed in the project and reused in your gardens.

 You will give away only dry garbage to the municipal authority and contribute in making Pune healthy & safe city.

Sewage treatment plant in your project will help to reduce the burden on municipal infrastructure. You will not take a part in polluting the rivers and groundwater table. Which will ultimately assure health of you & your children.

Rainwater harvesting will add to groundwater table in your project. Result is - trees, flowers & birds in your project will make your life green, colorful & romantic.

Water recycling plant in your project will assure that your toilets have water all the time. Your plants will always be green. Your cars, roads & common areas will be washed every day.

You are sure that there is enough space to park cars of all flat owners. Without compromising garden space for parking. Internal roads in you project have right width & turning radius. Cars are not parked on these road.

You will not worry about safety of your family, your precious belongings & you property - because there is enough space for a fire engine to move on the internal roads and around the buildings.

This infrastructure in your project - you are sure - will work today and will keep on working for years to come. This will assure that you will live a comfortable life.

You will save on property tax.

Your property will appreciate well and it will add to your worth.

Because, all this infrastructure is planned scientifically & systematically.

Technical experts have approved this infrastructure.

It means that - specification & amenities are like - beautiful face & charming personality.
Environmental clearance assures that - your project has a healthy & fit body.

Junk food tastes good. But mostly it is not healthy.
To live a long & healthy life your body needs a balance diet.
And housing project needs an environmental clearance.

Only professional builders who have a team of consultants can plan a good long lasting infrastructure & implement it in the project and obtain the environmental clearance.

'Tapori Builders' can't plan it and are not capable of develop it.
Obviously, these 'Tapori Builders' will avoid environmental clearance.

These 'Tapori Builders', at the corner, will only sell junk food.
If you go to them - you will ruin yourself.

So, in 2015, you will avoid these 'Tapori Builders'.
You will only consider the professional builders.
Who have obtained the environmental clearance.
Who have the capacity to get the final certification.

But who are these builders?
Which are these projects?

As I told you in my last blog - Is it safe to book a flat in Pune real estate market?
I knew one builder. I knew Jitu Sir - Mr. Jitendra Pethkar of Pethkar Projects.
After talking to him, I am convinced that
in 2015, you can book a flat in Jitu Sir's project - Siyona at Punawale.

If you can understand Marathi, please, view Jitu Sir's video interview. He tells all about obtaining environmental clearance for Siyona at Punawale. And why he invested 2 years to obtain it.

If you don't understand Marathi, consider what I have written about benefits of environmental clearance are his views.  In short, what Jitu Sir says in this video is -

If you want to develop a township of more than 20 thousand sq. mt. - you have to get an environmental clearance.
After developing 8 acre township Samrajya at Kothrud, I wanted to develop 9 acre township - Siyona at Punawale.
So, I knew that before starting the work - I have to get an environmental clearance. There is no option. No alternative. No choice.
So, after purchasing the land, I waited for 2 years.
I got 4 Star Green Building Rating from GRIHA.
I presented my project to two committees.
And, I got environmental clearance.
Was the wait worth?
Today, I know that I can construct & complete the entire project without any interruption.
Those who booked in Siyona at Punawale also know that it will be developed as planned, they will get possession as promised and the project will sustain well.

In short, the burst of bubble has brought out good in Pune real estate market.
"Doodh ka Doodh, Paani ka Paani"
Who are professional builders and who are 'Tapori Builders'.

What say you?

Would you avoid these 'Tapori Builders' in 2015?
Would you decide to book a flat only after considering infrastructure of the project?
Would you decide to book a flat only if the project has an environmental clearance?
Would you keep a watch and see that the builder implements the project as planned & approved?

Share your views in the comments, please.

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  1. Informative blog....It will educate punekars to Stop 'Tapori Looters'.....
    Dhanyawad ravi

  2. Small question, you have mentioned in your posts that it is illegal to quote in sq feet but Here Pathekar projects have everything in sq feet. http://pethkarprojects.com/siyona/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Siyona-Floor-Plans.pdf

  3. I like this blog because it is very informative.

  4. Dear sir, if I have to choose between Blueridge and park titanium 3bhk, both coming at same cost which one do you suggest.

  5. Dear sir,what would you suggest 3bhk(1790sqft)Blueridge or 3bhk park titanium (1624sqft) at same price.