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Monday, September 18, 2017

Save Wagholi - Provide Better Infrastructure & Basic Amenities

Wagholi Housing Societies Association (WHSA) is petitioning Prime Minister of India - Shri Narendra Modi and 11 Others including Chief Minister of Maharashtra - Shri Devendra Fadnavis !

The construction of housing societies, big factories, warehouses are in full swing here.

Speed with which new constructions are being permitted by authorities and people moving in,
the infrastructure of the area should have drastically changed too
but believe us it remains the same as it was 10-15 years ago.

No proper roads,

No water by authorities,

No garbage collection,

No drainage system,

Load shedding every other day by MSEDCL,

Goondaism by localites,

No police patrolling,

No traffic lights,

No street lights,

No speed breakers


Grievances from Housing Societies:

1) No Water from Grampanchayat / Corporation.
Societies are forced to purchase water from tanker mafia who charge big time

2) No Garbage collection from GP.
Societies are forced to arrange dumping on their own.

3) Dumping and burning of garbage beside one society or the other without their knowledge that not only stinks but also increases health issues.
Note: GP does collect garbage from native Wagholi residents as if only they are humans and not citizens living in societies.

4) No Drainage System from GP at all.
Societies are forced to arrange waste drainage on their own into natural and nearby river streams.

5) No Street Lights on roads making them scary for residents to cross during nights.

6) No Proper Roads / Countless Potholes and
residents of housing societies are forced to live in a tribal like conditions.

7) No Police Patrolling at day or nights.

8) No Police Station or Police Chowki.
Nearest is Lonikand police station which is 6-8 kms away and is as good as reaching more into another village.

9) No Traffic Control at all.
Traffic Imagine a crossing without traffic signal and without any traffic police.
Chaos on every other crossing of Wagholi at peak time.

10) Heavy Encroachment that leads to more narrower roads impacting the free movement of traffic.

11) Incapability of Wagholi GP in handling vast number of societies in providing services
and hence they do not register any new housing societies.

12) Regular load shedding from MSEB.
Old transformers, lines need revisit, servicing, replacement etc.

To know more, please, click here to visit & sign the petition

Click here to join Wagholi Housing Societies Association (WHSA) on Facebook

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  1. The tarzans who have bought flats here don't require any infrastructure. These tarzans bought flats here being well aware of the neighborhood. Flat buyers who buy flat in locations without basic infra & then complaint is like a monkey who sits on tamarind tree & complaints that he can't find bananas there !
    Btw, how many of such tarzans have seen the documentation/agreement between builder & gram panchayat ?

    Btw, came across a latest good read in Forbes India.

    9 big reasons not to invest in real estate -
    Why smart investors should avoid investing in real estate

    1. An underperforming asset class
    2. An unpredictable asset class
    3. Emotionally-charged asset class
    4. Liquidity is not guaranteed
    5. A litigious asset class
    6. High upkeep effort
    7. Challenges in tracking
    8. Value-addition doesn’t yield returns
    9. Humans outgrow homes

    I perfectly understand that owning some property might offer peace of mind. Or at least make the owner less anxious about the future. Other than those emotional gains made by the owner, there is little to advocate real estate as a desirable, even viable, asset class. And the boldest amongst us might decide to live their entire lives as tenants. According to Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, these perennial tenants are the smartest amongst us.

    Read the in-depth article here -


    1. I guess you are quite rich or living off you father's money coz idiots like you won't understand the issue.

    2. See, venting your frustration here is not gonna solve your problem, will it ? Focus should be on the content of the post, not the poster.

      What people in Wagholi are facing now is the price which they are paying for their total ignorance while seeing the neighborhood before buying a flat.

      A person say in areas like Kothrud or Aundh fighting for solutions for traffic problems, parking issues, cutting of trees etc is far different than someone who is fighting for roads, water, drainage lines etc.

      This is like one person has problem related to music system in the car while other one is fighting for the engine to be installed in the car ! What is a car without an engine ? Same is the flat without infra.

      It seems the proverb, 'Aa bail muze maar' was made for these type of flat buyers who bought flats based on PROPOSED PMC limits, PROPOSED roads, PROPOSED brick, PROPOSED stone etc.

      And writing to PMO for Wagholi work is like firing a missile to kill a mosquito !

      If you really want to find solution to the problem, the first thing is to find the root of the problem - sanctions given by GP to builders.
      File RTI & get all the details about the sanctions, permissible FSI, open spaces etc. & see how much of them have been complied with on ground. Do you know that several projects are not even registered with GP ?
      Once you have this data, only then you will be able to approach the court with the valid grievances.

      In the meantime, communicate with the PMRDA, see what they say on your issues. Even if they don't act for mistakes done by GP earlier, atleast you will have documented evidence to pull the builders & GP to court.

      In Mumbai, court has banned all new constructions till the time BMC solves issue of solid waste. If BMC can be kicked this way, Wagholi is peanuts. Atleast you can ensure that further damage is not done till the time existing issues are not resolved.

      Better to be on rent in good location than buy in a bad location. Quality of life is important, not ownership of the house.

      Putting faith in builder for good infra in neighborhood (which is beyond his control) while buying a flat is like expecting Sunny Leone in saree to be a sati-savitri !

  2. Good to see that the citizens of these societies are coming together to build pressure groups, but I believe they are also party in this sorry state of affairs.

    As TheMonk rightly mentioned (TheMonk, I enjoy reading your comments as much as I like reading the blog itself. Your comments add great value to Ravi sir's blog) in the comment, while booking the flat in such localities, people should take into consideration all these very important parameters and not just the society complex and its facilities.

  3. Good post Ravi Sir and awesome comments by TheMonk I am reading these posts and gaining knowledge. Agree wagholi is an issue area but one can't change the mentality of people. It's price which drives these investments and holding power for builders and selling skills of salesmen appointed by them.
    The mentality is flat read as property (just like land) is a non depriciable asset has no maintainence :). Whereas the maintanence in big societies ~ 8k -10 k per month.
    But people just go by brand like I want puma shoes I don't mind paying 5k for those although I might go to gym once a month ;)