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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kolte-Patil to give possession of Stargaze in December 2017

Can you believe it? 
Instead of December 2018,
Kolte-Patil Developers prepones possession of 
1st Phase of Stargaze at Bavdhan Budruk by a year!
Not only that! 
Stargaze will be a Co-Operative Housing Society 
- Not an Association of Apartments!!

Kolte-Patil to give possession of Stargaze in December 2017!

This may not be a news to those who have booked flats in Stargaze at Bavdhan Budruk. I am sure, Kolte-Patil Developers (BSE:532924) must have officially informed them about preponed possession date and formation of Co-Operative Housing Society.

Even if I had seen the preponed date on the website of MahaRERA, I may not have believed it. And here was a salesperson telling me that the possession of Stargaze (Launched in May 2014 - View Marathi YouTube video) will be given in December 2017!

Possession with the completion and occupancy certificate? I asked the salesperson.

After the implementation of RERA, I assume, everyone in Pune knows that a builder can give possession only after obtaining Completion & Occupancy Certificate (CC & OC). Generally, obtaining CC & OC is a time consuming process. Everyone - PMRDA - PMC - PCMC - takes 3 - 6 months. However, recently, as per the government order, a project can get completion & occupancy certificate in 8 days.

Yes! Said the salesperson.

Would all 30 amenities be ready at the time of possession? I asked.

The clubhouse & the amenities in the first phase would be ready. The salesperson said.

And what about the basic services - like water supply, drainage, electricity etc? I asked.

Everything! The salesperson said.

Are you sure? I asked him once again.

Yes! The salesperson said.

You know? I felt that the salesperson at Stargaze was pulling my legs. He was making fun of me for offending him by refusing to acknowledge that we knew each other for a long time. He had to convince me that we had met before. True! Not remembering a site salesperson in Kolte-Patil project is unprofessional. But after the experience of Western Avenue at Wakad, I know that everyone in the site sales office of a Kolte-Patil projec is not the employee of the builder. That's why I was just trying to confirm. I didn't mean to offend him.

Before entering the site sales office of Stargaze, I had observed all 6 under construction 14 story towers. That's why for me it was difficult to believe that possession would be in December 2017. So I asked the salesperson about the progress of internal work. He told me that tiling is done upto 8th floor in all towers. Lifts, doors, windows and all other fittings & fixtures are lying at the site waiting to be fitted.

WoW! I said.

You know? By this time, I had started to believe the salesperson. I had almost became very proud of Kolte Patil Developers Ltd. I was feeling jealous of all 450 flat buyers in Stargaze. And I was feeling pity for my Life Republic readers.

How did you achieve this? I asked.

Bookings! Flats went fast. Money came in fast. Construction went up fast. Today, out of 500 only 40 odd flats are unsold. The salesperson said.

Once again I realized that how wrong I was. You know? The condition of the site & the site sales office gave me signals of cash crunch and slow booking. I immediately accepted my mistake.

Thanks for sharing this good news about possession. Kolte-Patil is my favorite builder. Now, you have become my favoritest. I said.

There is one more good news! Stargaze will be a Co-Operative Housing Society! Not an Association of Apartment. The salesperson said.

(To know the difference between Co-Operative Housing Society and Association of Apartments - view this Marathi YouTube video.)

Don't tell me! This is unbelievable!! I almost shouted.

Yes! We will be taking the cheques of maintenance in the name of Stargaze Co-Operative Housing Society!! The salesperson said.

So many revolutionary changes! Has some Chinese company taken over Kolte-Patil Developers or what? I asked myself. Kolte-Patil was the first real estate developer in Pune to receive foreign direct investment (FDI). Who knows? It can become the first one to be acquired by Chinese Real Estate Developer. Who would be the second? DSK? God knows.

Preponed possession & Co-Op Society both are so awesome. I am overwhelmed. Surprised. I dropped in your site office because I was in the neighbourhood to know about mosquito menace in Bavdhan Budruk. I confessed.

Have you become health blogger? The salesperson asked.

Almost! By the way - what about water supply? I asked.

PMC! There is a PMC waterline upto Windmill Village. We have to just connect to it. That's all. Anytime we will be merged in Pune Municipal Corporation. The salesperson said.

Lucky you! I said and took his leave.

You know? For the last 2 years SKYi Iris - next to Stargaze - is buying tanker water. And someone told me that Windmill Village has no PMC water supply - it pumps some 50,000 littler borewell water everyday. Only in summer they buy tankers. Poor fellows.

After all, real estate investment is all about stars & destiny. Not all are lucky like flat buyers in Kolte-Patil Stargaze at Bavdhan Budruk.

What say you?

It's all true or a joke?

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Photowalk of Kolte-Patil Developers' Stargaze at Bavdhan Budruk:

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  1. I think if they do it then its great thing; though site snaps says different story yet we can wait till dec 18! Possession in time is the most important aspect of real estate & if every developer follows it then many problems will be solved!

  2. This Kolte Patil builder can promise the moon because he doesn't have to back up his words right now. In Dec 2017, he will tell how due to the delay from concerned Govt authorities, things are stuck up including infra work.

    Btw, what's the water status at Ivy Estate, Wagholi ? And why is Life Republic stuck ? Same is the case with Sereno, baner.

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