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Friday, April 7, 2017

A Visit to Jhala Mhalunge Riviera

It's not all about Mahalunge Hinjewadi MIDC bridge:

Jhala Mhalunge Riviera from Mahalunge Hinjewadi MIDC Bridge

That day I couldn't stop myself from visiting Jhala Mhalunge Riviera.

Otherwise, for years, though it is so close, I had avoided visiting Riviera whenever I was at KUL Ecoloch.

But after visiting under construction Mahalunge Hinjewadi MIDC bridge on Mula river, and shooting photos of Blue Ridge Hinjewadi, KUL Ecoloch & Riviera from the broken bridge of KUL Ecoloch - I found Jhala Mhalunge Riviera irresistible!

No. Not really.

I wanted to avoid going back to KUL Ecoloch. So the only option was to visit Riviera. I assumed - visiting Riviera would be a less disgusting experience.

And you know what? Visiting Riviera was one of the most innocent experiences in my life.

Yes, innocent experience. Not a pleasant experience.

I hate innocence. I hate innocence in the young intelligent educated flat buyers.

Innocent flat buyers are mostly naive - stupid.

These 'innocent' flat buyers become victims of the unscrupulous builders in Pune.

At Riviera, I was treated as an innocent. Means, I was treated as stupid.

The salesperson at Riviera - showed me the location of the bridge on the map of proposed Baner Balewadi (from Mercedes Showroom) to Hinjewadi Phase 1 Road!
This bridge on Mula River is very close to our site. The salesman said.
It means that - Jhala Mhalunge Riviera is an ideal investment & residential destination.
If you are working in Hinjewadi - you will enjoy a good quality of life at Riviera.
If you are an investor - you will earn good appreciation.
All because of the strategic location of Riviera.
Close to Mahalunge Hinjewadi MIDC Bridge!

In 2011, the same sales talk - bridge to Hinjewadi - was given to 'innocent' flat buyers of KUL Ecoloch.

In 2011, the same sales talk - bridge to Eon IT Park Kharadi - was given to 'innocent' flat buyers of Phadnis Eastern Ranges.

In 2017, the same sales talk - the bridge to Eon IT Park Kharadi - is given to 'innocent' flat buyers of Puravankara & Godrej Infinity in Keshav Nagar.

In 2017, the same sales talk - the bridge to Hinjewadi - was given to Ravi Karandeekar at Jhala Mhalunge Riviera.

For a moment, at Riviera, I realized that I am facing what I wanted to avoid.

I had avoided going to KUL Ecoloch. Because, I can't bear the way the residents of KUL Ecoloch are surviving.
They are in pain only because they were too innocent - almost naive - when they booked their flats.
If they had behaved like adults - for sure - they would not have had to see these days. I believe.

At Riviera - I was considered & treated as an innocent. Not as an adult. Exactly the way - the residents of KUL Ecoloch were treated when they booked their flats.

I have avoided KUL Ecoloch. But I have become one of them.
Means, I am going to suffer like them.
No. I do not want to suffer. Suffering is unpleasant & painful.
Buying a home in Mahalunge & Sus is not all about the bridge to Hinjewadi.

Then what is it all about? You may ask.
Visit KUL Ecoloch to find out before booking a flat in Mahalunge & Sus. I will tell you.

What say you?

Are we slaves of the our IT company?

Do we buy a home only because - after our shift is over - our company does not let us sleep under the desk - and forces us to leave the office premises?

Is distance from the office the only parameter to choose a home?

What these projects in Mahalunge & Sus have to call them 'urban homes'?

These flats have a toilet or two - Sandas - Shauchalay in every flat.

But no water supply to wash your butt. No drainage lines - no sewage treatment plants - to process your shit.

Of course, if you love to play in your own piss & poop then you will love to live in Mahalunge & Sus. Right?

A Visit to Jhala Mhalunge Riviera
A Visit to Jhala Mhalunge Riviera
A Visit to Jhala Mhalunge Riviera
A Visit to Jhala Mhalunge Riviera

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  1. Each and every bit of what you write is a fact. Builders are in business of fooling 'innocent' buyers. That's the trade as-on-date.
    But I see a future Pimple Saudagar here? Especially because most land bank is undeveloped, how pimple saudagar was 10 years back or ravet 5 years back. (That doesn't mean I support Riviera - NO WAY).
    But I feel investing in a piece of land at such a place(if available) may be a great investment.

    1. Future Pimpale Saudagar, LoL ! Well, in 2007, this area was already habitable being part of PCMC. Kunal icon, roseland residency etc were already there. It was few years back that roads were widened, but even before that, this was very much habitable place & far better than even today's Hinjewadi. Ofcourse, then builders used to call it Aundh annexe or new aundh !

  2. How do these projects get clearances if they have no water, drainage, st etc...

    Also, if the market is so down how come these builders are taking such a huge bet in constructing these five star slums!

    1. "How do these projects get clearances if they have no water, drainage, st etc..."

      - Affidavit from builder. Look at the news of suyog nisarg, wagholi in post below.

      "Also, if the market is so down how come these builders are taking such a huge bet in constructing these five star slums!"

      - Construction of this project had started in 2014, well before property market started to fall. Reasons why this project is still nowhere near completion even in 2017 is now known to all.

  3. "In 2011, the same sales talk - bridge to Eon IT Park Kharadi - was given to 'innocent' flat buyers of Phadnis Eastern Ranges. "

    - Since this builder, Phadnis has gone bankrupt with banks taking over his assets, any idea what the buyers here are doing ?
    Other story cooked up by KUL to yedas was about road from EON free zone to KUL Nation.

    As you talked about infra Ravi, here is latest news about another set of yedas from Wagholi who bought flats without infra & now blaming builder for not providing basic infra like water ! Hope this project is located more than 500m from Pune-Nagar highway else forget water, they won't get even beer !


    400-odd residents of Suyog Nisarg have had to dish out around Rs 65 lakh in three years for water tankers as developers retract on promise to take responsibility for supply

    The gram panchayat in Wagholi is not capable of supplying water to all the societies given the massive expansion over the last few years in this region. So, the residents had to resort to water tankers.

    Last year, I remember my family and I had to go to a friend’s house to freshen up because water tankers were not available. We did not have water for almost three days during that time.


    Btw, wonder how people buy flats in such remote areas in projects like Jhala Riveria where even a crow requires GPS to find it.

  4. I had a question there are lot of projects coming up in hinjewadi especially with godrej and shaporji pallonji and I presume hinjewadi does not fall in PMC or PCMC then will gram panchayat be servicing their water needs ? Or does hinjewadi now fall under PMRDA?
    which dam supplies water pavna or some other ?

  5. i have read many of the posts -Mostly stating that "dont buy here and dont buy there... " BUt where should i ideally buy one 1bhk if i want to ??.... A genuine question ,,... O_O

    1. Very simple - Buy ready for possession flat with occupation certificate issued by PMC/PCMC (have conveyance deed done is bigger plus) in location which is safe, secure & has good social & commercial infrastructure.
      And if you unsure about the area, then stay on rent there for atleast 6-8 months & if you are comfortable then buy.

    2. ideally this is right... but in my case, The places that i really like is out of budget... For exammple- Baner is best for my purpose- but the prices here are 6-7k+ .. so i have to look up Nearby places like Sus mhalunge (where the prices are around- 4-5k) ... and all the reviews are bad in these areas... i have read many articles by ravi sir...

    3. Why do you want to buy at hopeless location when you can rent at good location for much cheaper cost ? I don't know why the obsession of Indians to buy a flat especially when it makes no sense to buy one purely on commercial terms :/ Decision to buy should not be driven by emotions or under peer pressure. This is sure shot recipe for long term loss as you are creating not an asset but a liability.