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Friday, April 14, 2017

A Visit to Darode Jog Properties' Liviano at Kharadi

Liviano Kharadi - Possession June 2017 - April Fool’s Day 2017 Prank or Promise?:

You know what? I saw an ad of one housing scheme on my own Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog which claimed that possession will be given in June 2017.

June 2017!

For the last few months many builders are trying to somehow complete their projects before May 2017. Before RERA is implemented in Maharashtra.

Before RERA is implemented in Maharashtra in the month of May 2017 - all unscrupulous builders are rushing to loot Hinjewadi & Kharadi IT guys by offering pre-launch bookings.

How come this builder is not aware about the importance of May 2017 in Pune real estate market?

How can some builder promise to give possession in June 2017? I asked myself and saw the name of the project - Liviano.


Liviano...sounded familiar. I have heard this word. I may have read this word. May be. Long long ago.

Since it's the name of the housing scheme in Pune - Ravi Karandeekar, you may have written about it. Why don't you search your own blog?

Brilliant idea! I complimented myself & really used a search box on my own blog to search my own blog.

You know what I found?

Long long ago - in 2011 - I have written a blog about the launch of Liviano!

You know who was the builder?

Darode Jog Properties!

You may not have heard this name - Darode Jog.

Even I came across this name after a long time.

But I will give you a clue. Ready?


No. It's not about a game gentlemen play. It's about a game builders play.

Which game?

Of course a dirty game. I have written about it too. Got it? No?

EPL - the name of the dirty game is - Exclusive Pre Launch!

Yes! The same builder!! Darode Jog - who came out with EPL Offer in 2015.

Yes, most of the people who didn't book in EPL don't remember this builder.

But those who booked in EPL - they also have tried their best to forget about Darode Jog.

Now the picture was clear. The ad was about the possession of 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK, 3 BHK & 4 BHK Flats in Darode Jog Properties' Liviano at Kharadi.

Possession in June 2017!

How is it possible? It was launched just in 2011!

OMG! How stupid I am!!

Look at the date! It's April 2017!!

Ravi Karandeekar, it's nothing but April Fool Prank!!

That infamous advertising agency in Pune may have pulled the prank on you to prove that it doesn't have only a criminal mind but it can be funny too.

Agreed! The ad was funny..........Liviano Possession June 2017........I made a fool of myself by taking it seriously. You won - I accepted my defeat & forgot about it.

But, the other day, while coming back from Keshav Nagar, I couldn't resist myself from visiting Liviano at Kharadi.

Long time no see.....how come you are here.....I thought you forgot me.....the lady salesperson at Liviano, happened to be my old friend, welcomed me with open arms.

I am here because you were in my dream.....I said. What could I say?

Good for me....What can I do for you? My lady said.

Show me all. Satisfy me. I said.

Sure. Follow me. She said and took me to the site.

Work was really going on at Liviano!

Can I? I asked.

Sure. Feel free. She said.

I took a lot of photos. To make sure that I was not dreaming.

But I didn't ask her about the possession in June 2017.

I found it an inappropriate question. Like asking - "Love Me - Love Me Not"

Am I right? Let me know in the comments, please.

If you don't believe in me. Have a look at these photos.

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  1. Pathetic project, I must say. Which good project takes 6 years and still counting ? I am one of the few sufferer who booked the flat here. Never ever think in your dreams to book flat here. So many false commitments on possession date. All hard earned money at stake.

    1. Sorry to hear that you are a buyer in this project. Money is one part but most important factor which can't be compensated for is the time lost due to rat builders.

      What is builder saying now ? Is he ready to give all this in writing about June 2017 possession ? 6 years is a big period, 6 months one can understand but 6 years & counting !! Next month RERA will kick in, & as completion will not be there for this project, builder will have to get it registered with RERA. Now builder shouldn't make this as another excuse for further delay. That's why better to take everything in writing on stamp paper in this month itself as letter head is not valid in court.

      Apart from buyers, the hoarders must have also suffered a lot (though I don't mind it at all) as they lost opportunity to sell the flat few years back before downfall of real estate started. Now it will be double whammy for them -

      1. There are hardly any buyers in property market,

      2. As per new IT law, hoarders can't get IT benefit of more than 2L/annum on interest paid towards home loan. So further monetary loss for them. Expect lot of resale flats to flood the market putting further pressure on prices.

      You all flat buyers should sue the builder & demand compensation atleast 5x the flat cost. The builder may not be able to pay this even if he sells himself on olx but you should do this & certainly court will give decision in your favour as it's happening with NCR buyers.

      Btw, has the DP road to this project completed ?

      And with inflation again rising with hike in bank NPAs, chances are interest rates may go up further.

      The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), which kept its key lending rate unchanged last week, has warned of a looming inflation threat over the next 6-12 months, obliquely leaving the door ajar for an interest rate hike in 2017-18.



      Infosys Hiring Drops 65%, Nearly 38,000 Techies Leave Company In 2016-17 -


  2. So much time has passed that even the bimbo in Liviano ad must have become aunty now ! (http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6177/6196997328_b69aacb198_o.jpg) The world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa got completed in much lesser time than this Liviano.

    Coming to this builder, better speak with buyers of his other projects. This builder is actually bankrupt, vendor payment defaults, delays, poor execution & they have gobbled up buyers money for self consumption. They got very big shock post demonetization. Hope you got my point.

    Faced with defaulting developers? Here is what homebuyers must do -


    And one more crook builder in Pune, Goel Ganga got further beating from court & PMC. All those who have booked flat in his projects at Sinhagad road are stuck. See this latest news which once again shows why not to buy under-construction flat.

    PMC seeks green NoC, developer feels the heat -

    The problem of city-based real estate giant Goel Ganga Developers India Private Limited is far from over, with Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) saying it would not allow any further construction of an integrated housing project at Sinhgad Road without an environment clearance certificate. In its letter, the PMC building construction department also said any such construction would be considered illegal and face demolition.

    Last month, Goel Ganga had written a letter “informing” the PMC that they “have started” their pending construction of Ganga Bhagyoday, Ganga Bhagyoday Towers and Amrut Ganga as they have already deposited the environmental compensation cost of Rs 105 crore, thereby complying with the orders of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) and Supreme Court (SC).

    The PMC’s building permission department, in its letter sent to Goel, made it clear that no paper has been submitted in support of their claims to allow further construction. “Still, no final order has been issued by the SC and the matter is pending. Since the NGT order is related to not obtaining environmental clearance, the developer must obtain the updated NoC from the department concerned and submit it to PMC. Till then, without any permission from this department, no construction activity shall be carried out. Otherwise, it will be considered as illegal and action will be initiated,” was the executive engineer’s reply.


  3. Hello, What is the status of getting possession for Liviano? Their phone numbers are not answered..should going to MahaRERA will help?