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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sad story of a son who purchased a flat in Sus

Vilas Javdekar Developers' Yashwin at Sus is not suitable for a young human couple with a baby:

Vilas Javdekar Developers' Yashwin at Sus is not suitable for a young human couple with a baby

When I booked a flat at Vilas Javdekar's Yashwin at Sus....I was told that.....by the time the flat would be ready for possession.....Sus will be merged in Pune Municipal Corporation. It means that.....I assumed....when I will shift in this flat.....Sus would be developed....but the fact is....no development has happened in the last 3 years....infact, the situation has become worse.....and now.....because we have a baby.....I find it difficult to live here.....Ravi Karandeekar.....do you have any idea.....when will Sus develop.....how many more years I have to suffer like this....should I wait for the development....or should I sell this flat and buy somewhere at Baner....Wakad?

When Kaushik asked me this question on 91 98600 44110, I told him that instead of talking over the phone - let us meet & discuss. So, on Sunday morning, I was with Kaushik at Vilas Javdekar Developers' Yashwin at Sus. This is a rough summary of our discussion - a sad story of a son who purchased a flat in Vilas Javdekar Developers' Yashwin at Sus.

Of course, this story is not only of Kaushik at Yashwin. This story is of all Kaushiks who are living in Sus. And, for sure, this would be the story of all Kaushiks who have booked the flats in Sus.

Why only Sus? This is the story of all Kaushiks who are living or have booked the flats in all fringe villages of Pune! Bhugaon, Pirangut, Lohegaon, Chakan, Wagholi, Undri, Pisoli, all.

Of course, I would be happy if I am proved wrong. In fact, I pray every night - God, please, prove me wrong!

Why we get into the soup - Sus?:

Kaushik & Kirti were born & brought in Nagpur. Both of them fell in love with Pune when they got a job in an IT company in Hinjewadi. Eventually, they went on site in USA. After returning to India they were posted in Mumbai. Where they decided - let us get a job in Pune and raise a family.

They started visiting Pune on weekends. At one of the property exhibitions they came across Vilas Javdekar Developers' Yashwin at Sus. Javdekar was offering 'No EMI till Possession Scheme' with 10 - 80 - 10 payment plan. Both of them liked the location of Yashwin at Sus - soon to be merged in PMC - near Mumbai Bangalore Highway - near Baner - near Hinjewadi. One of their colleague told them that - Javdekar is a good builder. He had constructed a few projects in Wakad.

Location is convenient. Builder is reputed. Payment plan is suitable. What more we want? They asked themselves.

Their parents loaned them money. Some 5 percent for their 10 percent down payment. Plus, some 20 percent more. Because they were not eligible for 80 percent home loan. Their combined monthly income was enough to get only 60 percent home loan. Plus, their parents assured them that they will take care of the 10 per cent to be paid at the time of possession. Their parents' ultimate ambition was to see Kaushik & Kirti settled in their own flat.

Done! They booked the flat. Got the possession and the jobs in Hinjewadi. And, eventually, Kirti was pregnant. Everything was as per their plan.

Pregnant Kirti found driving from Yashwin to service road of Mumbai bangalore Highway terrible. Walking on that kaccha road without the street lights after the sunset risky - so comapny bus was not an option. Visiting doctor for the regular check ups became a painful experience. Home loan EMI didn't permit her either to avail leave or leave the job. Kirti will be able to deliver the baby in hospital - only if this road allowed her - they had realized. Both of them were counting months. God bless. Kirti delivered in the hospital.

The stressful situation was over. Both were emotionally drained. After the brief interval their rational mind started questioning them - Do we deserve to live like this? Did we make mistake of booking a flat at Yashwin? When will Sus develop? Should we sell the flat in Yashwin and buy somewhere in PMC or PCMC? And on that Sunday - they had called me to discuss this.

Why did you get into the soup? I mean, in Sus? I asked.

Because, our assumption about the development of Sus was wrong. Kaushik said.

Why did you make that assumption? I asked.

So many projects were coming in Sus - so we assumed that Sus will develop in the next 2 - 3 years. Kaushik said.

But there were many ongoing projects in Wakad & Baner too! I said.

But they were not in our budget. Said Kirti.

Even this Yashwin was not in your budget! You could book this only because your parents loaned you money. It means that, you are into this soup because of your parents. You are into this soup because the builder was running the racket of 'No EMI till Possession' - you were paying EMI to the bank and he was refunding it to you - right? You are into this soup because the foreign owned private bank offered you 10 - 80 - 10 subversion scheme. Your parents, builder & bank conspired against you. They compelled you to misjudge. You became victim of your parents, builder & bank and got in the soup - in Sus. I said.

No. Not at all. It was our idea to own a home. Not theirs. In fact, we had to convince them to loan us money. Important question is what to do now. Should we wait for the development of Sus or sell this flat in Yashwin and buy at Wakad or Baner? Kirti asked.

Why? Kirti, why are you so eager to jump from the frying pan into the fire? See...the main reason for all this mess is - you do not have enough money to own a home.....you never had enough money to book a flat at Wakad - Baner - when you booked a flat in Yashwin at Sus.....today, you don't have enough money to book a flat at Wakad & Baner. Your parents will be glad to loan more money to you - but if you keep on paying 50 percent of your monthly income to the bank for the rest of your life - at least - for the next 15 - 20 years you will be living from paycheck to paycheck - in that situation - you will not be able to save for retirement - you will not be able to save for your daughter's college education - by buying a home which you can not afford you will put your financial future in danger. I said.

You mean to say that we have no option but to suffer in Sus - Kaushik said.

No. You don't have to suffer in Sus. You have an option. You can rent a flat in Baner or Wakad. I said.

But what should we do about this flat in Yashwin? Kaushik asked.

Sell it. Give back your parents their money. Tell them - you have done enough for us. Your education & sanskar have made us strong to live a successful life. Now, don't cripple us by giving money - for the wrong reason - at the wrong time. For the time being - your blessings are enough for us. I said.

Renting is not a good option. Kirti said.

Yes, may not be good for you. But very good option for your daughter. She will grow in a better & safer place. Afterall, we buy a home to live a safe & comfortable life - not for the walls, windows & doors or to pay the property tax. Right? I said and took their leave.

Ravi Karandeekar at Vilas Javdekar Developers' Yashwin at Sus

When I came down, there was a small crowd of agents & brokers at the pandal in Javdekar's Yashwin. One broker came to me and asked for the selfie.

"Sure! How is the business?," I asked.

"Great! Yesterday, in one day, last two buildings in Yashwin Anand were booked!! All through the channel partners like us," the broker said.

"Congratulations! You make miracles!!," I said.

"Strategy! We were working for this for 1 month. We purchased data. Called everyone. Collected token cheques. Invited them all yesterday. And sold the entire inventory," the broker said.

"Whose strategy is this?," I asked.

"Aditya Javdekar! He is a genius!! He saved the advertising & marketing cost and passed over that benefit to the buyers - he offered Yashwin Anand at the lowest property rate than any project in this part of Sus - plus his brand name - our efforts - created the magic," the broker said.

"Yes! Aditya is a magician - a few weeks ago - I was here when he sold two buildings to a group of LIC employees," I said.

"Yes! In Pune market only Aditya Javdekar knows whom to sell & how to sell flats!!," the broker said.

"You are right. Aditya knows whom to sell & how to sell the flats in Sus!," I said.

Moral of the story is - sons will change - but the sad story of a son who purchased a flat in Vilas Javdekar's Yashwin at Sus will never end.

God, please, prove me wrong!

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  1. Hang on. Something doesnt quite add up here. They both went on site to USA and still didnt have enough money for the down payment ? In a place like SUS ? Which is not in MC limits ?

    How much did they pay for that flat ?

    What about the senior citizens who own flats there, they would have no option but to be friends with mosquitoes and birds !

  2. ha ha ha, I agree aditya is a magician! All I will say is dont go what ur builders says about the surrounding but trust ur instincts; I am not saying what is right or wrong but i clearly state in my agreement wherever I may be building be it PMC, PCMC or PMRDA, that we dont take any responsibility of infra outside of our project, may it be water, drainage or road & street lights as thats not something in my capcaity, still if u want to go ahead do it! As had all these things in place then I couldnt sale it at rate we are offering, and on top of it even PMC & PCMC takes undertaking from us that they too are not responsible for any of these services even after charging a whooping 400-500 rs per sft as premiums! India is Great, is all i will comment!

    1. Sanjay D,

      How many builders state that builder won't be responsible for things outside their project ? Had this been the case, not even 10% flats would get sold in remote, non habitable locations.

      Even today builders are selling based on ring road (which doesn't properly exist even on paper), close to Pune International airport (location which even Govt doesn't know), in walking distance of Pune metro (where on map ?) etc.

      Then there are regular crooks like Mittal, KUL who sell projects whose approach road doesn't exists like sun planet or kul nation. Infact, most of the planned roads are done at behest of builder-politician crook nexus whose objective is to buy some land at third class location, create hype of that location, sell the flats to some yedas & then blame Govt of not doing enough !!

      There are cities in India where buildings are sanctioned by local bodies only if basic infra exists. This is not the case in PMC-PCMC districts as we all know that it's good for nothing guntha-mantris who are local builders while so called professional builders in Pune are mere fronts of politicians to divert their ill-gotten money. Baramatikar politicians top the chart.

      If yedas become wise while buying flat, no builder will go & construct at forest like locations or by cutting down hills as there won't be end users to buy flat, which means even greedy hoarders won't come in.

    2. Dear Monk, I do mention it clearly about infra not my responsibility!

      Thats why I said, if a builder is promising you space trip in amenities then you have both options believe him & book flat & wait for ever for space trip or forget that builder & book somewhere else! No builder can guaranty infrastructure outside of project, why Sus, even roads in Baner also our beloved PMC isnt doing , refer recent Times front page news where parents of students from Vibgyor school themselves made a road which PMC wasnt doing with repeated followup! Why people book flat out of PMC or PCMC? Simple because of rate, in sus rate is 4500 where as in Baner its touching to 7000, making nearly 25 lc rupees difference for 2 bhk flat which is big for any couple! About renting, my personal experience is its matter of sentiment as many people dont like that hanging sword what if next year the land lords rises rent of ask us to vacate? What I feel is instead going for what builder says analyze rationally any project along with surrounding infra, prepare your mindset & then decide what you want to do!

    3. Exactly. But my statement made above was not directed to you but all builders in Pune who promise the moon to buyers & yedas also think they will get moon ! But then, here we have multiple IT yedas who don't even check the legal status of the flat which they book, so expecting them to verify details outside the project is like expecting nursery kid to complete PhD ! Here is latest one covered by Ravi, buyers who paid 40L without checking legal status are now complaining- all IT Yedas.


      "Why people book flat out of PMC or PCMC? Simple because of rate, in sus rate is 4500 where as in Baner its touching to 7000, making nearly 25 lc rupees difference for 2 bhk flat which is big for any couple!"

      - As posted in my post below -
      "Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.
      Ensure that price is less than value or in worse case situation, price=value but never let price be greater than value.
      But problem is IT yedas don't know difference between price & value."

      They should ask whether Baner is worth 7k & 4.5k for Sus should be seen purely from stand point of Sus & not by looking at Baner.
      By this logic, Wadarwadi slums should also be sought after locations due to it's proximity to Model colony !!
      For me Baner is not worth 7k, so Sus is out of question.
      And if you think something is expensive, don't buy. I don't know the obsession of Indians of buying flat. That's why I say, people should spend more on traveling & explore. As said somewhere earlier, in Berlin a chap was staying in rented flat but driving BMW M5 & many Berlin residents prefer to rent than to buy even if they can afford to buy.

      The moment financial decision is made based on emotion, this type of situation arises.....so Yedas shouldn't expect any sympathy. When you can see the fire, why the 'Khujli' to still test it whether it's hot or not ?

    4. TheMonk - In addition to Ravi Sir's blogs I always make it a point to read your comments. This hammers some sense into me when there's huge peer pressure of buying "own" property instead of staying in rented accommodation.

      Don't get me wrong, I'd like to own a property but I expect a fair deal. I wouldn't pay a paisa over 40 lac for a 1000 sq. ft. flat in an area Baner. If builders can't sell at that price, its their problem. If people want to mortgage their lives paying such rates, its their choice.

      I was thinking of compromises like Bhugaon or Sus, but yeah your comments help me avoid this insanity. I would continue living on rent until at least one party - builders or buyers come to sanity. I wouldn't expect much from investors.. after all I hope most of them have found a good haven for black money.

      Hope your words reach more people.

    5. @Jagz, your are absolutely right. Most of the IT yedas are paying huge prices for the flats.
      Blueridge phase1 is priced at 1cr, damn. Even if one flat comes in the market for sale, it is sold in 1 month, that is my analysis.

      That means, that stupid people are paying this much money to the builders / owners.

      Stupid IT people have lost the importance of money.

  3. And here comes another case of IT Yedas, this is infact double dhamaka as both, husband & wife are in IT Yedatech.

    They went to US, worked in India & still didn't have money to make down-payment for remote location like Sus ?? And even if they didn't had for whatever reason, why the 'Khujli' to take money from parents ? Buying something which one can't afford on own strength is nothing but financial mismanagement. This very action by IT Yedas make builders jack up the prices because they know yedas don't have common sense.

    And are these people indeed from Nagpur or from Tadoba Tiger Reserve that they liked remote area like Sus ? Who knows, the missing tiger 'Jai' may be roaming in Sus ! Builder will say Sus is tomorrow's Singapore to sell flats, so these flat buyers will plan their weekends at Marina Bay Sands !

    And to raise a family, does the baby say - hey, show me index 2, only then I will take birth ? What stupid reasons are given to buy flat, that too one which was neither affordable, nor having human habitable infrastructure.

    "No. You don't have to suffer in Sus. You have an option. You can rent a flat in Baner or Wakad. I said."

    - Absolutely spot on Ravi. It is always better to rent in good location than buy in third class location.

    "Renting is not a good option. Kirti said."

    - And with loan, these IT yedas are renting money. EMI is nothing but rent paid to bank. It is better, easier & far cheaper to rent flat than to rent money to buy flat. Why don't these IT yedas get this ?

    Rather than going on-site to US, IT Yedas should work at local baniya shop for 6 months. If not financial discipline, they will atleast come to know what is common sense.

    1. I am an IT guy but still liked your acronym as IT yedas. Not wrong seeing the crowd around ;) In this particular case Ravi has been very mild in describing the goof up of these fellas. Renting is not always bad option and buying if one can't afford is the worst mistake considering the commitment of 20 years.

  4. TheMonk...Everyone has right to express and give opinion here...But, I personally feel, one should refrain from using the words like Yeda, Yedatech, Khujli, local baniya shop, common sense, (and lines like "these people indeed from Nagpur or from Tadoba Tiger Reserve")which sounds very offensive and irrelevant, especially when you are talking about people whom you don't know or people you have nothing to do with. Ravi has just shared a story. Even it could appear a mistake of said buyers, it was their personal decision and their own hard earned money. In my opinion, it is unethical and improper to use such words publicly. You could have conveyed your same thoughts in a more decent and appropriate manner. I hope you agree and take this in a positive spirit.

    1. Ms. Punekar,
      That's my way of posting, straight in the face. I like to call spade a spade. Even I call investors as hoarders & CREDAI as crime syndicate.
      If you don't like my comments, ignore them. Simple.

    2. " and lines like "these people indeed from Nagpur or from Tadoba Tiger Reserve")which sounds very offensive and irrelevant"

      - Seems you don't read it in proper context. It was simply comparison of Sus Vs Nagpur Vs Tadoba where Sus is close in terms of infra to Tadoba than Nagpur. What abusive is there in this or with any single word above ?
      Are we here to post comments or write some essay for school going kid ? LoL. Start reading editorials in Washington Post & The Guardian. It will help you to understand words more clearly.

    3. A very good evening to you Sir.

      I not only liked your post, but also copy/pasted it for reference sharing with my friends, which indeed made a good reading.

      But, I agree with the lady. You are very straight forward, you like to call spade a spade; no objection. This should be confined to drawing room discussions with your family members or (close) friends who UNDERSTAND you. Obviously, not for a format where unknown people will cross you.

      You can be more poignant by being POLITE rather than using offensive language.

      My dear friend, don't mind. You will make more enemies rather than forming a group of loyal followers with your forthright style. So be humble, especially for those who are today stuck in a rut. Just imagine, what will the young couple feel when they read your article. Place yourself in their shoes.

      No doubt, your post is good, & I am looking for more. Have a nice evening Sir ji !!!

    4. Hello Strategy Student,

      First & foremost, be it you or Ms. Anushka or anyone else who has felt offended by my post, I express my apologies if anyone has been hurt.

      But my intention is neither to hurt nor to please anyone. I simply say what I feel correct from neutral perspective because you can't please everyone all the time, be it known or unknown people.

      " Just imagine, what will the young couple feel when they read your article. Place yourself in their shoes."

      - If I place myself in their shoes, first thing I will do is to take all these comments in positive way & work out solution how to get out of the mess. Solution to them already is given by Ravi - sell sus flat & stay on rent in good location. Take it to get rid of the problems or bear the sufferings, don't complain.

      One should not be emotion driven when it comes to money & investments and here I am looking at these couple merely as statistics/case study, nothing personal. These flat buyers though have bought flat purely driven by emotions - that baby thing clearly points towards it.

      Once your education is completed & you are working & making descent amount, you should not ask for money even from parents.
      This though depends upon how self respecting the person is & will vary from person to person.

      EMI should not exceed 30% of take home income & home loan tenure ideally shouldn't be more than 10 years & till this stage is reached, stay put on rent especially in realty price inflated cities like Pune. Ofcourse, this is my personal view but it will help you build a substantial financial portfolio in 10 years.

      Always remember these 4 points, be it while buying flat or anything else :

      1. Price is what you pay, Value is what you get.
      Ensure that price is less than value or in worse case situation, price=value but never let price be greater than value.
      But problem is IT yedas don't know difference between price & value.

      2. When you buy something, it's cost of purchase, and when you cling on to it, it's cost of ownership.
      Emphasis must be laid on cost of ownership & not cost of purchase.

      3. Work for money, but ensure that money is working for you.

      4. Use money to create assets not liabilities.

      It's for these above reasons, I said that it's better that IT yedas should spend time in local baniya shop rather than going on-site.
      So much explanation for 2 statements in my previous post ! Phew.

      Now check this yesterday's news -

      पुणेकर घेत आहेत पार्टी, शॉपिंगसाठी कर्ज !

      पार्टी संपल्यानंतर बिल भरायला पुरेसे पैसे नाहीत, सहज "शॉपिंग‘ करायची आहे किंवा अचानक फिरायला जाण्याचा प्लॅन करायचा आहे...
      माहिती तंत्रज्ञान आणि सेवा क्षेत्रातील प्रोफेशनल्सची संख्या सर्वाधिक असून,.......


      And still some complaint when I call them as IT Yedas working at Yedatech cos !! Only IT Yedas can think of taking loan at 33% for partying, shopping.

      Coming back to real estate,

      Builder defaulted on payment, beat me up, claims contractor :


      Same is the case with several Pune builders too. One of it, Marvel realtors was already covered well by Ravi.


      So buy ready for possession flat with all approvals or stay on rent at cheap cost. Be safe with your money & mind.

    5. Hi anushka, I can understand ur anguish as well what language Monk is using its outcome of his frustration towards the blindly foolish way educated people behave & then expect sympathy! Its nothing more different than going on Pokimon Search & met with accident as u forget u are engrossed in finding a virtual thing in a real world on a heavy traffic road; how can you ignore traffic for a Pokimon & then seek justice when get hit by a vehicle!! You will be called an "yeda" only na? Take it in that vein, is what I feel! Our sole effort is make people aware that do buy ur home but with open mind & eyes & if u do it blindly then dont expect justice as well dont blame someone else for ur blindness!

    6. Deshpande sir I don't agree with ur one point. Actually I don't see it as themonks frustration. It's real situation all over the world. Everywhere commodity prices are falling but only in India its kept high artificially by our dear government there r various reasons for that.
      Until now what has happened whenever thr is crisis just print the paper money and infuse in system. This time story is different and no government can do this. In India though rbi has gone ahead and printed it around 23k crores and already injected. As per my understanding it should inflate all commodities and it has happened u can check this from current inflation numbers.
      So this time thr is only one solution, restructure all loans by bringing down the commodity prices it will definitely affect banks profit but much needed thing.

  5. Why do people book flat out of PMC and PCMC area limts?
    First thing to be checked is corporation water available. If you are going put your life at stake, at least basic things like water, school and hospitals should be near by.

    1. "Why do people book flat out of PMC and PCMC area limts? "

      - To differentiate themselves from normal condition human being.
      Don't know what's the harm in renting in good location ?

      People buy flats with loans of 20 years or even more and still ignore things like drinking water as you rightly said. School, hospitals....forget about these things.

      Once you see the quality of life offered in other places & their respective property rates, one can easily understand how inflated Pune prices vis a vis infrastructure & construction quality is.
      Forget other countries, even Amdavad which is far superior city than Pune has far cheaper property rates than Pune because value of money runs in blood of Gujjus unlike IT yedas whose only concern is EMI without looking at worth of the property.

  6. On a lighter note, I loved the music in the video :)

  7. Monk I think these people deserve this kind of language.

  8. "
    Why only Sus? This is the story of all Kaushiks who are living or have booked the flats in all fringe villages of Pune! Bhugaon, Pirangut, Lohegaon, Chakan, Wagholi, Undri, Pisoli, all.""
    As article says indirectly in this area buying flat means suffering like the situation of kaushik , but I find some of the advertising by Ravi karandeekar sir for new projects in this areas ??
    Please explain exactly what we can do?
    Follow ur ads or avoid this areas.

    1. 1) "advertising by Ravi karandeekar sir for new projects in this areas" - Really! Please, tell the developers of those projects that Ravi Karandeekar is advertising your project.

      2) Listen, follow & trust only yourself. Do not listen- follow - trust anybody. Including Ravi Karandeekar.

  9. TheMonk I have never understood why would someone try to hijack someone else's platform and type lines and lines of bookish knowledge.

    Believe me my friend it is so easy to write multitudes of sentences when you know a little English and think of yourself as an expert on matters. And then the style.. ah. I must compliment you, its so consistent. Almost every post talks about people from a certain profession. Whats with that ?

  10. its very difficult to choose among builders and the properties for sale in and around PMC and PCMC.
    one thing for sure IT people are a high income group but the middle class still cannot afford the Prices.
    People are still suffering from high prices and they struggle for basic amenities..

  11. Good read Yedatech & all that. Basically methinks the conversion factor of dollars to rupees make techies careless about their spends. Finally these techies along with corrupt babus, businessmen fuel all the unnecessary inflation in which common people suffer. It's purely speculative inflation with out any growth.

  12. Hello Ravi ,
    Can you please tell me if this project is worth buying.
    So far they dont have proper approach road and no water connection .