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Monday, August 1, 2016

How to get over fear of Pune builder

You do not become the owner of your flat
unless you overcome the fear of builder:

You do not become the owner of your flat unless you overcome the fear of builder - Dr. Vishwas Chavan at Coaching Classes for Puen Flat Buyers

Fear rules Pune real estate market.

Fear of property price rise motivates you to buy a home you can not afford to buy.

Fear of not being able to own a home compels you to offer your family for exploitation.

Fear of powerful builder lobby forces you to pay illegal car parking charges, exorbitant MSEB - society formation - maintenance charges.

Fear of builder makes you suffer financially even if the project is delayed.

Fear of builder's gundas prevents you from filing an FIR against the builder.

Result is the builder never does the conveyance - hands over the ownership rights of the buildings & of the plot to your co-operative housing society - and you just remain builder's tenant for life. You keep on paying EMI for the property you really do not own.

While leading flat buyers of Palladium Grand at Dhanori, Dr. Vishwas Chavan realized that - getting over the fear of builder is the only way to become the true owner of flat.

Certainly, it was a huge challenge to overcome the fear of builder who was Gaon Gunda. A builder who has already beaten the residents. A builder whose relatives were local corporators. A builder who has local police in his pocket. A builder who has good relations with municipal authorities. A builder who has blatantly violated development rules & environmental clearances.

And most important, the flat buyers of Palladium Grand have become accustomed to live in fear.

But Dr. Vishwas removed the fear. The flat buyers of Palladium Grand became fearless. They stood for their rights. And, now, they are on the way to become owners of their flats & their society.

Like the flat buyers of Palladium Grand you do not have to suffer.

Now, you can learn how to get over the fear of builder before booking a flat and refuse to pay infrastructure charges.

Now, you can learn how to overcome the fear of builder at the time of flat possession - if there is no completion & occupancy certificate.

Now, you can learn how to get over the fear of builder even if you have recently taken possession and paying exorbitant water charges.

Now, you can learn how to get over the fear of builder even if - for years - your builder has not formed society and avoided conveyance.

Now, everyone
- who has booked a flat,
- who is about to get flat possession,
- who is occupying his flat for years
- can learn to get over fear of builder.
Can become a true owner of his flat & society.
Can earn property appreciation.


By joining Dr. Vishwas Chavan's lecture on this Sunday, 7th August 2016, at 4 pm.

Yes! At Coaching Classes for Pune Flat Buyers at Hotel Deccan Park on F C Road opposite Vaishali, in "How to deal with a builder" Dr. Vishwas is going to teach you how to overcome a fear of builder!

To register, please, WhatsApp your name and email id to 91 98600 44110.

Yes, register today!


Because the seats are limited.

In this 3 hour session - from 4 pm to 7 pm - you will not only learn about how to get over the fear of builder and how to deal with a builder but you can discuss your issues with Dr. Vishwas too.

If you feel like Dr. Vishwas should address your flat buyers group or society members - you can fix an appointment.

If you wish to appointing Dr. Vishwas as your coach - to guide - train and mentor of your fight against the builder - you can book him too!

So, register today, learn to get over the fear of builder, become a true owner of your flat.

Your children will be proud of you!

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  1. Buyers should remember these 2 simple rules :

    Rule 1 : Buyer, if decides, he has all the power not just to fight against crook builder but also emerge victorious. Several recent cases have shown this how big builders were brought to knees once buyers took legal action against such builders.

    Rule 2 : Don't forget rule 1.

    And here is something more good things done by current Govt for benefit of flat buyers. We all know why previous Govt was not interested in acting against dacoit builders.

    For harassed home buyers, Maharashtra govt's FIR diktat offers hope but builders wary :

    The order as of now puts tremendous power in the hands of consumers. After the RERA coming into force, consumers are finding strength to raise their voice collectively against violation of all kinds. Now, this directive empowers consumers even further, with the right to book a developer who is a falterer.


    People who plan to buy under-construction flat should read these news of Pune :

    Balewadi slab collapse: PMC to stop work at all sites of Pride Purple firm

    The PMC has also suspended the registration of the construction firm, architect Pradeep Kosumbikar and Structural Engineer Hansal Parekh and associates in PMC.


    Balewadi slab collapse: Main accused still on the run, search on :


    Now all flat buyers will be stuck, not just Pride Xpress but Park Street, Pride World City etc. Builder is banned, license cancelled, stop work order & to make matters worse, builders Arvind Jain, Shravan Agarwal (Chorwal) & others have fled & gone under-ground. Maybe other crook builders like LK Jain, Goel Ganga, Mittal, Bhujbal will jump in for their defense ! Seems Pride Purple buyers now need to file FIR against these missing dacoits in Balewadi, Wakad, Charholi Police station.

    This is why buyers should buy ready for possession flat with all approvals or stay on rent.

    1. Cheap material caused Balewadi building wreck :

      Cops now focussing on how sub-standard material was commissioned, examining role of PMC officers in mishap.


      This is another reason to avoid buying under-construction flat.

  2. What are the NOC charges that the 2nd time buyer has to pay in townships and can township builder sell parking to 2nd time buyer again?

    1. Enigma,
      NOC charges depends on mood of builder ! Some builders charge few tens of thousands rupees, some charge some percentage on profit, if made by investor/hoarder. However, there are some townships where builders charge 'One Time Maintenance' again from the second flat buyer. So if first buyer has paid 3.5L & he sells it to second buyer, the builder will again ask 3.5L as maintenance or if current maintenance charges is say 5L, then he will take 5L. So for 1 flat, maintenance amount is charged twice & since maintenance with most townships is with builders, it's the builder who enjoys this money.
      Townships like Megapolis which are on MIDC Hinjewadi land need NOC from MIDC as well & this is given only if the new buyer is working in same MIDC. Don't know if any changes have been made to this recently though.

      Parking, if is mentioned in the agreement (which is the case for flats sold before 2010) is automatically transferred to new owner. After 2010, as per Supreme Court, parking can't be sold so it was allotted by builder. If parking is already allotted to existing flat buyer, the same gets transferred to new owner. However, it is better to get it verified from a property lawyer as it also depends on agreement between builder & his flat buyers in terms of parking.

    2. The question is how can a builder charge NOC/maintenance charge again when it is already been paid? For parking, clause in agreement should be to auto transfer to new buyer; there no question about it. Is there any regulator to form/monitor all these rules. isn't it bullshit.

    3. When money involved is black/cash, from where will law come in place ? The buyer too is equally responsible for it. Builder asks money in cash & buyer pays.
      Heck, I have seen builders who said that if VAT payment is made in cash, they will offer 30-40% discount ! This simply means that the VAT demand letters which most of the builders sent to buyers who bought flat before Apr 2010 were with fake calculations & under the name of VAT, builders earned crores of rupees as not all the money was transferred to Govt. Several regular crook builders were not even giving receipts to buyer.
      How do you think a chap moving around in Maruti800 buys a BMW, Range Rover etc in 2-2.5 years ?

    4. TheMonk seems like your views are also changed. You were very optimistic about chaywala. Gov is bringing rera, benami and bla bla ..My view is all govs are same. They work for business community not for aam admi.
      But when money is in black/cash what does ITax and ED dept do? When a some1 withdraws huge amt in cash why these people can't keep close watch. If some1 buys luxurious car/huge amt of gold in cash why these people don't question them? Is it so difficult to keep track.
      I am pointing towards a regulatory body. Why thr is no1 to check all this bullshit.

    5. Not at all Enigma, my views are not changed.
      We need to understand that land is state subject & not central.
      And the way builders are going bankrupt itself shows how black money has been curbed. You can't take out black money stashed in past decades in just 2 years. Did any minister of the level like Chaggu Armstrong was thrown in jail till date ? Benaami bill has become an act this week. Indiabulls was raided, multiple builders in Nagpur were raided.

      And the latest GST, do read this news :

      The GST impact: How this tax will curb black money :

      In real estate, a sector which absorbs and generates maximum amount of black money, the uniform tax structure will improve tax compliance by developers, local builders, property dealers, investors and occupiers. The mandatory paper trail that GST will create will go a long way in improving tax compliance.


      Atleast appreciate the efforts Enigma. It is no joke that money stashed in Swiss bank has fallen by 33% when it was only increasing every year in previous Govt.
      Please understand that even if 9 women come together, they can't deliver baby in 1 month !

    6. Money stashed in swiss is decreased but where it has gone ... it has came back thro Mauritius and Singapore route back here. Dear I m nt blind follower I voted to see some action, so until I see results I won't appreciate. 9 women story is totally different, it's a God's act u and me can't interfere into it.
      Regarding Armstrong, who was behind him, any child from chawl can tell. in another reply u mentioned about thug, who is supporting thug.
      I haven't read any news of raids in mumbai. What abt lodha, hiranandani.

    7. Well, I don't want to make this political forum but want to tell you lot of things are happening which are not covered by media, neither is everything informed to media. Btw, having a corruption free Govt itself is a big achievement, isn't it ?

      "it's a God's act u and me can't interfere into it."
      - Similarly, we have constitution & laws, which are being repealed, changed. GST was classic eg.

      "I haven't read any news of raids in mumbai. What abt lodha, hiranandani."

      - Lot of things are not mentioned in media but here are some recent ones which you may have missed -

      I-T officials raid Indiabulls offices pan India :


      Regulator asks ED to probe complaints against Lodha firm :


      Now lets get back to Pune real estate.

    8. Dear Monk who knows that current government is corruption free. Recently there are many allegations on ministers in state government. Nagpuri pidda had maid public comment that "kha pan jara japun ani thod thod kha".
      About central government corruption it will take some time to come out in public. Lets wait and watch.
      The big joke is that naidu has been made urban development minister.
      I actually doubt whether u understood difference between God's act and human act.constition and laws r formed by humans its in the hands of human. Ham logo ko adat hai sab chij bhagwan pe chod de ne ki, jaise bacche bhagwan ki den hai chalo paida karate hai. Churchill had said angiously
      Indians r expert in breeding like rat and had stopped providing medicines for diseased.
      U know how much time gst took. This gst was introduced first around 2009. Chayawala was first cm to oppose this bill. Sounds funny isn't it?
      I think there r only 2 builders in mumbai, so only 2 raids. Hirandanis powai project is big fraud. Thug is involved in all such project.
      If u r a RSS member can u pls ask the nagpuri pidda and chaywala to maintain their personal relationship with thug at personal level please don't bring it in public we aren't fool, how long we can b fool, hushaaaa!!

  3. Hubtown builder (earlier called as Ackruti city ltd) has gone bankrupt & bank is auctioning off his projects.
    This same crook builder has a project at Katraj-Kondhwa, Hubtown Countrywoods. Wonder what will be fate of his flat buyers now. This is another reason why not to buy under-construction flat.

    Pay Rs 52 cr or face a(u)ction: Bank to ex-MCHI chief :


    Builders & hoarders have another reason to panic now as benaami law has been passed today alongwith GST. This will further curb black money in real estate.

    Parliament on Tuesday passed a law to curb undisclosed money, particularly in real estate, the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Bill, stiffening a 1988 enactment.