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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Visit Whitefield at Sus

Water at Whitefield!

Mr. Vikas Jadhav, Site Engineer, Whitefield at Sus

On 1st December 2015, the day of the launch, when I visited the site of Whitefield at Sus, the borewell digging machine was pulling out the rods from the ground. Mr. Vikas Jadhav, the site engineer, told me that he had found water. At nearly 250 feet. But he went deeper. For a larger source. Nearly 3 inches.

You know? All this happened in the shortest period of time. The ground water diviner performed pooja in the morning. Identified 2 points. We dug & found water at both. Decided to explore this one deeper. Found good source. And now, before the sunset, we are finished. Mr. Jadhav told me.

Good for you! I said.

Yes! Good for the construction. Good for the residents. Mr. Jadhav said.

Yes! And how is the soil? Pointing at the inspection pits all over the site, I asked.

Soil is good. In some parts it is better. Mr. Jadhav said.

What is the meaning of good & better. I asked.

Good means where we have to go deeper. Better means where we don't have to go so deep. You know? Going deeper increases the cost of construction! Mr. Jadhav said.

You are a positive person. Good to know that you will be incharge of this project. I said.

It's team work. No individual can take credit. Mr. Jadhav said.

Yes! In that team - I hope - you consider the property buyers too! I said.

Yes. Of course. Mr. Jadhav said.

How right he was. When you book a flat - actually - you invest in the venture - you become a venture investor - stakeholder - co-owner. Right?

Water Found! Bore Well Drilling Machine -  Visit Whitefield at Sus
Test Pits for Soil Explorations - Visit Whitefield at Sus
Test Pits for Soil Explorations - Visit Whitefield at Sus
Test Pits for Soil Explorations - Visit Whitefield at Sus
Soil Explorations - Visit Whitefield at Sus
Site of Whitefield & Under Construction Buildings in Pate Developers' Life Montage - Visit Whitefield at Sus
Site of Whitefield & Under Construction Buildings in Pate Developers' Life Montage - Visit Whitefield at Sus
Test Pits for Soil Explorations - Visit Whitefield at Sus
Pandal at Site - Visit Whitefield at Sus
Site of Whitefield & Under Construction Buildings in Pate Developers' Life Montage - Visit Whitefield at Sus
Whitefield on Proposed 60 M Wide Road to Lavale - Hinjewadi -  Visit Whitefield at Sus, 
Whitefield on Proposed 60 M Wide Baner Hinjewadi Lavale Road - Visit Whitefield at Sus

To know more about Whitefield at Sus, please, contact:

Akhil Honalikar, Kedar Vanjape Developers Pvt. Ltd. www.kvdl.in
Mobile : +91 99223 88333 Office Phone: 020 2553 8833 / 2553 8844

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. The picture which I liked here is the second last one, sunset light captured with trees in front. Apart form this, frankly, the photos of neighborhood are almost nothing.
    Since, you put the photos, I remember seeing that under-construction building at same stage near Whitefield while going to farm house owned by my friend's family at Sus somewhere in early September. It's now I came to know it's Life Montage. I zoomed in the photo and didn't see any workers here despite being working day on 1st Dec, looks just like one of several projects in city where hardly any work is progressing. This area is very secluded and quite unsafe. While coming back at night, we came in convoy of 4 cars but it's certainly risky if driving alone and even more riskier if on bike.
    This coverage of other project at Sus has covered neighborhood much clearly, lot of photos. Area is just like any other typical Indian village - without any infrastructure.


  3. Ravi is title is clear of property

    1. Hey, thanks for the link. This means what Tapan said earlier about Windows group is correct. Would like to see how this case spans out.

      @ Kedar V,

      Can you please let us know your stand on the said legal notice issued to you ?

  4. Hi!! actually i had cleared my stand in Ravi's FB post but i would like to do it on this forum too.. I am ready to discuss this issue in any public platform you wish to! We have seen the so called caution notice and have replied to the concerned lawyer in the right possible way! About the public notice reflected on the windows website, if u have any legal knowledge, the public notice was given by our lawyer for the purpose of checking of our own title for bank loan and nowhere is there any mention of so called sale or even discussion about it! I am surprised how it came onto the website of windows?? This way, by collecting the public notices from and news papers and putting on their websites as their own, they can own at least half the pune city and even take bookings too!! My simple question to u was," did u see any ownership related document when u booked with windows people?" And I haven't received any answer to it! And if u visit my office, I am in a position to show u or your lawyer ( not the bank's) every ownership document u require!! By the way, u don't trust the bank APFs, title clearance certificates, sanctioned plans, NA orders but u go ahead and feel safer to book a flat with those who don't have any relevant document in this world! What an irony!! And with my experience of 14 years in real estate , if whitefield is not legally safe for u then I am sure u would never be able to get a single flat in pune which is safe!! i have gone ahead and devlared the possession of whitefield on 1 st Dec 2018 and that too legally in agreement with a penalty clause and i would not be doing this mistake if i was no confident about the project's title! i am still ready to discuss any legal issue with any neutral legal expert on any platform and it is just for those genuine people who are worried about the safety of their hard earned money.

  5. hi
    There are two things in promotion
    1. Fix Posession date
    2. Price Garuntee
    Will both thigs be in your agreement how you will ensure second condition