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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What can property buyers do when builder delays project?

Flat Buyers Should Takeover the Delayed Project &
Complete It On Their Own - Mr. Kedar Vanjape:

Actually, I had gone to see Mr. Kedar Vanjape to know about his upcoming Nisarg Srishti - 110 Fully Sanctioned N A Bungalow Plots Project near Shirwal on Mumbai Bangalore Highway.

But instead of that I asked him,  "Kedar saheb, what can property buyers do when builder delays project by a couple of years and may not be able to complete it - for a few more months?"

"Flat buyers should takeover the project & complete it on their own!," Mr. Kedar said.

"Is it possible?," I said.

"Yes. It's unique solution. But it's practical solution. It's simple solution," Mr. Kedar said.

"You say as if it's easy!," I said.

"Yes. It's easy. See, in real estate business - constructing & completing project is an easy task - procuring land, designing right kind of a floor plan, getting sanctions & approvals are tough tasks, " Mr. Kedar said.

"Wait...wait let me video record you - what you say will save lives of thousands of families - they must hear you. Can I?," I said.

Mr. Kedar gave his consent and let me video record him.

Of course, Mr. Kedar Vanjape didn't know that he was talking to 3,000 flat buyers in 3 Hubtown Ltd projects - Ackruti Hubtown Countrywoods Kondhwa Pune, Ackruti Hubtown Greenwoods Thane, & Ackruti Hubtown Gardenia Mira Road.

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  1. Ravi Sir, we booked nearly completed flat in October 2014, got Registration to Assignment in December 2014. We were promised possession by Feb 2015 as the flat was ready internally. The REgistration document mentions possession 2nd half quarter of 2015. It's October 2015 and still the external ork is not completed and builder doesnot give us Possession.
    To add to this on measuring we came to know that the carpet area given to us is less 43 Sqft than that mentioned. When told to builder his lawyer says that carpet area is to be measured without plaster thickness and tiling. So we filed a complaint in Legal Meterology Department but there is still no hope. And now the builder harasses us that he will not give us possesion. So despite paying him 95% of amount, staying on Rent past 1 year, we are guilty of questioning and asking the builder. Undri, Pune.

    1. Sorry, to hear it all, Tasneem. Please, tell me what are you doing for possession? What is your action plan? Are you afraid to quote the name of the builder & the project?