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Friday, February 7, 2014

Welcome to the Age of the Upgrade!

Be Selfish!

Whenever an old friend or a relative meets me, he requests for a tip on investment opportunities in Pune real estate market. Except my cousin Sunil. Sunil has never asked me. We never talked about properties or property prices in Pune!

True, since I have started blogging on Pune real estate market, Sunil hasn't purchased or invested in a property. So what? People love to talk about property. As much as people love to talk about cricket. Even those who don't play cricket or invest in property love to talk about it. Particularly when you meet an expert!

If Sunil had just showed curiosity about my Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog and my 3 minutes free advise on 919860044110, I would have felt good. I would have been sure that Sunil recognizes my authority and expertise.

When Sunil's nonrecognition became unbearable, I decided to take initiative. One day, I started talking about some newly launched projects in Pune. And you know what? Sunil showed interest!

"Glad to know that you are interested in investing in real estate!," I said. Yes, I avoided to say - How desperate I was for your recognition, Sunil!

"No! I am not interested in investing in property. I am interested in investing myself. Is there any better investment option than me?," said Sunil.

"Certainly not! You are the best, Sunil!," I said. Yes, I avoided to say - When will you accept that I am also as good as you are? Sunil, when will you accept that achieving a status of an authority on Pune real estate - is a big achievement!

"Now, I want to upgrade my lifestyle. I want to buy a better home for me," said Sunil.

"Done! How many BHKs? What is your budget? Any preferred location?," desperate to demonstrate my expertise, I asked.

"Come on! Again you are talking about property! You can do better than this. Mr. Ravi Karandeekar, help me to upgrade my lifestyle - help me to upgrade my home - don't talk like 'property adviser' - think like 'the lifestyle up-gradation expert' - I am a selfish man. I want to upgrade me! I have a one point program - 'Be Selfish - Keep on Upgrading Yourself'!," said Sunil. Click to Read More


  1. If you want to upgrade your lifestyle, then move to East Pune. I am still unable to understand why the fringe villages of West Pune have such high property values. Wakad, Hinjwadi , Balewadi are still not habitable by any standards. All the best hang outs, malls, hotels, hospitals etc are on the East. Yet we see people flocking to the west !!!

  2. Hi Ravi,
    Have you had any time to visit MontVert Oysteria in wakad. They are quoting a rate of 4700 for a no frill society and compact 2 BHK 970 sq feet. I could not find any reviews about this project anywhere on the internet.

  3. Avoid PridePurple... This guy shows BMW and gives you Nano...technically same specs.
    Has 4 wheels, steering wheel, runs on petrol, 5 passengers.

    Nano bhi leakage aur seepage waali milegi... Don't go on ambiance or sample flat.