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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Rohan Kritika - Aam Khao Ped Na Gino

Review of Rohan Kritika, 2 BHK 3 BHK & 4 BHK Flats next to Pu La Deshpande Udyan, Sinhagad Road, Pune:

Site Office of Rohan Kritika Sinhagad Road Pune
Site Office of Rohan Kritika Sinhagad Road Pune

When I visited Rohan Kritika, I had 2 questions in my mind.

One was mine and the other question was of a builder - who has a project on Sinhagad Road. This builder wanted to know - why was Rohan Builders asking for Rs. 8,500 per sq.ft. when his property rate was only Rs. 6,500 per sq.ft.? This builder was curious to know why were people ready to pay 2,000 rupees more to Rohan Builders than the average rate of a good property on Sinhagad Road.

Comparatively, my question was simple. It was about Rohan Builders' advertising strategy.

Usually, you know, Rohan Builders' advertising is based on the USP - "Unique Selling Point" - Unique Selling Proposition. For example, Rohan Tarang Wakad - No Facing Windows - Privacy Guaranteed. Rohan Leher Baner - Well Ventilated Apartments - Air Supply Now Performing at Rohan Apartments. Rohan Ishan Bavdhan - Sunlight - Well Lit Homes.

But Rohan Kritika had no USP. Only a pompous claim - Fine Art, Meet Architecture. And a stupid statement - As an artist, Rembrandt would have approved. As a home owner, he would have moved in.

And you know what was the most foolish stuff? As an example of "Fine Art" there were digital images - which were reminding of Rohan Mithila Viman Nagar. Since there were no floor plans on the website, I felt that Rohan Kritka was a digital recycle art- not a fine art. I found it all disgusting and insulting and posted a blog "Photo Dekho Aur Paisa Feko"

So, when I visited the site on a Sunday afternoon, I was curious to know what Rohan Kritika was all about.

View Rohan Kritika, 2 BHK 3 BHK & 4 BHK Flats next to Pu La Deshpande Udyan, Sinhagad Road, Pune in a larger map

Good for Polygamous. Bad for Monogamous.:

Surprisingly, there was a queue! However, Mr. Vaibhav Jathar, Marketing Manager, (96650 55041), saw me and came out of the cabin. Vaibhav requested me to have a look at the sample flat till he finished with the current enquiry.

The sample flat at Rohan Kritika was of a 4 BHK Flat. A security guard not only took me to the sample flat but went on explaining the planning! He told me about unique feature of flats in Rohan Kritika - A Front Sit Out - Aangan kind of a space at the entrance of a flat. Not only that, he even told me how 3 BHK & 2 BHK Flats would be.

"How come you know so much about the planning?," I asked him.

"I keep on listening what managers talk!," said the security guard.

"It would have been better if your advertising agency had done the same thing!," I said to myself.

Soon, I realized that the security was almost perfect. Mr. Vaibhav came with his current enquiry. While he was explaining the planning, I followed them all over the sample flat and went on listening.

Since there are no plans available on the website, I don't see any point in talking about the planning of Rohan Kritika. However, let me tell you that half part of a 4 BHK Flat - a front sit out + living + dining + kitchen - is good. In fact, very good.

But a master bedrooms of the 4 BHK Flat in Rohan Kritika is not good for me - who has only one wife. For me, double-bed is enough to seep with my one wife. So, I prefer a bedroom which has little more length than the width. I prefer 12 feet x 15 feet bedroom.

However, if you need a triple-bed to sleep with your 2 wives, then you may like 11'6" x 20'10" master bedroom of a 4 BHK Flat in Rohan Kritika.

The Whole Truth:

Without "Front Sit Out - Aangan kind of a space at the entrance of a flat" - 2 BHK (550 Carpet with living cum dining & 863 Carept with separate dining space - for Rs. 81 to 165 Lakhs), 3 BHK (1125 / 1135 Carpet + Terrace - for Rs. 170 to 208 Lakhs), & 4 BHK (1559 / 1566 Carpet + Terrace - for Rs. 202 to 260 Lakhs) Flats in Rohan Kritika are as bad as / as good as any flat in any project on Sinhagad Road and in entire Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad.

"No wonder the builder on Sinhgad Road was unhappy about the property prices at Rohan Kritika!," I said to myself.

For a moment, I stopped listening to the conversation between Vaibhav and his enquiry and I tried to visualize the scene this builder had told me.

Standing in front of a mirror, this builder slaps his face and asks his wife - "My planning is as bad as Rohan Kritika - why am I selling it for 2,000 rupees less? Tell me - Why? Why?"

"What did your wife say? Did she try to stop you?," I had asked him, when he told me about this private moment of agony.

"No! She didn't say anything or the bitch never tried to stop me! You know? She knows nothing about real estate. But, Ravi Karandeekar knows all about Pune real estate - you tell me 'why'," the builder had said.

"I think your wife knows all. She knows what you do to your property buyers," I had said.

"What do I do? I give them homes," said the builder.

"Yes. But you do more than that. You do to them - what you are supposed to do - only - to her," I said.

"Fxxx you," said the builder. For him that was an end of the topic. But not for me. I was still trying to find an answer. Why do people pay premium property rate to Rohan Kritika?

6 Acre Box of Cement Concrete:

Rohan Kritika, next to P. L. Deshpande Udyan, Sinhagad Road, Pune Image Master Plan 5
Rohan Kritika, next to P. L. Deshpande Udyan, Sinhagad Road, Pune Image Master Plan 5

I came out of the sample flat. I liked the site office of Rohan Kritika. It was spacious and well designed. It had number of sitting spaces. All were occupied by visiting property buyers. I took a snap and posted it on the Facebook. But I realized that I was more interested in observing the buyers than shooting photos of the office and the sample flat of Rohan Kritika. So, I went on observing visiting property buyers from every angle.

At the same time, I went on talking to myself. Now, I have seen the floor plans. I know that Rohan Kritika is like a box. A 6 acre box of cement concrete. Which will have 2 level basement parking + 6 floors for the flats. Amenities will be in the center of the box.

From Sinhagad Road, one can straight away walk in into this box. As soon as he will step in - he will see the swimming pool and the landscape in the center of the cement concrete box. He can not see the club house because it is hidden under the landscape.

For the cars - there is a separate driveway on the both sides of the cement concrete box. After parking the car, one will take a lift and go to his flat on the particular floor of the cement concrete box.

I know that at this point of time, out of 380 some 190 flats are opened for booking. And as per Vaibhav, some 100 flats are already booked. It means that, for these hundred people Rohan Kritika is a box of chocolates. Mouth watering chocolates which they just grabbed & gulped down. Why? Why did they find it so irresistible? Why didn't they hesitate to take a quick decision? I went on thinking.

Aam Khao Ped Na Gino:

Vaibhav finished with his enquiry and called me in. He said sorry for not having a proper brochure, opened his presentation and started explaining the project. After sometime, I said, "Please, stop. Do not waste your time on me. I have almost understood your project. See how many people are anxiously waiting to meet you. Answer my questions and we are done!"

Thank god! Vaibhav was honest and to the point. He told me about Rohan Kritika but I got answer to question - why people pay premium property price and book a flat without any hesitation with Rohan Builders.

Answer was "Aam Khao Ped Na Gino". Means, not only in advertising but in one to one presentation also, Rohan Builders' complete focus is on property. Vaibhav and the other sales managers - Mr. Suresh Nair, Mr. Manoj Joshi & all - who are with Rohan Builders for a long time - nearly 10 years - explain the project in detail to every visiting property buyer. At the end of presentation, you are convinced that Rohan's flat is the fruit of lot of thinking, planning, detailing. And what you are going to book is almost a perfect property. These guys are well trained to keep your focus on the flat. On the "Aam".

Result is, while booking a flat in Rohan Builders' project you never feel that there is any risk involved. Though, you are completely aware that 'builders & promoters' - 'real estate development company' - is a criminal enterprise.

A crime is / could be committed at every stage of real estate business - while procuring land, in project planning, getting sanctions and approvals, in buying construction materials, in construction process, giving possession of the property.

When I say 'crime', it is not only a crime as per criminal code - crime also means 'sin' - 'pap'. Moral - ethical - crime. For example, recently, when one builder lost his life in a road accident - one of my builder friend said - "What else can you expect? Farmers' "Curse - Bad'Dua"! When you exploit the farmers - children of Bhumata - mother land - she recovers the price by taking your life!"

As far as I remember, only at the time of launch of Rohan Garima in Shivaji Housing Society on Senapati Bapat Road, Rohan Builders talked about themselves. After Garima, Rohan joined hands with Aniruddha Deshpande (City Development Corporation) and launched '1 Modi Baug'. Aniruddha, I believe, taught Rohan the benefits of focusing on 'Aam' - on product - on property.

However after '10 Kasturi Kunj', Rohan Builders adopted "David Ogilvy" and won the property buyers' hearts by USP based advertising for their projects in Bangalore. This strategy helped them to get notices in Bangalore where they were unknown. At the same time, at Pune - where Rohan Builders 'associations and affiliations' were known - the same "David Ogilvy" inspired the property buyers to "Aam Khao Ped Na Gino".

Against this, look what other builders in Pune do!

The other builders in Pune, talk about 'building a brand' - but give least importance to their product - the property they offer and the service they provide. Result is at every step - they remind you that - you are dealing with a criminal enterprise.

No wonder, the builder on Sinhagad Road doesn't understand - why people are ready to pay 2000 rupees premium to Rohan Builders. And a blogger like Ravi Karandeekar, who doesn't count the risk of dealing with a criminal enterprise, keeps on wondering - why does someone - who have only one wife - book a 4 BHK Flat in Rohan Kritika!

What say you?

Doesn't the fear of dealing with a criminal enterprise hold you back from taking a decision of booking a flat?

Ultimately, when your 'fear of not becoming a home owner' becomes more frightening than 'the fear of dealing with a criminal enterprise', you book a flat. Mostly, not so good flat of a not that good builder. But, you never tell it to anyone. Right?

Please, share your views & experiences in the comments.

Contact Rohan Kritika:

Mr. Vaibhav Jathar,
Manager - Marketing,
96650 55041

Pune Office: 020 4140 4140

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  3. Don't you agree a big swimming pool is USP?
    Is there any project with this much big pool in pune?

  4. Good insight review, will help many home buyers like me who are unaware of the strategies and make wrong decision's

  5. I've been blogging for years and I find my most controversial, outspoken, raw posts get the most eyeballs. It's hard to keep it short sometimes... and I agree with the bolding and shortening of paragraphs. Definitely reader friendly.
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  9. This is best project on Sinhagad road, Ravi are you insane to compare two wife`s with 4bhk , what would you say about having a farmhouse ----only if you have a mistress.........,Please be mature ,I think you only promote projects who pay you after first three minutes of consulting........

    1. Dear Vicky! I thought you are only interested in Xrbia. No. You are interested in Ravi Karandeekar. That's good. Vicky, it happens. In the beginning, some take time to understand my style. Don't worry. Eventually, you will find your above comment unnecessary. Keep visiting. Keep commenting. I love you too!

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  11. Hi Ravi,
    I have been staying near P L deshpande garden since 2009. The current market rate at any property near P L Deshpande garden is 8000+. I checked almost whole sinhgad road and karvenagar kothrud. 6500 i guess is only available beyond dhayari. May be Madhukosh offers at that rate. From P L deshpande garden to Madhukosh its 4 km distance. I would not agree to 2000 more than other builders. Even Shimmer and Shine is not offering at 6500. Let me know if any builder is offering flats near P L Deshpande garden at 6500 rate, i would like to book one ;-)

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  12. Hi Ravi, I dud not understand"criminal enterprise" Do you mean to say that Rohan builders are criminal enterprise or all real estate business is criminal? If it applies to only Rohan, I beg you to enlighten me. I have booked a flat and waiting for agreement to be signed. Appreciate early reply. Thanks in advance.S.K.Joshi