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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Maple Group's New Corporate Office Inaugurated

From 70 sq.ft. to 7,000 sq.ft. Office:

Mr. Ashok Agarwal & Mr. Sachin Agarwal at the inauguration of Maple Group's Corporate Office
Mr. Ashok Agarwal & Mr. Sachin Agarwal at the inauguration of Maple Group's Corporate Office

On 31st August 2013, Maple Group (www.mapleshelters.com) inaugurated their corporate office at City Square, behind 'The Pride Hotel', at Shivaji Nagar, Pune 411 005.

Maple Group, you know, is well-known for affordable housing. Launch of their 'Aapla Ghar Housing Colony' projects, in February 2013, at Chakan on Pune Nashik Road and Sanaswadi, Ranjangaon & Shikrapur on Pune Nagar Road was a big hit - 600 bookings in a week!

Now, Aapla Ghar is also available at Lonikand & Talegaon Dhamdhere on Nagar Road & Kirkatwadi on Sinhagad Road.

Mr. Sachin Agarwal, Chairman & Managing Director, Maple Group, called and invited me for the inauguration, as he always invites me for the launch of his every project.

At the launch of Maple Woodz, I met Sachin for the first time. Mr. Kapil Gandhi, M. D., Sigma One Landmarks Pvt. Ltd. Developers of Grand Stand at Kothrud introduced us. I was already a big fan of Kapil. That day, I became a big fan of Sachin too.

Although both of them are at two opposite ends of the property market - Kapil is in premium housing - Sachin is in compact affordable housing - there is a similarity between them. Both believe in professionalization of real estate business.

So, when Sachin Agarwal invited me for the inauguration of his 'corporate office', I did take it seriously. Otherwise, for me every builder & developer - construction company - is a father & sons' shop -yes, even it is a public limited company listed on Bombay Stock Exchange. For me, Maple Group's corporate office means - Sachin's one additional step towards professionalization.

To make sure, I reached Sachin's 'Corporate Office' on time, I decided to confirm the location. On my way to Sakhar Sankul, I turned in the lane opposite Handmade Paper Institute and stood admiring preparations at City Square, Corporate Office of Maple Group.

Oh God! Sachin caught me in the crowd staring at his office. I didn't have any choice but to greet him. I told him that I will finish with Maharashtra Times Property Show and come over in the evening. But Sachin Agarwal invited me to have a first look at his office when there was less crowd.

And you know what? I went in to have a quick look but I was in Maple Group's Corporate Office for a couple of hours. It's one of the best offices - builder's offices - I have ever seen. It's well designed, sophisticated, lavish and has the best view of Pune.

I am sure, this office will prove to be a good investment. Landlords and joint venture partners will be more than happy to join hands with Maple Group. Result is, Sachin Agarwal will launch a few more 'Aapla Ghar Housing Colony' projects. And those who have small budgets, will be able to own a home, at least, in Pune District.

Maple Group started their business from 70 sq.ft. office. So, obviously, this 7,000 sq.ft. office, will inspire Sachin to change the definition of affordable housing - from "a small size home in a small budget" to "a spacious home in a small budget." Because, like Sachin Agarwal, we also love big space.


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