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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fearless Society

Who is afraid of Kedar Vanjape?

Anant-Shilp at Bavdhan Budruk, Pune 411 021 - Society Meeting - Residents with Mr. Kedar Vanjape, M D, Dajikaka Gadgil Developers Pvt. Ltd. (DGDL)
Anant-Shilp at Bavdhan Budruk, Pune 411 021 - Society Meeting - Residents with Mr. Kedar Vanjape, M D, Dajikaka Gadgil Developers Pvt. Ltd. (DGDL)

Mr. Kedar Vanjape, M D of Dajikaka Gadgil Developers Pvt. Ltd., is not afraid of anybody. I knew that. That's why Mr. Kedar had invited me to 'society meeting' of AnantShilp at Bavdhan Budruk Pune 411021. Now, what all I wanted to know was - Are the property buyers afraid of Kedar? Like most of the property buyers in Pune are afraid of their builders!

Intentionally, I went late for the meeting. Stopped a few minutes outside the club house of AnantShilp. Expecting to hear hot arguments and high tempers. After all, in the first few months after possession, there are lots of teething troubles. Residents face lots of issues. Infrastructural services - water, power, drainage systems - don't work properly.

When I didn't hear any noise, for a moment, I thought that the meeting must be over. But Akhil,sales executive at DGDL, came out of the club house and welcomed me. I took the last chair. But Kedar invited me to sit next to him. Introducing me, Kedar said that I have invited Ravi Karandeekar because he enjoys the fight between 'builder and home buyers' and continued discussing the next point on list.

Society Owners:

The next point on the list was about some change in the club house which will keep it dry in the rainy season. Then they discussed about ban on smoking in the parking and common open spaces. Renting to foreign nationals. How to prevent stray dogs entering in the society. Speed breaker to prevent any mishap. Installing cable dish antennas on the terrace. How to keep amenity space clean. Appointing a coordinator - something like 'estate manager'.

In a few minutes, I realized that this meeting is a flop show. There are no two parties 'builder vs buyers'. No one is against each other. Kedar Vanjape, the builder is not a builder anymore. He is just the chief promoter of society. Who knows more and has executive powers. He is not the king. The residents are not his slaves. In fact, the residents have become owners. Owners who are concerned about every small detail of their society. Which they have listed out and were discussing today.

PMC Water and Completion - Occupancy Certificate:

In no time, all points on the list were discussed. Now, it was Kedar's tern to report. Kedar started with reminding all about the unique collective efforts of all 12 neighboring builders. He said, "You know - we all - have contributed to construct this road and that bridge on the river, to put PMC water line and drainage line. You know - 9 inch PMC water line - is already there - but, we are not yet getting PMC water. Of course, we have good water management system - which is working quite well. Still, I know - you all are anxious for PMC water."

Then Kedar explained his plan of action to get the water connection and completion - occupancy certificates - as early as - he can. The residents looked quite confident about Kedar's success in solving these complex - sensitive - issues.

The discussion was over. But not the meeting. The contractor had come. All residents were about to go out with him to finalize the speed breaker, so I requested them for a photo. A photo of fearless society.

What say you?
Do you know any builder - construction service provider - who, from booking to conveyance, meets - listens - talks - discusses - with the property buyers - on a regular basis? Do you know a society which is not afraid of the builder?
If yes, please, share your experiences in the comments.

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  1. Good to hear society members are so united. Important one is all know what they want from builder and they all agree on this agenda.

    People are much afraid from society management than builder.

    Looks like all IT family crowd and not rentals. otherwise who cares what happening with society.

    Thanks for sharing Ravi -

  2. To share good experience of builder, I would like to highlight Swayambhu Hills Society in Gangadham Area, Bibwewadi. I found Shah Promoters and his team very good in terms of helping in settling in new house. As you mentioned there will always be teething or major issues when you start living in new society. What is important is how the builder and his team help. It is also great to see how the builder is helping us in setting up our management team.