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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Groundbreaking Bhoomi Poojan of UrbanGram Chakan

Groundbreaking - Radical - Revolutionary - Trendsetting - Innovative - way of buying a home in Pune real estate market!

Mrs. & Mr. Nitin Kulkarni, Mrs. & Mr. Sachin Kulkarni performing Bhoomi Poojan of UrbanGram Chakan Pune with their mother
Mrs. & Mr. Nitin Kulkarni, Mrs. & Mr. Sachin Kulkarni performing Bhoomi Poojan of UrbanGram Chakan Pune with their mother

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On the rainy morning of Saturday, Sachin Kulkarni, M. D. of Vastushodh Projects Pvt. Ltd. (www.vastushodh.co.in) and developers of AnandGram (www.anandgram.co.in) & UrbanGram (www.urbangram.in), welcomed me at the site of UrbanGram Chakan.

Thanking me for sparing my valuable time, Sachin gave me a brief intro of the project and took me to the venue of Bhoomi Poojan. Taking my seat in the beautifully decorated pandal, I said, "This is too much - please, stop treating me like a VIP. After all, we are old friends!"

Till Mrs & Mr Sachin Kulkarni started performing Bhoomi Poojan, every member of his family proved that all of them are perfect hosts. So, I didn't notice that the pandal was almost house full until someone sitting at my table asked me, "I am in C. Which is yours?"

"I don't know!," I gave my favorite answer and asked him, "How did you find out about C?"

"I received the call. I went to the office. Since, i was amongst the first few - got the flat of my choice - in the C Building!," he said.

"But, why did you receive the call?," I asked.

"Because, I applied for a 2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs at UrbanGram Chakan in Vastushodh Gruhsandhi Yojana. After the scrutiny - my application was short listed - so, they called and allotted the flat!," he said.

"Lucky you!," I said and got up.

Pretending to be a photographer, I went to every table in the pandal. Introducing myself as, "C Building" and asking, "Yours?" Stopping only to take a call from my friend. Who wanted to book a flat. Coming out of a pandal, I asked him, "What is your budget?"

"Not much - say - 20," my friend said.

"Well - well! Now a days, if your budget is around 20 - 25 lakhs - you apply for a flat. After the scrutiny - if your application is short listed - you are allotted a flat - those who are allotted - are invited for the Boomi Poojan Ceremony - this is the new way of buying a property in Pune real estate market!," I told my friend.

"But - where to apply?," my friend asked.

"Good question! However, - when to apply - would have been better!," I said.

"OK. When to apply?," my friend said.

"May 2013!," I said and requested him to call me some other time. I needed sometime to accept that I was not the guest of honor at UrbanGram Chakan.

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