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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Visiting Sakal Property Showcase 2012

Amrut Runwal Group's "Runwal Universe" on University Road, Shivaji-Nagar, Pune - 4
Amrut Runwal Group's "Runwal Universe" on University Road, Shivaji-Nagar, Pune - 4

"Ravi, there is a bomb in your pocket which will explode at any point of time & you will die!," looking at my reports Doctor said.

"Surprising! I always thought that I am going to live forever!!," i said and requested my Doctor to study my reports once again.

"Be serious. Your heart may stop at any point of time. Your heart needs urgent repairs," my Doctor said and explained the further treatment.

After some convincing & negotiations, i managed to come out of his office on University Road. As planned, I crossed the road and went to the bus stop.

While I was waiting for the bus, Amrut Runwal Group's stalled commercial project Runwal Universe, on the opposite side of University Road, caught my eye. I felt sorry for Mr. Pradeep Runwal. Once upon a time, when he was dreaming of being a big builder, Mr. Runwal was my client. So, i avoided looking at Runwal Universe and started looking straight.

Oh God! Mantri Properties' office was across the road! One more member of failed real estate company in Pune - Mantri Housing. So, I started looking towards University end of the road.

Oh God! E Square!! Monument of one more builder, Mr. Kiran Ganatra - a visionary & a creative genius - who failed and almost vanished from Pune real estate market!

Then a long list of builders came to my mind who had gone down forever. All were small builders - father and sons / brothers / young first generation entrepreneur set-ups - like most of the real estate companies in Pune are - trying to become big players.

To become big, mostly these enterprising builders took some shortcut which turned into a death trap. Or while taking a big leap forward, some of these young builders got carried away and miserably fell on their faces. Some builders were betrayed by their partners. Some builders lost their lives in unfortunate road accidents. That's why i find it very funny when naive real estate investors believe in full page newspaper ads and glossy brochures and bet their only savings on these over-leveraged paper tigers who can vanish at any point of time.

Accepting the high mortality rate of the builders in risky real estate business, i started looking at Runwal Universe once again. My heart filled with love for Mr. Pradeep Runwal. Thinking big is not a crime, i told myself. Failure is not exactly an offence, i told myself. But stalled project & incomplete structure is almost a punishment for my ex-client. Now, at this point of time, thank god, i can do something about it, i thought.

To visit completed and operational Runwal Universe on University Road is my last wish, i told myself.

Now, there was no point in wasting time for the bus. I stopped a rickshaw. Told rickshawala to take me to Sakal Property Showcase 2012 at New Agriculture Ground at Range-Hills, near Sinchan-Nagar. As fast as he could.

"I am in a hurry. I may die at any point of time," i told the rickshawala.

"Me too!," the rickshawala said.


  1. Hi Ravi,

    Hope you are doing fine. And you will live long.

    Bytheway what is the update on the Sakal Property Showcase.

    Will you please update on the same?

  2. ravi u travel in bus and rickshaw? u must be having bmw or merc. hope your health is fine.

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  4. Well, that was the first article i read, though I was aware of this blog quite long time. Good one! I wish we all live longer,taller & stronger. :)

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