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Monday, May 7, 2012

Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) Wagholi Pune Opens Spot Scheme - from 7th May to 5th July 2012

One More Pre-launch Offer at Wagholi Pune!
Now, from "No Profit No Loss Organisation" -
Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) (www.awhosena.in)!!

Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) Wagholi Pune Project
Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) Wagholi Pune Project
Click to Visit Original Ad Published in The Times of India Pune

Kolte-Patil Developers, Are you selling 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Ivy Estate Wagholi at a loss?

Looking at the property prices of Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) (www.awhosena.in), which claims to be "No Profit No Loss Organisation", I started worrying about profit oriented builders in Wagholi, on Nagar Road, near Pune.

As per the Ad published in The Times of India, approximate cost - without any Escalation Costs, Parking, Stamp Duty, Registration, VAT & Service Tax - of A 2 BHK Flat of 900 sq.ft. in Wagholi Project of Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) (www.awhosena.in) costs Rs. 32.05 Lakhs. And a 2 BHK Flat of 1170 sq.ft. goes for Rs. 41.65 Lakhs.

Whereas, Ivy Estate, one of the largest township at Wagholi Pune, developed by one of the best and profit oriented builders in Pune, M/s Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. (www.koltepatil.com), sells a 2 BHK Flat of 900 sq.ft. for the all inclusive property price of Rs. 38 Lakhs and a 2 BHK Flat of 1160 sq.ft. for Rs. 45 Lakhs. Same about a 3 BHK Flat! Rs. 51 Lakhs for 1270 sq.ft. 3 BHK & Rs. 58 Lakhs for 1585 sq.ft. 3 BHK Flat.

If i add the size of the project, construction stage, payment terms and possession, property prices of profit oriented Ivy Estate Wagholi look more attractive than "No Profit No Loss" Wagholi Project of Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) (www.awhosena.in)

So, i feel like asking Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd., my dear profit oriented Pune builder, are you selling your properties at a loss? Are you "No Profit Only Loss" Listed Real Estate Company?

Related Stories:

1) Consumer body hints at ‘Adarsh-like scam’ in Army housing allotment in Panchkula

Haryana Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission has taken a stern view of the irregularities in allotments by Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) at its residential project at Sector 20 in Panchkula, and has said that “if enquired into deeply, this may again turn out to be another scam like Adarsh Society at Bombay”. (Click to Read More)

2) Two defense welfare societies under cloud

Even as the CBI probes the role of retired generals and politicians in the Adarsh housing society scam, two more complexes set up originally for the welfare of defence personnel and war widows in Navi Mumbai have now courted controversy.

The two societies—Raghunath Vihar Army Welfare Society (RVAWS), which has 534 flats in 13 multi-storey buildings in Kharghar's Sector 14; and the Army Welfare Society (AWS) Dara Enclave, which has 518 flats in 11 buildings and 38 row houses in Nerul's Sector 9—are housed on Cidco plots allotted at concessional rates. Their occupation certificates were granted in 2002 and 1995, respectively.

The Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) —a Delhi-based welfare society formed by serving defence personnel which constructed the complexes to provide low-cost housing to servicemen and war widows— has served legal notices on the managing committees of the two societies, asking them to refrain from violating regulations laid down by AWHO at the time of allotment.(Click to Read More)

3) RTI Activist Reveals Army Welfare Housing Organization( AWHO )Has Betrayed “By Approving Selling Of Flats To Civilians”!!

RTI Activist team has accessed documents which reveal that Houses meant for Ex-Defence Personnel are sold out to civilians and are causing major problems for residents, mostly senior citizens / war widows belonging to armed forces residing in Army Officers colony and represent interests of the majority of the ex-Defence residents of the Society built on MHADA leased land at concessional rates as a welfare measure of Defence personnel.

The housing was provided through Army Welfare Housing Organization whose aim is to provide “quality housing at affordable cost at no loss no profit basis” exclusively to serving / retired defence personnel and their widows. (Click to Read More)

4) TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2012

Pre-Launch Offer of 4 to 30 Lakh Homes at Pune


  1. This is a costly affair..what is the location in Wagholi..they have not mentioned it..

    1. Yes! Tough life. Not only for IT professionals working in Kharadi!!

  2. Mr Karandeekar,
    From your article it looks like you are suggesting that A.) The flats sold by AWHO are not cheap. B.) By posting selective articles suggesting that there is wide spread corruption in AWHO.

    You may have your take on AWHO, but have you ever visited any AWHO society?
    I am sure you are pretty much aware how private builders cheat when they say flat is xyz sqft. when in reality it is much less than that.

    Also private builders cheat on amenities and charge extra for car parking + amenities etc. whereas in case of AWHO it is one price.

    Just look at the Gurgaon Sector 49 Sonha road project i.e. Sishpal vihar done by AWHO. There is a playarea as big as a football ground left open.

    1. Dear Pal,

      I am more concerned about Pune builders and Pune property buyers. I do not want to suggest anything about AWHO.

      However, when i saw the ad, i searched Google and look what i found!

      It would have been better if you had shared positive info about AWHO without saying bad words about "private builders". Certainly, both of us know that by "private builders" - you don't mean Pune builders. These must be the builder in some other town. So, let me tell you a few things about Pune Builders.

      1) No. I haven't visited AWHO Project.

      2) Sorry. Pune builders don't cheat. You find the difference in areas, mostly because the actual working drawings & RCC drawings are not ready at the time of a launch of a project. What you see are "sell plans" which are nothing but conceptual drawings of the property. This is clearly mentioned on the brochure.

      If there is any difference in the areas mentioned in the agreement and the actual area of your ready for possession flat - Pune builders compensate for the difference.

      Does AWHO mentions carpet area in the brochure as well as in the agreement?

      On the website of AWHO, i saw the "Super Area" of Mysore Project!

      If you don't know the carpet area of your flat - how can you know whether you have received the area you have paid for?

      Please, post a link which mentions carpet area of the flat.

      3) Pune builders don't cheat on amenities. Sometimes they can't construct what they had planned. (!)

      Please, read the ad once again. Parking charges are extra.

      4) I couldn't visit "Gurgaon Sector 49 Sonha road project i.e. Sishpal vihar done by AWHO" project on their website. Please, share the link!

      Once again, please, keep in mind that, except a few fly by night operators, most of the Pune builders follow ethical business practices and the transactions are almost transparent. So, it's almost safe to invest in Pune real estate market.

    2. Yes. Its safe to throw your money in the abyss of pune real estate market. yes its transparent. you will see pictures of nice exotic plants, blonde beauties, smiling happy faces and ultra furnished flats in the brochures. indeed they are the imaginations and is expected that prospective buyer KNOWS that everything is "DP" based either amenity area, floor plan, layout plan and even approach road + water connection to your flat. it is expected that buyer knows everything, things are not communicated only if you're smart enough to ask. however you're charged with assumption that everything is upto the mark and as per "concept" making so deep holes in your pocket that titanic can sink in it, and when you get possession you're given many surprises that may HAUNT you for years.

  3. "Army Welfare Hosuing Association":

    It established for the welfare of Army personels only.

    Who says it is for the welfare of a common man.

  4. Mr Karandeekar,
    As per our knowledge The AWHO has purchased a land at wagholi,Pune of about 25 acres at the rate of 3 crore! per acre but actual rate of the land is 80 lakhs per acre from Shobha Developers.
    we can easily assume that some irregularity is there in AWHOs land transaction and this is the reason they are increasing the price of the flat.

  5. I am buying flat in AWHO. After a lot of research I found:

    - 4 BHK in AWHO has a store house, 4 rooms, 4 balconies, 4 bathrooms, a big hall, a big dining room and kitchen.
    - Size of flat is 1950 sq ft. Looks small area for 4 BHK but fact is around 1850 is the actual area which we get
    - If a developer in Pune is selling a flat for 2500 sqft then actual area is 1800 but in case of AWHO.... 1950 is chargeable area and we get 1850...
    - Moreover the maintainace and parking cost is very easy to digest
    - Go to hadapsar and look at awoho flats... I have never seen such a big clu house anywhere...

  6. Pleaes visit WWW.AWHOSENA.IN, this is the Official Website of AWHO, All Technical Brochures are available on it, including breakdown of areas !!!! Educate yourself all those who have any doubts about AWHO. Col Nalin Kishore, HQ AWHO, New Delhi.