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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tropica, Blessed Township at Ravet, PCMC, Pune 412 101

Yesterday evening, I visited "Tropica"!
Om Developers' upcoming township of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in Ravet.
In the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation limits.
Off Mumbai Bangalore Bypass.
Just after Pavana river.
Before Santosa Resort.
On Late Dadasaheb Sahasrabudhe Path.
After Sameer Lawns.

After a long time, at Tropica, i experienced good vibrations.
This is a blissful place.
Living in Tropica would be a joyful experience.
It was a divine experience for me,
who visits upcoming and under construction real estate projects everyday.
I realized how fortunate I am.
Visit Tropica.
For sure, you will feel the same!

View Om Developers' Tropica 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats on Mumbai Bangalore Bypass at Ravet in PCMC Pune 412101 in a larger map

Sameer Lawns on Mumbai Bangalore Bypass at Ravet PCMC

Late Dadasaheb Sahasrabudhe Path, Ravet, PCMC

Late Dadasaheb Sahasrabudhe Path in Ravet - PCMC starts from Mumbai Bangalore Bypass. Sameer Lawns is on the left.

View of Late Dadasaheb Sahasrabudhe Path

One of the few exclusive estates on Late Dadasaheb Sahasrabudhe Path, Ravet PCMC

One of the few exclusive estates on Late Dadasaheb Sahasrabudhe Path, Ravet PCMC

One of the few exclusive estates on Late Dadasaheb Sahasrabudhe Path, Ravet PCMC

One of the few exclusive estates on Late Dadasaheb Sahasrabudhe Path, Ravet PCMC

Welcome to Om Developers' Tropica Ravet PCMC Pune 412 101

Yes, you are at the main entrance of Om Developers' Tropica in Ravet, PCMC, Pune 412 101 

Inviting Arch at Om Developers' Tropica, Ravet, PCMC, Pune 412 101 

Fountain at the entrance of Om Developers' Tropica, Ravet, PCMC, Pune 412 101

Landscape in Om Developers' Tropica, Ravet, PCMC, Pune 412 101

Club House at Tropica, now - site sales office of Om Developers

You will be glad to visit the 'booking office' of Om Developers' Tropica, Ravet, PCMC, Pune 412 101

Site Office & Sample flat at Om Developers' Tropica, Ravet, PCMC, Pune 412 101

Mr. Awati & Mr. Nagarkar, Directors, Om Developers at Tropica, Ravet, PCMC, Pune 412 101

Contact for more information:

Mr. Satish 91 8600 201 201

Land line: 020 6510 7100 / 8100




3) MONDAY, MAY 16, 2011

3 BHK (45 Lakhs) & 2 BHK (35 Lakhs) Flats in Tropica, Blessed Township at Ravet PCMC, Pune 412101, receive huge response

2) SUNDAY, MAY 15, 2011

3 BHK (45 Lakhs) & 2 BHK (35 Lakhs) Flats in Tropica, Blessed Township at Ravet PCMC, Pune 412 101

1) SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2011

Om Developers' Tropica, Blessed Township at Ravet PCMC, Pune 412 101 Launched!

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    As per your earlier threads "Om Developers" has not very good reputation as far as pre-launch is considered.

    Reference: Om Developers launches budget flats - 1 bhk for 13.53 & 2 bhk for 19.38 lakhs in Golden Palms, 2nd phase of The Island at Wakad Pune, near Hinjewadi (Saturday, May 30, 2009)


    As I know, you are against the Pre-launch

    The big question here is...........

    Why are you promoting Pre-launch (Which you are against), & that too of a builder who don't have good reputation as far as Pre-launch is considered...??????

    On one hand your writting against KUL-Pre Launch & othe hand you are promoting Pre Launch of Om Developers who had problems with Golden Palms Pre-launch, Why.....??????????????

    Do you have any sensible answer to it....???????????

  2. Dear Rohit, Om Developer has an impeccable reputation. Sanctions were delayed because of the PCMC. Om Developers were not at fault.

    Yes, i am against booking a flat in a project which hasn't received all necessary sanctions. Because, for a while, the sanctions are taking lot of months and create lot of issues for the buyers. Particularly, if the builder is unethical.

    Om Developers are reliable and ethical builders. Tropica is blessed. That's why i feel that - it's worth taking a risk of investing in the pre-launch offer of Tropica. Of course, if you value the goodness it offers.

    I haven't written anything against KUL Pre-Launch.

    My God - the builder of the project - has told all of us - how serious is the issue of the delayed sanctions. He is fighting against it on the national level.

    I took the words of the Chairman of CRDAI more seriously than you. Because, every day, I see that Pune real estate is practically paralyzed because of the delayed sanctions.

    My job is to make you aware about the issues involved. Because, i write for you and care for you. I am not against or for any project. I am for you.

  3. Ravi,

    please sit at home instead of visiting these junk places in this age.
    play with your grandchildren, go to bhajani-mandal or do some other activity.
    if you want to help needy middle class give some sensible advice.

    please like you have screwed up the real estate industry.
    the flats which should 15-20 lacs are now costing 40-50 lacs

  4. trupti,

    liked only one sentence of yours
    " the flats which should 15-20 lacs are now costing 40-50 lacs "

    100% True.
    My brother has got flat for 9 lacs in the year 2004.
    Now, the market says its value is 34 lacs...
    haha...what a joke
    I don't agree with it.
    real estate prices are just hype.
    I know nobody agree about it...especially who bought now with high price, builders, politicians etc.

    I request Ravi to participate in the war against builder who have manipulated the market.
    He will get blessings from lot of poor middle class.

    Ravi, do you have a bunglow or flat ?

  5. Dear Sunny, I don't own a flat or a bungalow!

    Builders don't have any role in the resale market. Do they?

    Giving credit to the builders for manipulating the market is nothing but not accepting the property buyers responsibly and role.

  6. Nice post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed! Extremely useful information specifically the last part :) I care for such info a lot. I was looking for this certain information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck. krk realty

  7. Dear Ravi,

    The logic runs like this
    1. Builders dont get permission to construct flats. Builders in cahoots with Municipal personnel and politicians make sure that they dont get the required permissions
    2. Buyers want to own home as there is pressure towards City with all employment being constructed here
    3. Voila - Prices move up by 30% every years . Builders and politicians pocket the money made from sale and bribe and send it to their Swiss/American accounts.
    4. With just IT putting in $100 billion every year we can construct more than 1 milloon flats worth 40 lakhs every year . That is more flats constructed in in the Mumbai and Delhi ever.
    5. I think if you really mean business and good of us at heart we can float a forum in which we pay regualr sum to take on this Builder/politician nexus and free our cities of body / soul killing corruption and end the era of second slaver we have been undergoing for last 60 years.

  8. Dear Ravi, Can you give me a suggestion on whether Ravet - Tropica - Is it worth booking now at current prices. ?? As all other places in PCMC are very expensive...?? Your suggestions will help here

    Also - after one gets the possession - is it viable for families to live in "tropica" township as it is remote & you will have to drive down to near by market for your daily needs....

  9. Hello Ravi,

    I have bought a flat in Tropica. Two years down the line and the project stil hasnt got the enviormental clearance. The construction of flat is as per the deadlines, but the amenities are not constructed as the enviornmental clearance is not there.

    My question is how long shall we wait for the clearance. We have paid extra amount for the garden facing flat and the last demand for the flat is near. Is there a way we can pressurize the builder by not paying this demand letter until he get the clearance and hence get the amenities built.


  10. Hello Dhawal and Ravi,
    This is 2017 whereas the article is from 2011.
    Can I know if the Environment clearance issue is sorted out by now?
    I guess it will be applicable for the ongoing Tropica 2 project as well.

    Thanks Ravi for such nice informative blog even though all are not appreciating it. I don't expect anyone to have 100% correct info, however, all blogs like this one together can bring at least 80% of the issues to the surface. It is up to individual reader to pick which one is relevant and trustworthy from which blog.
    Thanks again.

    -Smart Goose