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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sample Flat of Sarang in Nanded City Pune Revisited!

Ek Machar Aadmi Ko.....

Yesterday, Kedar visited the sales office of Nanded City Pune (www.nandedcitypune.com) to collect the agreement of his 2 BHK Flat in Sarang - Which Kedar had signed and registered last week. The sales executive gave some excuse and told him to come after a couple of days. So, Kedar decided to visit the sample flat of Sarang. Once again. No! Actually, for the first time - after the agreement!

Kedar pushed the main door and stood in the entrance lobby admiring the sample flat. Kedar realized that, now, this was Mrs. & Mr. Kedar's 2 BHK Flat in Sarang at Nanded City Pune, on Sinhagad Road - not just a sample flat of Nanded City Pune. "Congrats, Mrs. Kedar! Now, you own a 2 BHK Flat in Pune!," Kedar said to himself and smiled.

Kedar decided to arrange the furniture in the empty sample flat and turn it into his home in the true sense. Kedar started with his sofa set. He realized that there is only one place in the living where he can keep it - at the right corner, near the entrance lobby. Because, he can't block the sit-out. In that case, Kedar you have to buy a LCD TV and mount it on this wall, he told himself. Yes, that's a good idea! I can watch the TV from the sofa, as well as, from my dining table - which i will keep near the sit-out, Kedar told himself.

Nanded City Pune, Sarang, 2 BHK Flat - 637 sq.ft. Carpet + 60 sq.ft. Sitout - For Rs. 31.86 Lakhs + Parking + S.T. + VAT
Nanded City Pune, Sarang, 2 BHK Flat - 637 sq.ft. Carpet + 60 sq.ft. Sitout - For Rs. 31.86 Lakhs + Parking + S.T. + VAT

Kedar went to the corner where he has planned to keep his dining table and stood looking at the imaginary LCD TV on the wall. He realized that when he would be in the living, all the time he would be looking at this wall. And his entire home would be at his back. It means that when Mr. & Mrs. Kedar would be at home, most of the time they would be facing two opposite directions and could not see each other! Kedar would be watching 9 pm news on the TV on East wall, whereas, Mrs. Kedar would be giving finishing touches to the curry facing the West wall. Kedar didn't like the idea of being at home and not looking at each other! So, he decided to rearrange the furniture.

While rearranging the furniture, Kedar felt that his 2 BHK Flat in Sarang is small. No. Not exactly small. Kedar knew that the carpet area of his flat is only 637 sq.ft. and he had no issues about it. Because, that's why it fitted in his budget!

More than small or big, he felt that his flat had odd room dimensions and proportions. The space and the place for the dining table was not right. In fact, the entire living cum dining was looking odd. Whereas, the kitchen was looking big. More spacious than the living cum dining. Of course, according to Mrs. Kedar, kitchen was not at all big. It was just enough! It would have been better if his living cum dining had been longer by a 1 feet or may be by 2, Kedar thought.

Nanded City Pune, Madhuvanti, 2 BHK Flat, 690 sq.ft. Carpet + 60 sq.ft. Sitout - For Rs. 34.03 Lakhs + Parking + S. T. + VAT
Nanded City Pune, Madhuvanti, 2 BHK Flat, 690 sq.ft. Carpet + 60 sq.ft. Sitout - For Rs. 34.03 Lakhs + Parking + S. T. + VAT

"More than the entrance lobby for a shoe rack, I would like to have enough space for my dining table!," Mrs. Kedar had argued while booking this 2 BHK Flat in Sarang. But for Kedar, financially it was impossible to go for a 2 BHK Flat of 690 sq.ft. carpet area in Madhuvanti which was costing 2 lakhs rupees more.

"It was a question of just 2 Lakh Rupees! Sala Ek Machar Aadmi Ko.......," Kedar said and slammed the door of the sample 2 BHK Flat of Sarang, Nanded City Pune. In tune with nature.

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  1. why do builders keep so confusing / ambiguous names to the projects? Flat owners will be using "Nanded City Pune" as their postal address may be for rest of their lives. Nanded is altogether a different city, what is it doing in Pune city ?

    Also many builders use misspelled words to name their projects like Klassic, Raviraj Grroupe (2 r s in the group), etc.. I dont understand why.

  2. This is excellent example of bad layout. You just can't arrange your living and dining in 10'x16' area. In both the layouts, ventilation would be real problem.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Dear Ravi
    please let me know your view/comments on Avalon City,Dapodi nearer to CME collage Pune

  5. i think Kedar can plan some visit to Magarpatta city to see the shabby construction quality. In addition to bad and congested layout very bad quality of construction is assusred. People are suffering in magarpatta . Kedar can cancel his registration with aaplicable losses and buy peace of mind for his family instead.

  6. If someone expects luxuries of 1500 sq ft flat in a 690 sq ft flat he is a dreamer. Nanded City has been very transparent right from the begining. If one does not get the idea merely looking at plans the builder has made Sample flats available meaning seeing is believing. Before booking they should have ensured that they have enough space for furniture otherwise plenty of other options are available within Nanded City. Which builder will give you so many other amenities for a good community living ? And yes there are several interior decorators / consultants in Pune who can give a fair advise to utilize the space optimally. 690 sq ft in Central Mumbai is a luxury & see how effectively space utilization is done by Mumbaikars. Throw money & get what you want. Don't blame the builder & express your frustrations.