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Monday, October 18, 2010

Amanora Sweet Water Villas - get ready to leave a legacy!

Amanora Sweet Water Villas Logo
Amanora Park Town
Amanora Sweet Water Villas:

An exclusive project of limited edition, customized, Eco-friendly Villas:
Your prized possession. Your children's priceless inheritance

Amanora Sweet Water Villas Type B 2
Amanora Sweet Water Villas Type B 2

Guess what would be the property price of Amanora Park Town's upcoming Amanora Sweet Water Villas?

My reliable source said that City Group is launching Amanora Sweet Water Villas, but haven't yet finalized the property price!

"Ravi, what is your guess?," he asked me. I studied the presentation, but couldn't guess even the basic price of a villa. Because, Amanora Sweet Water Villas are unique. First, you have to decide the size of your plot. Amanora (www.amanora.com) is offering limited plots in the size of 6,000 to 12,000 sq.ft. Then you have to choose the design of your villa. Amanora is offering 3 basic designs with 5 different external treatments. After you finalize your design, Amanora says:
And once you zero in on the particular type that suits you the best, you can leave the rest to us. Right from world-class construction to minute detailing in civil work like plastering and fittings, we'll spare no effort in draping your Villa in sheer luxury.

Your villa will have it's own wind-solar hybrid power system - resulting in natural energy generation and you will never run out of power! Plus, every villa will have a pre-installed LED lighting. For every villa, Amanora is going to provide 'root zoning STP and water recycling plant which will maximize your 'environment-friendliness'. Oh! yes, all villas will be located in the most premium sector of Amanora township and will have 'an extended courtyard - means, a 26-acre private garden and shimmering lakes adorning the backyard!

Now, you can understand why it was difficult for me, to guess the property price of Amanora Sweet Water Villas, specially designed by P & T Consultants, Private Ltd from Singapore.

So, i thought, i should request you to help me to decide the right property price of Amanora Sweet Water Villas!

Please, have a look at the presentation of Amanora Sweet Water Villas, and feel free to post the right property price in the comments!

Amanora Sweet Water Villas:

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  1. Simple call them and ask
    they way you got the brochure
    or is the price so sky high that you don't want to list here
    stop playing games
    tell this to builders

  2. 5000 sq-ft land * 3000 per sq-ft rate = 5000*3000 = 15000000 (1.5 Cr) --- land cost
    for 3000 sq-ft construction = 3000 * 5000 = 15000000 (1.5 Cr) --- construction cost

    So my understanding tells me the cost would be 3Cr + :)