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Thursday, March 19, 2009

What's up at Megapolis Hinjewadi?

Helipad, Ramdev Baba and Blood donation camp!

Can i arrange a site visit?

Now, Megapolis has a helipad!

Means, now it's very easy for you to visit Kumar Properties and Avinash Bhosale Group's 150 acres integrated township in the third phase of Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park in Hinjewadi.

Just call Hemant Kulkarni of Pegasus Properties Pvt.Ltd., promoters of 1,400-crore township, Megapolis and enjoy this facility for free.

We are talking about the helipad, not about the helicopter!

Yoga, Ayurveda and Megapolis!

Swami Ramdev, also known as Baba Ramdev, is particularly well-known for his efforts in popularizing Yoga (on Aastha Channel, since year 2002!).

Ramdev Baba is also one of the founders of the Divya Yoga Mandir Trust that aims to popularize Yoga and offers Ayurvedic treatments.

Recently, when Swami Ramdev Maharaj visited Megapolis and saw the excellent planning of the township, he instantly expressed his wish to start an exclusive counseling center.

Exclusive for whom? For Hemant Kulkarni, Deepak Chaudhary and the sales team of Megapolis. Or exclusively for the property buyers!

Blood Relationship Marketing!:

Megapolis has started a new campaign. Theme is "Give me your blood and i will give you better Hinjewadi!"

HR heads of the companies in Hinjewadi are happy about this campaign. "Thank god!," one HR head said, "Megapolis is not asking for bookings!"

Pall Corporation, in the 1st Phase, (where Paranjape Schemes' Blue Ridge is!), of Hinjewadi, was the first company which participated 'wholeheartedly' in the blood donation camp and became a privileged & priority client of Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital (ABMH).

Megapolis may cancel the integrated township and start the Yoga Center, offering health care and emergency medical services by helicopter!

Some of us don't like to read anything good about any real estate project in Pune market.

Whenever i write any good news, positive information about any project, they say, "Ravi, stop marketing this project!" "Are you paid to write this?" "Where is that balanced and unbiased view?"

I have a great respect for their feelings. Actually they don't mean what they say about me. They are only trying to express how much they are hurt and disappointed with the Pune property market. To make them happy, i suggest them to look at all these activities from a completely negative perspective.

Take these relationship marketing efforts of Megapolis, as the beginning of a crash of Pune real estate market! Assume that, instead of giving pink slips, sales staff of Megapolis is converted into social workers. Kumar Properties is closing construction division and adding a new division, Patanjali Medicines to it's bio-technology!

For these lovely souls who wish to read sad news about Pune real estate market, head line is:
"Because of the recession in Pune real estate market, Kumar Properties and Avinash Bhosale Group may cancel their integrated township Megapolis at Hinjewadi and start the Yoga Center, offering health care and emergency medical services by helicopter!"
If i keep on writing in the negative tone about happenings in the Pune real estate market and keep on criticizing the builders, i know, my blog can become more popular. But more than "popularity", what is important for me is "usability". Providing useful information and updates to the property buyers who wish to book a flat in Pune real estate market.

Do you think my blog provides useful information about Pune real estate market? How can i make my blog more useful? What should i write about? Please, share your ideas, suggestions and views in the comments. (Comments Policy),

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  1. Ravi..I am a regular reader of ur blog and enjoy reading it.I find it informative and funny and u dont take offence but take things in good spirit which I appreciate a lot.
    U obviously have a big group..maybe u shud launch ur own scheme..what say u ? RK Group..Sounds good..dosent it..count me in as a investor..

  2. Ravi,
    That was a funny article. Yes, if you keep posting nonsense like pune real estate prices will crash to 1500 rupees per sq. feet you will get big thanks from the noisy crowd. But please understand these people are not that many -- only they know how to shout. A silent majority of your visitors expect you to provide balanced analysis and not just ask people to stay away from the market waiting for a crash.

  3. # Ref: ".maybe u shud launch ur own scheme..what say u ? "

    Thanks Ashish! It was very sweet of you. Idea is very attractive. Once upon a time, it was my "dream", "wish", even a "goal". But now i have realized, i should say - i have accepted that - i am not even a 'normal' businessman. "Builder?" Definitely not. I don't have those "special" qualities!

    However, as a real estate marketing consultant, you know, i am responsibility from planning to possession of the project and i do it rather well.

    Of course, i don't have any on going project in which i am involved in this capacity. And i am not planning to take any in this year because i want to focus on this blog.

    Thanks for your offer, when i will take any project, i will tell you first!

  4. # Ref: "A silent majority of your visitors expect you to provide balanced analysis"

    - Thanks for the comment. Yes, i think, i should focus more on Pune real estate market in general and should talk about a particular neighborhood issues and about a specific project.

    Not only on the conceptual level but should talk about it's execution - construction - delivery - possession - after sales service.
    I think this is just a beginning, i am on a very superficial level. Must go deep, go "under the hood". Right?

  5. Hi Ravi,

    I heard that Megapolis has reduced rates to 2800 psft. Is it worth buying at this price ? Please advise.

    Thanks & Regards.

  6. This blog is just as a advertising platform of builders. Real consultant should guide people what is wrong & what is right to buy, to invest.

  7. Hi Ravi

    I followed quite a few blogs of you..
    I know you got quite a depth konwledge and sharing with people.. its realy really appriciable... thanks a ton!
    But as always there is a sugesion... (not related to this post though)
    - Which is better. Pls consider most of the people comes here wants to buy (so dont want advice on not to invest in real estate). And we expect advice on which is best place to buy among all projects going on.. let them be costly shit.
    Coz if thats all we have, we gotta choose from it
    - Come to the point soon. Reading yor blog give quite details.. but if you can be specific would be amazingly helpful. To understand what you conveying, i gotta read each n every story line n then take the conclusion!!
    - Ratings. Last but not least if you can give ratings on each criteria on project (something like mouthshut provides)

    Well why all this u wud give in free of cost!! may not.. then u may pls start charging users to provide specific info (hope there r serious buyers like me needs that!!) but we hope to use yor knowlege more n more

    and thanks again!