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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goel Ganga Group launches "Good Value Homes" in the range of Rs.18 lakhs to Rs.30 lakhs at Sinhagad Road, Aundh Annexe, Chinchwad and Undri

Smaller Today, Larger Tomorrow:

Young Couples are very keen on buying a home.

For Young Couples who are about to start a family, having a large space at this stage is not important, but what is important is a good home with good facilities.

These Young Couples then have the scope to upgrade to larger flats later in life.

Even if these Young Couples buy smaller apartments now, they will buy a larger apartment later and upgrade as soon as the economic scenario improves and the salaries stabilize.

- according to a study conducted by Goel Ganga Group
Good Value Homes - rock bottom prices, good locations:

Responding to this need of the consumer, the Goel Ganga Group has now launched "Good Value Homes" at rock bottom prices in good locations of the city.

The four prestigious projects are:

Amrut Ganga at Sinhagad Road,

Ganga Blues in Aundh Annexe,

Ganga Sparsh at Undri (near Bishop’s School) and

Ganga Ashiyana at Chinchwad (near Aditya Birla Hospital).

1 bhk, 1½ bhk, 2 bhk: Rs.18 lacs to Rs.30 lacs:

The first phase of these projects will have 500 units of 1 bhk, 1½ bhk and 2 bhk for sale.

The area of these homes will range from 580 sqft to 900 sqft

The price will be in the range of just Rs.18 lacs to Rs.30 lacs, which means the EMI starts at Rs 8860 (assuming a person takes maximum allowable loan for 20 years).

Quality and Amenities:

Even though these homes are very affordable, they have ensured that they do not compromise on quality, and are providing most of the amenities generally provided by them, which include amphitheatre, jogging track, kids pool, Nakshatra garden, Ayurved garden, senior citizens plaza, community hall, gymnasium, amongst others.

15% flats sold!

The initial response has been very good and almost 15% flats have been sold and as many as 5000 enquiries are coming in per month.

The company is investing Rs 150 crores into these projects, which were launched in the first week of January 2009.

The construction of these flats have just begun and will be completed by March 2011.

Fulfilling Dreams!

"We at Goel Ganga have always been conscious of understanding the needs of the customer and we have tried to design our products to fulfill the common man’s dreams of having his own shelter," says Atul Goel, Managing Director, Goel Ganga Group.

Goel Ganga Group have been in the Construction business for the last 25 years and they have always strongly followed a principle that any business will always be driven by the customers and their needs.
Press Release

You naughty young couples!

It was a surprise for me to know that you, young couples, wish to have smaller homes today and larger tomorrow!

Actually, i felt so ashamed of myself when this was revealed in Goel Ganga Group's press conference today noon.

You know, my last assignment was with Goel Ganga Group. I was Vice President, Marketing. Now, i write about Pune real estate market. So every builder in Pune believes that i know what property buyers want. But i didn't know this!

You naughty young couples, I am very angry with you all. I don't want to read your comments or talk to you. Have a big time in your smaller homes. Bye bye..


  1. What a sham. Why would I spend 30 lakhs for a 900sqft 2bhk apartment? I'll spend the next 20 years repaying the loan, and by that time the kids would have left the small 2 bhk home, their dad thought would upgrade before they grew up.. haha..

  2. Price reduction dose not mean that builders should reduce the apartment size.
    Price reduction means Pune builders have to reduce their fat profits.
    Pune builders are smart but now they cannot fool the common man, Pune market has slashed down, but reputed builders are still trying to hold the pricing.
    Builders give fancy adds in News papers with attractive pricing but that is all bullshit.
    2 BHK 1100sq ft should not cost above 25 lacks (all inclusive) with good internal specifications.

  3. "EMI starts at Rs 8860 (assuming a person takes maximum allowable loan for 20 years). "

    I don't think EMI is that Low. R u sure ravi ?

  4. Regarding the comment "2 BHK 1100sq ft should not cost above 25 lacks (all inclusive) with good internal specifications."

    I totally 100% agree with this. Rate per square feet must be reduced. Period.

  5. 2BHK 1000+ Sq.ft flats are available at good rate in Hadapsar & Phursungi Kumar Park Infinia for 25 lacks onwards

  6. Recession will be over by the time this project gets completed. March 2011.
    Again a trick by builder by reducing flat size.
    It would be no wonder, in some days, we will see Rs.7-10 L flats with, mumbai chawl ishtyle, 200-300 sq ft size. :-)

  7. Possession in March 2011??
    who will wait so long? and who knows whats situation of property market then.

  8. I rather get a ready possession now.

  9. Friends,
    Be careful of this builder, it's listed in the Pune's Notorious builders list.
    Be cautious, otherwise will get fooled.

  10. Yeah. be careful. Not only are they notorious but also very arrogant. I'd rather stay away from them even if they give the flats at throwaway price. I could become real pain in the rear with their bad attitude.
    Oh and they think "Rs.3000/sq. ft. = Good Value" ? Shows the attitude to just take the customers for granted and think that they can be fooled with a little different spin. Real shame.
    No wonder you quit working for them Ravi.

  11. Is someone pushing Park Infinia here??? perhaps an employee.

  12. great offer. One problem, Young Couples who can afford to invest in a house in these times of deepening recessions will not buy a 1 bhk or 2bhk. Those naughty Young Couples have a recession proof source of income and they would therefore buy a larger house now, and the mercedes later.

  13. Hi Ravi,
    This is a ridiculous post! !
    Why do Goel Ganga group have to proclaim that Young (also naughty) couples need smaller flats today and bigger later on? this is something self-proclaimed and completely out-of-synch with the real requirements of Naughty&young couples.
    Wake up Goel Ganga! ! don't waste time in designing and playing gimmicks! ! they are not going to work, today's buyer is much more aware of the situation of the real estate market and willing to educate himself further.

  14. Hi ravi. Its been 3 months I am following this concept and visiting their sites I find lots of booking happening their and now I reliaze lots of builders are following them so I need your advice is it a right time to buy

  15. # Ref: "I need your advice, Is it a right time to buy?"

    - Yes, it is! See, i am real estate salesman. For me, any time is a right time. I expect to get a salary every month!

    - At the same time, i know well that property buyers have their own time table to buy a home. This time table follows the time table of their life plan. If the buyer has not thought planed his life, he is not sure about the decision. Some times, in your life plan, personal, carrier and financial commitments, goals and possibilities don't match. You have to think seriously about managing and balancing your responsibilities and wishes.

    - As a real estate salesman, i know well that buying is easy but to deal with the financial liabilities is not an easy task. Keeping this in mind, i will suggest you to follow your plan. Don't go by the market trend. Take a risk. But manageable risk.

    - The present market may keep on going up and coming down, trends may keep on changing. While booking a flat, you have to ask your self, "Is this flat good enough for me even if it never appreciates in 3 years down the line or even suggested development don't happen in the expected time?" If you are convinced that this flat is good for you for the next 5 years go for it.

    If not, it only means, some better opportunity is coming soon..

    - Point is it is safe to follow your plan and gut feelings. In recession, as in real estate boom, following market trend is risky!

  16. Everybody is thinking a flat for self residing or for investment? if so then what comes after 2011 as there will be no tax saving on home loan interest component... i guess bad investment !! what say.... and i guess builders are just fooling arround people... with big price tag and making easy money!!

  17. Never buy any flat from this builder.. very arrogant and cheater builder !!

    Goel's Ganga Aashiyana project do not have NOC from PCMC and RBI still he is doing bookings..

    Goel removed some people from the project bcoz they demanded timely possession and legal documents..