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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How many cancellations happened at Blue Ridge?

Questions are Answers!

Today, I went to Nanded City Pune to find answers to your questions posted on my last post - Confirmation process starts at Nanded City Pune. But instead of answers, i got a question, "How many cancellations happened at Blue Ridge?"
"I don't know. I was at Blue Ridge day before yesterday but i did not ask this question." i told the sales executive.
"No need to ask. All Pune knows that more than 700 cancellations had happened", he said.
I said, "Oh! You read my blog!!" and took his leave.

Private and Confidential:

I went in the office of Nanded City Pune and asked for the plans.
"Are you called?" receptionist asked me.
I said, "No, I have come here to prepare myself." I was pretending as if i have booked a flat.
"You can have a look but cannot take them with you." she said.
"Oh! Why didn't you put them on the website?" i asked her.
She said, "They are private and confidential. Not for the outsiders." and told me to take a seat.

When the office boy gave me the xerox of floor plans of 1 bhk and 2 bhk flats, I had a strange sensation.

After years, i was holding xerox copies of floor plans of Space Designers, an architect of Nanded City Pune. They were my mentors when i was in real estate advertising. I still remember picking up the first copy of Magarpatta's brochure lying on Arc. Prakash Deshmukh's table and feeling deeply hurt because he did not let me do it. Now, i was holding Nanded City Pune's private and confidential floor plans.

Strictly No Photography:

I don't know when but i picked up the habit of Mr. Arvind Jain's (Director of Pride Housing) habit of reading the floor plan. He used to move his index finger in the flat. As if he used to sense the space and experience the feeling of moving and living in the flat. By this method, it takes time to understand the flat, but not much when you are supposed to keep it a top secret. In a few minutes, i finished reading floor plans of 1 bhk and 2 bhk flats and asked the office boy for the layout of Nanded City Pune and the floor plans of 2.5 bhk.

While i was waiting for him, i took out my digital camera to check the battery. It was OK. So, i looked around and took a snap of the site office. In no time, i do not know from where, the security guard came to me and asked me to show the photographs i had shot. I showed him all snaps i had taken. He told me to delete only one. The one which had the inside view of the office. Showing sales executives talking to the property buyers who had come to confirm their flats. Somehow, i successfully managed to delete it.

You can see the rest of the photographs here. I hope, these photographs will help you to get familiar with the site office of Nanded City Pune, if you are visiting it for the first time. (You can also have a look at the layout of 700 acre township here.)

Vice versa:

Now, there was no point in being there. So, i got up to go.

"What exactly happens when someone comes for the confirmation?," i asked the sales executive who was on his way for lunch.
He said, "Same what happens when he comes for an enquiry. Only difference is, here he has already taken his decision. There he takes it after listening to you. Vice versa." Before i could thank him, he asked me, "How many cancellations happened at Blue Ridge?"

Sandy, how's your flat?

I am curious to know what's your take on the floor plans of Nanded City Pune. Please, share your views and experiences of confirmation process in the comments. (Comments Policy). After all, it's your home!

Sandy, particularly yours. Is this the flat you were expecting to give your parents?

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  1. Really Ravi? Even I was there at Nanded City Office today (from 10:30 am - 12:30 pm)!
    Anyways ... Let me share with you my experience...
    • When I reached there I was expecting that I will be welcomed at the news sales office which was under construction since June. But I got disappointed as I have to go to the same old white sales office …. And thereafter there were only disappointments for me 
    • The sales people were not able to confirm that today was my appointment. The same case was with some other people. I have been asked to wait.
    • When I have been invited by sales person to explain the plan, I became very happy. I rushed to his desk. I was thinking that he will show me (no the model of nanded city was not there!) the animated video, some 3D tour of nanded city, colorful brochures, some/many hitek things which generally people see when they go to purchase an apartment. But the series of disappointment continues…
    • The sales person shown me couple of Xerox. Initially he was not ready to explain me the whole city. He was asking me my choice and then wanted to show that property only. Anyways …
    • The biggest disappointment was when I seen the floor plans! There were only 1 type of 1BHK, 2 types of 2BHK, 1 type of 2.5BHK and 1 type of 3BHK. I said when I booked the apartment that time I have been told that there will be many options ranging from 800 sqft to 1200 sqft of 2 BHKs. And now … 
    • Even the floor plan was not appealing no aesthetics no lavish nothing …
    • There was more in store for me: Only 1 building of 2.5BHK, 2 buildings of 2BHK, 1 building of 3BHK and 2 buildings of 1BHKs were made open for selection. What about others? I asked. And the answer was: “Management kadun ajun kahi kalale nahi aahe” means “They have not yet got any info from management”
    • And the only thing remained constant for next 45 mins: The above answer! For all the queries that I asked I got this standard answer: “Management kadun ajun kahi kalale nahi aahe” means “They have not yet got any info from management”.
    • My question would be anything like: What about piped gas? What about the roads? What about the next phase? What about the other buildings? Etc etc. The answer was same!
    • So I decided to quit 
    • There were many expectations from Nanded City but sorry to say I only came across: “Disappointment”
    On the way back to my place I visited Cross Over County. When I told the sales lady that I am coming from nanded city her comment was: “Aho amachya gosti nanded city sarakya nahi aahet … HAVET!” 

  2. The experience mentioned by the person above gives answers almost everything. So it seems that there will be only 1bhk (550 to 600sq ft) & 2+ bhk(1200+ sq ft) available. No intermediate option. They said that they would be considering the same earlier. This is disappointment.

    Any news about the concessions for ADF, approximate payment schedule for payment as per construction progress and tentative possession date?

    Finally of course it seems that there would be no concession for Rs.3250 & Rs.3500 bookings.

    The person above mentioned about the Cross Over Country. DSK Vishwa booking was open just before the start of Nanded city booking and the experience there was amazing but it was exactly opposite in Nanded city. It seems that the fact still remains valid. Can’t these people professionally manage the booking and confirmation activities?

    One can now easily get the 2 & 3 BHK flats in well developed areas like Aundh and Wakad with Reputed Builders and in good schemes for quite attractive amounts if we negotiate properly!! This was not the situation when Nanded city opened for booking.

    Other developers may be ready to negotiate due to some constraints but now we can easily get good deals.

    So if someone is really crazy about townships Nanded city seems ok, but the question remains... how many facilities provided by them are we going to use actually? Do we really have a time to enjoy those? They are claiming one time maintenance but will it remain one time considering the maintenance required for those facilities?

    A genuine buyer who might have booked the flat on official opening day will get his 2bhk flat for 40 lakhs!! Is this amount really worth on Sinhagad road in today's slow down time? (If agreement would have been done earlier, buyer would have very little choice but fortunately today the same buyer has choice)

    I agree that township is township but how much premium it would command compared to good standard projects?

    Ravi, your views please.

  3. this is really a bad news!
    i was thinking that there will be stylish and luxurious 2 bhk with area approx 1100 / 1200 sqft.
    if its not there then it does not fit for my requirements and unfortunately i need to cancel the booking and search somewhere else.
    btw thank you for the update!

  4. Hello Ravi,

    Just read intersting article regarding Pune townships.


    I am not sure how much out of it is true but if its really true, its an alarming signal.

  5. To me it looks like that Nanded City people are not confident that they will find customers for their project. Thats the reason they have not opened all the buildings. They will check the response and accordingly they will decide about the project.

    Does anyone has any idea about how many flats actually got booked and how many bookings got canceled?

    And forget about the SEZ and phase 2 ... it will only get launched in 1212!

  6. Ravi,

    I got an invitation to book my flat, I am little worried now.
    God forbid, if someone is not able to make payments after first few installments, whats the way out. Can he sell it to prospective buyers and make some profit or he will be in legally turmoil. In today's volatile economic scenario, I guess this is a valid question. Please comment.


  7. concept of Nanded City is like gaowalas selling vegetables on the road side, because only that much they can do..!!
    how do you expect neat ness and professionalisam in this type of ventures where the stake holders are farmers
    magar and pawar just want to suck the cream from the profit if this project hits as a great success, isn't it

  8. No one has commented on the plans so far , so I will. Except 3 BHK all other plans are not worth booking. In 1, 2,2.5 BHK there are Living rooms and Bedrooms of 9 feet width. Remember in a 9 feet wide room there are tremendous limitations to do a satisfactory layout of interiors. Anyone living in there would want to move out soon. However the 3 BHK plans are really good . There is no commitment of specifications on paper so far. One cannot reach the exact location of the buliding because there is no develpoment at site. There is no model of the township. There is no sample flat. There is no elevation of teh buildings either. THERE IS ONLY TRUST AND NOTHING ELSE ? Where did the benefit of increase in FSI from 0.5 to 1.0 for townships go, which happened after the launch of project @2750/-.

  9. 700 cancellations at Blue Ridge! How many were booked in the first place - 1000? Can you give an idea Ravi about what percentage of the superfast bookings - one flat in every 84 seconds - have been canceled?

  10. Ravi,

    So the flats are available at Blue Ridge Phase 1 ? Can you someway guide me in telling the rates going there right now then ?

  11. Can someone please confirm the carpet area of BlueRidge 3 BHKs?

    Ravi - I read in one of your blogs that the 1730 sq ft 3 BHK has a carpet area of around 1300 something. Whereas a friend of mine calculated it to be around 1100. He has looked at the flat layout and the dimensions mentioned therein to arrive at the "actual" carpet area. Where is the gap of this 200 sq ft? Can you please clarify?

    Also what is your view of the project now? Is it a good buy at 2900 per sq ft?

  12. Ravi,

    I am thinking to buy 2 BHK in Nanded City , can you please let me know future of this project.

  13. # Ref: "can you please let me know future of this project."

    Future is bright! Look at Magarpatta City. They have a business model which helps the township to sustains and residents prosper.

    Sustainability of any project, idea or initiative is very important. In Magarpatta Model land owners contribute their land and keep on investing part of their profit in the township. Because of this township creates assets, means commercial space, which they offer on the rent to the companies. To get a good rent management maintains township well and property buyers enjoy appreciation.

    Otherwise, builder builds, collects his profit and handovers the township to the property buyers - cuts himself off from the project, property buyers find it difficult or expensive to maintain. Which impacts comfort of living and appreciation of the property.

    Besides this, because of the terrorism, most important issue is the safety and security of your family and asset. Magarpatta has an experience and an infrastructure to take care of this serious threat. Because, terrorism is a war between the civilians and the professional terrorists. In this war, any government can play very limited role.

  14. Ravi,

    Do you think the area will get developed witihin 2 years to stay there.

    Also I dont think Sinhgad Road, can be develpoed as IT park.

  15. Ref: "Do you think the area will get developed witihin 2 years to stay there."

    Which area? Nanded City Pune on Sinhagad road in Pune, Maharashtra, India, Asia, on the Planet Earth? Where are you coming from, sir? Sorry, kidding!

  16. Ref: "Also I dont think Sinhgad Road, can be develpoed as IT park"

    Can you please tell us why?

  17. I cancelled apt in blueridge as they offered to Infocians at INR 28oo per sqft and I bought at INR 3500 earlier

  18. Hi Ravi
    Can you have any idea about completion time of nanded city because Same type of projects are coming in pune. So does this will affect the completion time of nanded city?
    I also don't know why nanded city rates are so low compared to other such projects in pune?
    Ravi please comment....

  19. The are couple of projects[2BHK] completing by June 2011, some by Dec 2011 and others by Feb-June 2012. Depending upon ur take u can book accordingly. I am not a broker not a sales rep. Just visited the sales office coupla days back and the project seems to be cumin of age...