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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Festive Offer of IDEB' Springdale, Italian homes on Nagar Road at Wagholi - free gift of a car with a flat or a twin bungalow!

1st residential project of Pune that received direct foreign funding!

I was more than happy to see the ad of Springdale at Wagholi.

I know IDEB, promoter of Springale, as a real estate development company which is going to transform the skyline of India. The ultimate aim of Harkirat Singh Bedi, Managing Director, IDEB Projects, is to exceed customer's expectations. A proof of efforts is – Silver Ocean of Mauritius, the foreign invest partner has invested more than Rs 33 Crores in Springdale.

I also knew that IDEB, founded by Iqbal Singh Bedi back in 1942 in Punjab, constantly strives for perfection. Because of this Sachin Shah's company Samsara Capital LLc has given $32-million (about Rs 150 crore) private equity funding to IDEB.

To me and my dear wife, this ad was more than festive offer. It was an invitation to share a dream of India's growth story. We felt as if Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were calling us to their bella figura! We were more than honored to receive this free gift! Please, have a look at our humble thoughts and help us with your wisdom in the comments!

Which car?

1) Hyundai Accent when you buy a 2.5 bhk or 3 bhk flat

2) Honda City when you buy a Twin Bungalow

How many cars?

Only one car with one flat?

"Considering the location of the project, Wagholi, don't you think it will better if we get more than 1 car?," says my wife!

"1 car for you + 1 car for me + 1 car for Charlie (our son!) + 1 car for our guests who come over quite often from Nagpur (my wife's home town!) + 1 car for Charlie's baby sitter + 1 car for emergency," my wife says, we should get a free gift of minimum 6 cars!

"Considering the property rate at Springdale, Rs. 2,800 per sq.ft., don't you think it is very reasonable of us to ask for more than 1 car?," i ask my wife.

1) Cost of 2.5 bhk flat: Rs. 50 lakhs (approx)

2) Cost of 3 bhk flat: Rs. 65 lakhs (approx)

3) Cost of Twin Bungalow: Rs. 78 - 80 lakhs (approx)

4) Cost of Hyundai Accent: Rs. 5 lakhs (approx)

5) Cost of Honda City: Rs. 9 lakhs (approx)

"What, if we don't want a free gift of a car?": We, my wife and i, are debating over this.

1) Tanishq Gift Voucher of the same amount!

She is crazy about Tanishq collection: Zoya:
Intricacy coupled with the simplicity; The magnificence of history interwoven with linear contemporary; Secrets of the pharaohs masked with the mystery of the cosmos; oriental art embellished with occidental architecture; nature's bounty matched with man's ingenuity.

"Honey, day and night, I dream about BMW 6 Series Convertible!," i confess to my wife.
The exclusive incarnation of the Gran Turismo convertible: powered by the muscular six-cylinder or awe-inspiring eight-cylinder petrol engine, the 6 Series Convertible takes open-top driving to new and inspired heights

"Idea!, Ravi, let us ask for a free gift of a twin bungalow or a 3 bhk flat!," my wife.

My wife is a genius! We were seriously evaluating our gift options. Should we be practical and go for the free gift of cars? Or Should we fulfill our desire to own a BMW and Tanishq Zoya?

"Ravi, you know, now a days, builders are offering this type of a free Diwali gift!," my wife said. She also told me about how free flat is a better gift idea for a builder and as well as for our family.

As usual, my wife was right. After all, i thought:
Springdale offers an escape from a world of chaos into an organized and well-managed world that has been created based on the best practices of modern town planning. The exquisite landscaping between and around the apartment buildings; parks; water -bodies; makes this enclave a pleasure to live in.

When you will receive your free gift?

We were very much convinced about opting for a free gift of a 3 bhk flat.
"But for the free gift of a flat, we have to wait till the project is ready!," my wife sound nervous.
"Darling, did you think that we were going to get all these free gifts against booking?" I asked her.
"Ravi, tell me, who deserves a gift if the project is completed in time? Property buyer or a builder?," my wife asked me.

What was going on? Was my wife secretly reading my Pune real estate blogs on news, investment, advertising and Aundh annex? Was she a secret real estate shopper who has all inside news? Or has my wife joined some secret group?

Before i could open my mouth, my wife said, "Builder! Builder should be gifted!!"
"Gift? No! The Queen should give him Knighthood!! Duke of Wagholi!!," i said. Thank god! Why, every time, she should be on the top? Ravi Karandeekar is a pioneer Pune real estate blogger. Happy Diwali!


  1. Cracks have started ! Not too much time my boys .....Real start is seriously under pressure !

  2. Fraud builders they are. Their toscana project in nibm been left incomplete for the last 7 yrs