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Saturday, April 12, 2008

SRK launches OvalNest 5 Star Homes - 2 and 3 bhk flats at Warje - Kothrud annexe, in Pune at the rate of Rs.3,500 per sq.ft.

SRK: Shah Rukh Khan?

Yes, before you read the next sentence i want to warn you. I am a big fan of SRK. SRK..no, not ShahRukhKhan..of course, i am his fan too, but here i am not talking about that SRK.

D S Kulkarni!

This SRK is S. R. Kulkarni. Not a cousin of DSK..D. S. Kulkarni. Though, he is a Kulkarni and a builder, SRK has not released a single ad of any of his project in any local news paper in the last 25 years. Where as, for ages, many people in Pune used to read DSK's ad before they read the main head line of the daily Sakal.

S. R. Kulkarni:

He may not even have printed a brochure of his scheme! Because, when he was launching his last project in Karve Nagar, SRK assigned me to design the brochure but never printed it. Of course, he paid me, don't worry. But being a member of his team was more important to me than getting paid for my services.

While doing an extensive market research, i had come to the conclusion that launching SRK's project would have been more prestigious than 100 - 150 projects i had launched in Pune real estate market.

Chitale Bandhu:

Instead of describing what is so great about SRK in detail, i will tell you in short. If you are a Punekar, you will understand what i mean. SRK is the "Chitale Bandhu" of Pune real estate market. Good consistent quality and value for money.


Oh! No!! you are new to Pune. OK! no problem. still i can tell you in short. SRK is not a member of Promoters and Builders Association of Pune (PBAP). Lalitkumar Jain is not a head of his "family". Got it?

2 bhk flat: 37 lakhs and 3 bhk flat: 49 lakhs

But this time, SRK has released a full page ad of OvalNest in Pune news papers. He has a website too. As a fan, you can understand how excited i must be. As if this is a Friday morning and i am going to see the first day first show.

However, i am going to attend the last show. Because site office is open till 10 p.m.! Sure, I will keep you posted. I have already told you the budgets. I want to see the 100% authentic sample flat. You only subscribe and receive all updates about OvalNest in your mail box. Thanks to FeedBurner!

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