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Friday, April 11, 2008

Promoters and Builders Association of Pune strikes back: increases the per-square-foot rate of flats between Rs 50 and Rs 400 from April 20

Pune real estate slowdown:

Attack is the best form of defence, Lalitkumar Jain, president, Promoters and Builders Association of Pune (PBAP) knows this very well.

Lalitkumar Jain knows how to answer back the prophets of the Pune real estate slow down. He passes the resolution of the price rise in the PBAP meeting and slaps it on your face.

Instant boom in Pune real estate:

As a boss of all builders in Pune, Lalitkumar Jain takes the lead in "motivating" the property buyers who are sitting on the fence, hoping property prices to come down. He simply terrorizes you by declaring the official price rise not from today but from 20Th April in Pune real estate market.

But he never forgets that he is the head of the family. Lalit Kumar Jain takes care of the members of his family who have a weak heart and big unsold stock. He sets a minimum limit of 50 rupees!

Create the Market Where There Is None:

While more jobs will be created in the city, the builders could always develop less number of new flats in and around Pune. So it's a game of demand and supply. Thank God! PBAP has a visionary, who knows how to create a new market out of abundant supply of buyers.

Who knows, some day Harvard Business School may honor Lalitkumar Jain for taking business beyond developing a unique product like Akio Morita, founder of Sony and waste time in implementing Blue Ocean Strategy to fight competition, as suggested by W.Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne.

Residential property prices to go up in Pune


  1. Let Lalitkumar double the prices, it's the builders who loose.
    Investors are educated and wise and knows all these pressure games.

    It is shame that such greedy attitudes are ruling Pune property market.

    For buyers, nothing to panic about, they should absolutely step back and should not pay heed to such moves from builders.

  2. Formation of PBAP itself violates the anti-trust laws. All builders can go to jail if someone files PIL over this.

  3. This is the different game of Lalit, he want to eliminate the small builders by pushing them to bankruptcy. He is a old fox who very well know small builders can't hold for long time in this market.

    I have heard the story of swindeling the buyers but this is really different. -:)

  4. Ravi Karandeekar's is real estate agent and he speaks most of the time for Builder , so don't belive 100% on him.Price will go down as there is no demand. More over congress gove. is also responsible when they are raising price. now govt. is bailing out realstate when market is metlting down. We should avoid congress govt. also.
    Once builder will get bailout then then have mony to keep price same.