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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Godrej Elements Hinjewadi receives moderate response

Godrej Elements Allottees, you are so brave!

Godrej Elements Hinjewadi receives moderate response

At last, somehow I managed to gather strength to conquer fear and visited Godrej Elements' flat allotment event at Radisson Hotel on Sunday evening.

The allotment event was almost over.

Thank God! Only a couple of families were there.

Means, I didn't have to face the big crowd of brave people who have the guts to apply for a flat in Godrej Elements.

Menas, I didn't have to feel shy about me. I didn't have to feel inferior human being. No one was there to remind me what a coward I am.

"How was the response? You face tells me that you must have alloted all 525 units. Right?," I asked an executive doing something on his laptop.

"I am not sure. But, someone from CRM, told me around 250 - 300," the executive on the laptop said.

"That's huge!," I said.

"Considering the ticket size & competition - it was a good response," the executive on the laptop said.

"Hatts off to you! Only Godrej can sell 80 lakhs to 1 crore 2 bhk flat in Hinjewadi!!," I said.

"Yes! Godrej is the number one brand in Indian property market," the executive on the laptop said.

"And can offer a discount of 4 lakhs!," I said.

"Yes! No 3,00,000 Clubhouse Charges - No 1,00,000 MSEB Charges - No 25,000 Legal Charges - the discount offer worked," the executive on the laptop said.

"That's the benefit of going with the corporate developer. A good small local builder in Pune can't give you this type of a discount. Because a good small local builder in Pune does not charge separately for Clubhouse - MSEB - Legal!," I said.

"Yes! Godrej is the number one brand in Indian property market," the executive on the laptop said.

"Yes, of course! Can you tell me where can I find Mr. Kumar?," I asked.

"I am 'channel partner'. If he is an employee - you can find him upstairs," the executive on the laptop said.

"Thanks!," I said and took his leave. Wondering whether Mr. Kumar - whom I met last time - was an employee or 'channel partner'!

"You are late - look - the event organizers are packing and moving - if you had come in the afternoon you could have seen all hoopla - entertainment - food - excitement - all that jazz. Now, I can't even offer you a cup of coffee," Mr. Kumar said.

"I have seen all that at Godrej 24 event but failed to understand the purpose," I said.

"Godrej is the number one brand in Indian property market - whatever we do - we do it in a style," Mr. Kumar said.

"But buying a home is a serious decision - how can you make a serious decision in this atmosphere - halla gulla - high pressure - situation that triggers anxiety?," I asked.

"When you make a decision to go with Godrej - it's not a serious matter - it's a time to celebrate - because Godrej is the number one brand in Indian property market," Mr. Kumar said.

"Yes, of course, Godrej is the number one brand in Indian property market. But, why is Godrej hell-bent on booking all flats on one weekend - at the launch?," I asked.

"Two reasons. 1) Because Godrej can! In fact, every builder in Pune would like to do that. But they can't. 2) 100 per cent bookings - means the builder does not have to put his own money - the builder keeps on getting flat buyers' installments - assured interest free money supply!," said Mr. Kumar.

"Good for the builder! But what is the flat buyer's benefit?," I asked.

"100 percent bookings - means non stop construction and timely possession - win win situation," Mr. Kumar said.

"Total focus on completion of the project - what about 'profits' - what about 'property appreciation' - no 'property rate' difference between the launch and completion of the project?," I asked.

"Property appreciation - property rates going up - all history - no more reality - don't cash on the future - no tomorrow - only today matters - only we have realized this and are acting on it - that's why Godrej is the number one brand in Indian property market," Mr. Kumar said.

OMG! Godrej Elements didn't receive 100 percent bookings. Now, what will happen to those who have booked? I asked myself. Suddenly, I started trembling with fear.

Panic attack! I got the same kind of panic attack when I visited the site office of Godrej Elements at Hinjewadi, a few days ago.

The executive who attended me - I don't know whether she was a staff or a channel partner - told me that the theme of Godrej Elements is #LiveFree. To let you enjoy worry free life, we have incorporated 21 elements of assurance which ensure freedom from worry for your loved ones - that's why this project is called Godrej Elements.

And then came the list of 21 elements -

1) Auto Volt System -

"It's not safe to keep your jewelry at home. Not even at the locker in the bank."

"Why bank lockers are not safe?" - I asked.

"Because of the human element involved in bank lockers. And humans are not trustworthy. So we have robot managed volts. Unlike humans robots are reliable"

"OMG! I need to go home. I am worried about my wife's jewelry" - I said.

2) Vehicle Management System -

"Car parking is - when you leave for the office and return home - time consuming and troublesome. Fights with a neighbor over a car park are frequent, damaging and denting a parked car is usual phenomenon, everyday thieves steal cars. Right? That's why vehicle management system!"

"Yes! Are you finished? I am worried about my car parked outside" - I murmured.

3) Visitor Management System -

"Thieves - rapist - pedofiles - enter as visitors - or a visitor can steal - rape - molest. Not only that! Your maid - newspaper-wala - milkman - can commit a crime - that's why visitor management system"

"Got it. Visitors, maids, newspaper-wala, milkman all are dangerous," - I said.

4) Access Control System -

"Anyone can walk in and do anything to you - even use your amenities - that's why Access Control System"

"World is a dangerous place," - I said to myself.

5) IP Series Video Door Phone -

"What if some criminal succeeds in reaching your door? Don't worry. There is an IP Series Video Door Phone!"

"I will always hold it tight. Will never keep it down," - I thought.

6) Master Monitoring App -

"You are in your home. How will you come to know if something dangerous is happening in your society? No problem. Master Monitoring App is there!"

"My one eye will be always on the app - even in sleep," - I told him.

7) Geo Tags for kids -

"Crimes against kids are rising. Kids are committing suicides. Kids are running away. Kids are doing drugs. Kids have become a big headache. No problem. Make them wear geotag bracelet"

"Same about spouses - husbands and wives - are worried about each other too. What about them?," - I asked.

"Put geotag bracelet on your spouse - plain & simple"

"Yeah, living bodies have become unpredictable," - I thought.

8) Kid-Safe Railings -

"Kids can break the glass railings and can fall down accidentally or kids can intentionally jump down - so kidsafe steel railings"

"Kids are a dangerous species," - I told myself.

9) Latches on Toilet Seat Covers -

"Kids fall in the commode - so the latches on the toilet seat covers"

"Really! Do they fall in the commod?," - I asked.

"Yes, research has proved that!"

"Kids are big nuisance," - I felt.

10) Child-Safe Locks on Kitchen Cabinets -

"Kids can not eat or drink something which they are not supposed to eat or drink - that's why child-safe locks on kitchen cabinets"

"Yeah! There are no more 'Butter eating Bal Krishna' - what we have are freaking C section babies," - I thought.

11) ShockProof Switchboards -

"Electricity and shock are inseparable. So, there are ShockProof switchboards"

"Yeah, considering our ever increasing need of power outlets - a home has become an electric trap," - I said.

12) Child Friendly Locks on Doors -

"When your kid locks himself in - you have no option but to break the door or call the fire brigade - so, child friendly locks"

"Kids are problems," - I realized.

13) Motion Sensor Lights -

"Save power - save electricity charges - but it doesn't mean that at the middle of night you have to go to washroom in the dark - because there are motion sensor lights"

"Yeah, electricity is very expensive," - I said.

14) Personal Medical Alert System inside Home -

"Heart attacks are common - not only among elderly people but among young IT professionals too - so, for any type of personal medical emergency there is an alert system"

"Yeah, no one comes with an expiry date," - I said to myself.

15) Handrails inside Bathrooms -

"Bathrooms are well known for accidents - so, there are handrails"

"Yeah, no place is safe - there is a danger in every nook and corner of your home," - I thought.

16) Coarse and Anti Skid Tiles in Toilets and Terrace -

"To prevent you from falling and breaking your bones - there are anti skid tiles in the toilets and terrace"

"Why are our bones are so fragile? As fast as we can, we need to evolve as boneless creatures," - I said to myself.

17) Shuttle Services Armed with CCTV & Security Personnel -

"We have tackled fearful situations inside your home as well as outside your home - that's why an exclusive bus service - armed with CCTV & Security Personnel"

"Is moving around in Hinjewadi so dangerous?," - I asked.

"Don't you read newspapers? Crime rate is increasing day by day"

"Are you finished? I gotta go. I am not feeling safe anymore," - I said.

18) 4 in 1 Biometric Accesses to Home Entrance -

"House-breaking is rampant - so one lock is not enough - that's why there will be 4 in 1 biometric access"

"Look at my house keys - for years my house has 7 Lever Godrej Navtal Locks - for the first time in my life - I am worried about my home - please, let me go," - I requested.

19) Biometric Access to Clubhouse -

"Don't get frightened - face the fear - upgrade yourself - days of levers - nuts - bolts - spanner - are over - that's why even a clubhouse has 'biometric access'"

"Means - days of innocence - humanity - trust - are over - world has become a dangerous place - our life is constantly threatened - mostly by other human beings - and ultimately by material things we possess or consume - I got it - but you know what? - I am frightened. I haven't experienced so much fear even when while watching horror movies on my laptop. Please, let me go," I
begged the executive of Godrej Elements. Staff or channel partner. Whoever it was.

"You took me wrong. I am not trying to frighten you. I was offering solutions to the current problems we all are facing. You know? How risky our life has become? Visit Hinjewadi police chowki or read the newspapers to know the crime rates in this part of town. We are here to help you to live worry free life. #LiveFree is our theme. Don't forget that we are the owners of GoodKnight brand which keeps you safe from the mosquitoes - and now, - we want to protect you from all other dangers in this world," the executive said.

"You are right. But I am frightened. Please, let me go," I said and literally ran out of the office.

There was no one on the road. The cars and bikes were zooming fast. Somehow, I managed to cross the road and reached the bus stop at Phase 1.

After sometime, I realized that I was less frightened.

"Ravi, you are a Pune real estate blogger. Not a flat buyer. The fear frightened you. Who knows? The same fear may motivate some flat buyer to take an action. Motivate him to apply for a flat!," I said to myself.

"May be....," I told myself. But my fear went on spirling.

Dealing with an imaginary fear of an unwanted visitor entering your housing project or a thief breaking in your flat is easy to deal with. Because, the builder has offered you a solution to solve that imaginary problem.

But, what about the real threats?

What would a flat buyer do when he will face the real threats?

Because the builder has not offered him any solution to deal with the real threats.

The real threats of living in a fringe village which has no basic urban infrastructural services - like drinking water supply, garbage management system, sewage management system, fire fighting system, no proper roads, frequent power failures, no storm water management etc.?

"What is so fearful about it? In India there are thousands of villages in which lakhs of people are living. They are surviving. Isn't it, Ravi? So, stop worrying!," I told myself.

No I couldn't stop worrying. I couldn't overcome the fear. At last, somehow, I managed to gather strength to visit the allotment event of Godrej Elements. Only after, the brave flat buyers had left the venue.

Looking at the moderate response to Godrej Elements - I conveniently assume - there are a few more people in Pune - who are like me. Who can't deal with a fear of living in a fringe village.

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  1. Awesome blog, as usual you have nailed it and pointed to right fears. PPL beware of these big brands.

    1. Not just the big brands, but all builders. Ready possession with upfront clarity is the key for the successful flat buying.

    2. "I think that’s what Hon. PM wanted i.e. make real estate industry like just any other industry where you display your goods across the counter & deliver against payment ready to use BUT… there is a big BUT in this as in the process somewhere the product line itself is getting hampered. Because if there won’t be any home makers due to the present policies about real estate then again only the few who will survive will hold all the homes supply& pricing, controlling the rates of the homes. Though with the current stock in hand i.e. homes available in the market this will take three /four more years as by then all the old stock of homes will be sold, so till then the clients of real estate should make hay when its sunshine!"..

      Frds, something about buying a home in 2018, you can read it at link below & share if liked...


      sanjay deshpande

    3. Few doctors and builders to catch the fish they use tactics
      > If you can't convince then confuse them.
      > Instill the fear to make customers take decision hurriedly.

      Builder's price discount / marketimg gimmicks unfortunately not working now. When builders understand value Vs price greed Vs reality, hopefully then end users can have their own home.

      Sanjay Sir, People will definitely prefer to go for ready poessession flats. Nobody is responsible for this trend but builders. People used to trust builder blindly, attracted to huge advertisement and hallucinated by sales people by showing the virtual reality, but then they reality strike on people's head so strong that now their intellect has waken up finally. Please don't blame any regulatory authority / govt.
      Builders should introspect and do case studies Maruti Suzuki, they take advance booking probably like ur business model, used that money only for manufacturing the promised products. the reason why they are successful and invincible in automobile industry is that,even after the delivery they take complete charge and responsibility, they take faulty car back and deliver new ones to customers.

      I've seen many new apts bought by my frnds or relatives and can clearly see the difference between how flats were used to be in terms of flat size,quality of tiles,doors, door handles,fittings,finishing etc.

      How'd you feel if you buy a ticket of bahubali movie and multiplex showed b-grade or c grade movie. this is the feeling of flat aspirant / buyer when they showed a lavish exagagerated sample flat against the delivered flat.

      completely disagree with your view expressed in the interview with ravi sir, that why wouldn't we earn 30% profit every year. Everybody here is for earning money and enhance one's life no doubt but what we are offering to earn it thats matter.
      Interest rate on land from NBFCs, construction from bank fluctuates/hikes not by 30% every year. Selling a parking is illegal still you builders sell it, take extra money for infrastructure cost etc etc. In addition to that one thing is never understood is loading, earlier it used to be 20% max. now it has gone to 35%. Despite of taking this extra money which is your profit only. You've not spared even the lobby area as well,from lift to main door you included it in salable area. Floor rise another charge. If your flat offers a great view, then you take extra. So you have found n pave the ways to earn profit.Enclosed balcony new invension after RERA.

      http://nripro.com/dp/what_is_construction_cost_in_pune -- Calculations given in this webpage is random eventhough, but it gives rough idea how builders earn per flat.

      Everybody in this world is living to earn, expand and survive. But problem with real estate industry in pune is, they dont want to earn, they want to snatch. they want to fly in helicopters, want audi,mercedez,bmw,ferrari,porsche in their car parking, gold all over the body, extravagant life style, but the common man spending their life to pay emi of that flat, the day when builders understand the frustration of a needy person to buy a house, real estate business's narrative will change.

  2. Good read. Why godrej offering so much security when people are trying to save cost on home. As a buyer i dont need safe comodes or security personals. I need savings.

  3. Ravi,

    People above age 40 are expired products who cannot adapt to life today - you have to take rebirth to adapt.
    1% of people control the rest 99% - rest 99% will live in 10 × 10 fully furnished terrace flats. In the next few decades each person will have an all in one machine who will be his family and servant!!! Everyone has unlimited wants today which nobody can fulfill - so people will forget needs and run after wants without caring about any person or relation.

  4. Godrej or Tatas, all builders are facing a real drought of buyers. Those days of building with buyers' money are gone ."ALLOTMENT" business must be to massage the collective ego of Godrej company staff .Allotment means like if there are 300 flats and 3000buyers .In the present circumstances I doubt if even 30buyers will be there .Take everything builder says with a ton of salt.