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Thursday, December 14, 2017

A positive experience of Darode Jog Properties

Darode-Jog Properties returned my booking amount Rs. 4.5 Lakhs!:

A positive experience of Darode Jog Properties

1) Darode-Jog Properties' EPL Offer:

In March 2015, in Darode-Jog Properties' EPL - Exclusive Pre-Launch - offer, along with my 4 colleagues, I paid Rs. 4.5 Lakhs and booked a flat in the 3rd Phase of Padmanabh at Moshi. It was my first flat.

Before booking a flat, we visited one of our colleague's home in Darode-Jog Properties' Westside County at Pimple Gurav. Our colleague told us - "Construction quality of Darode-Jog is quite okay. Delay for possession was reasonable. As usual, there are some issues between the society and the builder. But overall the reputation of Darode-Jog is quite okay."

At that point, we assumed that our colleague was truthful and we made up our mind to take advantage of EPL offer. My colleagues booked in the 1st phase and I in the 3rd.

Very proudly I called my parents to give the good news. They are old & live in a small village. My mother told me to keep the booking receipt in front of Ganapati and offer half kg pedhas.

That night was the second best night in my life after "Suhagrat". And the next few weeks were like honeymoon. In fact, we never realized when 2015 ended and 2016 began.

2) Darode-Jog Properties' Padmanabh at Moshi:

In the first half of 2016, I realized that Darode-Jog hadn't called me for the flat agreement. I hadn't received any demand letter.

And most important everyone - except me - in my office was paying EMI. How shameful!

I got panicked. I went to the site. I was relaxed to see that the construction of the 3rd phase hadn't started yet.

"Remember? At the time of booking Darode-Jog had promised possession in December 2016?," my intelligent wife reminded me.

So I went to Darode-Jog's office on Apte Road. One fat & short manager told me that - "The possession date given in EPL was approximate. It was not a legal commitment. But don't worry. Your booking is confirmed. Soon we are going to start construction and the registration of agreements. In the agreement you will get the confirmed possession date!"

Glad to know that my flat is confirmed and my agreement will be done soon and like all my colleagues - I will also start paying EMI - I went home.

3) Whatsapp Group of Padmanabh at Moshi:

One day at lunch time, one of my 4 colleagues, who had booked in the 1st phase of Padmanabh, told me to join a Whatsapp group.

I asked him - "Why? What is a problem? You are already paying EMI!"

"Yes! That's the problem!! After I paid nearly 80 per cent amount - the construction is completely stalled. For months there is no laborer working at site. I am worried about possession - which is in December 2016. It means that we have to unite and fight with the builder for possession. You must join us," my colleague said.

"But I am not facing any problem like you! I haven't signed agreement. I haven't got possession date. Construction of my phase hasn't yet started. I am not paying EMI. Why should I fight with the builder?," I said.

"But you have paid 5 lakhs to Darode-Jog! He is enjoying your money for free!! This is a fraud!," my colleague said.

"4.5 not 5. I will think over and let you know!," I told him.

"What is there to think about?," my colleague said.

"If Darode-Jog finds out that I have joined you - he may cancel my flat booking. If my flat booking is cancelled my wife will divorce me," I said.

"What will happen if she finds out that the builder has cheated you?," my colleague said.

"Be positive. Don't be so negative. Darode-Jog is a reputed builder. You know how many years he is in this industry? More than 50 years!," I said.

"50 years! Did Darode-Jog become builders when they was 6 months old?," my colleague said.

"Darode-Jog is in this business for a long time and they are trust worthy. Don't do something stupid. He may cancel your booking," I said.

"You better talk to your wife and let me know if you want to join," ending the topic my colleague said.

4) Cheating:

That evening I took my wife for dinner in her favorite restaurant.

"What if you find out that I am cheating on you," I asked my wife, over a glass of wine.

"I will feel proud of you!," my wife said.

"I am serious," I said.

"I am also serious. You know? I am damn sure that someone - he or she - someday - may rape you - in the cafeteria of your campus. But you cheating me? Impossible! You don't have guts to do that," my wife said.

"Stop insulting & under rating me," I said.

"I am not. Only dishonest beast cheats his wife. You are a gentle and honest man. You can't be an animal," my wife said.

"But someone can behave badly with me and I can't protect myself - that's what you think of me?," I asked.

"You are my cute baby," touching me, my wife said.

"Behave yourself... we are in a restaurant...this is an inappropriate place to touch in a public place," I said.

Why did I use the word 'cheating'? My colleague hadn't used the word 'cheating'. He just said about 'uniting & fighting with the builder'. Am I feeling that - I am cheated? I went on thinking. At last, to end the confusion, I told my wife,"I think, I am not sure, I am afraid that we are cheated"

"Cheated? How? Credit card fraud?," my wife asked.

"No. No. Nothing like that," I said and told her about our conversation at the lunch time.

5) Homeless & Wifeless:

"How can you be so stupid? How can you take me out for dinner when you had a doubt that we may have had been cheated?," getting up my wife said and started walking out of the restaurant.

Somehow I manged to pay the bill and ran towards the parking. When I didn't see her near my bike, I called her number. I went on calling her repeatedly but she rejected every call. Unable to decide what to do, I stood there for hours.

What if she had taken an auto - gone home - picked up her cloths - and gone away?

Or what if I go home and she doesn't let me in?

I felt that Darode-Jog has made me not only homeless but wifeless too.

At last, I called the watchman of society and asked him - "Can you see light in my flat?"

"No. No lights. But madam is at home," the watchman said.

"Did you see her coming?," I asked.

"Yes!," the watchman said.

I went home. Rang the bell. She opened the door at the first ring. Took me in. Pointing at the couch in the living, she said,"Till you bring back that fxxxxxx money from that fxxxxxx builder - you will sleep here. And first thing in the morning - I am disconnecting the dish,"

"How can I live without Netflix?," I said.

"Fxxx Yxxxxxxx," banging bedroom door on my face, my wife said.

6) Domain:

Next day, after logging in, I went to my colleague and told him that I am ready to join the Whatsapp group.

"You have already joined. Didn't Bhabhi tell you?," my colleague said.

"When dd this happen?," I asked.

"Yesterday night - around 10-30. She said you are sick," my colleague said.

"Yes, of course! After all, she is a co-owner!!," I said.

"But she gave only her number. Not yours," he said.

"Home is her domain!," I said.

7) Be a man:

That day When I came home, I was shocked to see my old parents at my home.

Touching their feet, I asked them,"Unannounced? Any problem?"

"You tell us! Your wife was only crying on the phone. So we took the first bus & came down. Look at her - she is still crying. What is the problem?," my mother said.

"Nothing serious! We will talk about it tomorrow morning. I am too tired to talk," I said.

After the dinner, I whispered in my wife's ear,"For God's sake, till my parents are here, let me sleep in the bedroom. You sleep in the bed. I will take the floor"

"Motherji, some little boy wants to sleep with his dad. Means you have to sleep with me in the bedroom. I hope you will not mind!," my wife said loudly.

"Good to know that you have stopped watching TV! Now we can lay on the bed and keep on talking till our eyes shut," my father said.

"There isn't anything to talk about! Instead of that - like the old days - you tell me a story," I said.

"But I have a lot to talk! For example - why is she crying? Is there any medical problem in you?," my father said.

"Medical problem? No. I am quite well," I said.

"Well, as a man - can you satisfy her?," my father asked.

"What are you talking about? Did she complain about anything?," I asked.

"How can she talk something like this with me? But at this point - she may be telling all to your mother," my father said.

"How can this kind of a thing come to your mind? Couldn't you guess something else? For example - I may have lost my job. Haven't you heard anything about job loss in IT?," I asked him.

"Did you?," my father asked.

"No! Not at all," I said.

"If you lost one job - for sure - you will get another. You are intelligent. You were good in studies - always 1st in your class. In the school as well as in the college. But you never played sports. Never had any friends. You were sort of a bookworm. You were never manly - masculine. You were always a scholar. I never told you this - but I was worried about you. Ask your mother - we let you marry a girl from other caste only because we were relived to know that some girl finds you desirable!," my father said.

"As a father, you were not man enough to talk with your son about sex - and now you question my gender - shame on you!," getting up from the floor, I said.

"Be a man! Sit down. Talk straight. What is the problem? Why my daughter in law is upset?," pulling me down, my father said.

"She is over reacting," I said and told him all about Darode-Jog.

"Daorde....Jog....Didn't you find any builder from our cast?," my father asked.

"No!," I said.

"This is what happens when you marry a girl from other caste- you forget the fundamental principals of living - you stop respecting & trusting your own people," my father said and in no time started groaning.

Early in the morning, my mother woke me up.

"What happened?," I asked.

"We are going back. Get an auto for us, say good buy and complete rest of your sleep in your bed," my mother said.

"Why?," I asked.

"What why? In 2018, we want a grand son that's why!," looking at my wife, my mother said.

I called Ola. Sent them off. Asked my wife, "What did you tell them? Why did they suddenly come & leave?"

"I don't know why they came & left. I didn't tell them anything about Darode-Jog. Did you?," my wife asked.

"What were you talking in the bedroom?," I asked.

"Girl talk! You?," my wife said.

"I told my father all about Darode-Jog issue," I said.

"Don't lie to me," my wife said.

"I am not," I said.

"Be a man," my wife said and went on laughing like mad.

8) Cancellation of Booking:

After lunch, I told my team leader and visited Darode-Jog Properties office on Apte Road.

There was sort of a crowd in the office. The crowd's temperaments were very high. Everyone was screaming. Most of them were blue collar workers from Ammunition Factory at Khadki. All of them had booked flats in Padmanabh.

One lady had come with her little baby. Keeping her baby on the reception counter, she was crying,"Return my baby's milk money. Don't let her die"

I got frightened.

I can't shout.

I can't abuse.

I can't cry.

How am I going to get my 4.5 lakhs back?

I somehow manged to reach the short & fat manager whom I had met last time.

"I am in financial trouble. I want to cancel my booking," i said.

"No problems!," the short & fat manger said and gave me a form.

I filed that form and gave it back to the short & fat manager.

"I will submit it to the directors and let you know," the short & fat manager said.

"Means what?," I asked.

"Don't you wish your booking amount back?," the short & fat manager asked.

"Yes, that's why I cancelled the booking. I need that money immediately. I am in financial difficulties. Look! I have written it here," pointing at the cancellation form, I said.

"Now a days, everybody is in financial difficulties - look at that lady - she doesn't have money to buy a milk for her baby - but we are not a bank - how can we give money to all - your money is spent for the construction of your flat - we need some time to arrange the funds," the short & fat manager said.

"But you haven't started construction of my flat in the 3rd phase of Padmanabh - my booking amount must be with you," I said.

"That's what I said! I will take approval of my directors and let you know!," the short & fat manager said.

9) Begging for money:

Next couple of days I was very busy in the office. I came home late, slept on the couch and by the time I woke up my wife had already left for her office. However, I never forgot to call Darode-Jog's office every day - though that short & fat manager never took my call.

Fed up with the short & fat manager, instead of calling, I decided to visit the office of Darode-Jog. I went n number of times. Met that fat & short manager multiple times. I don't know when I became expert in begging for my own money. But over the period of time, I started disgusting myself.

One day, my mother called to inform that my father had been admitted in the hospital - may go for angioplasty. I told her that I can't come down but I will send some money if needed. She told me that my wife has already sent.

"When our account is practically empty - how did you mange to send the money?," I asked her.

"You don't bother about it - tell me about 4.5 lakhs," she said.

I told her about the cancellation of booking, fat & short manager, phone calls, my visits etc. And beg her to give me some more time.

She suddenly got up and hugged me. Like a baby I cried in her arms.

Ashamed of myself, I composed an email to Darode-Jog Properties - demanding money for my dad's operation or be ready for the consequences. I didn't received any reply or even an acknowledgment.

10) Loser:

One day, don't know how, my wife gave me a mobile number of Mr. Anand Jog. I called him immediately. Told him about my father's operation. He told me not to worry. I will try to arrange something for you. He said.

I kept on calling him. He took my very call. Promised to help. But never fulfilled his promise.

With the help my friend, I found out the address of his residence. Early morning I went and stood in front of his home. Not exactly in front of his home - but at the corner of his bungalow. When he drove by me, I decided to knock his door next day and went to my office.

The next day, I went to his place, but literally froze at the corner. I tried my best, but couldn't lift my foot. I stood there till he drove off. I didn't feel like going to the office. I went home and slept till my team leader called me. I told him that today I am going to work from home. He said okay.

Next day and the day after I didn't feel like going to office. In fact, I was feeling afraid to leave my home. I was completely down.

"Why aren't you asking me anything about 4.5?," I asked my wife.

"If you had anything to show - you would have showed me. Isn't it?," she said.

"Don't you care about me? What I am facing doesn't matter to you at all?," I asked.

"Both of us are in the same boat. Your boat is in the living. Mine is in the bedroom. How can you be so insensitive to think that I am not with you?," she said.

"If you are with me - don't you see that I am facing a wall?," I asked.

"I know that. I also know why," she said.

"Why?," I asked.

"Because you are not applying your brains," she said.

"Is this the game of brain?," I asked her.

"But you don't have anything else! You are shy. You are not aggressive. You can't be a bully. You can't become shameless and beg. You can only use your brains. Which you are not at all using," she said.

"Okay. You mean to say that I am acting dumb," I said.

"I didn't say that, loser," she said.

"I am not only dumb - I am loser too - what are you - a bitch?," I said.

"Be a man," she said.

I got mad and gave her a tight slap.

She kicked me in the stomach and went in the bedroom.

11) Press Conference:

I called my colleague and told him that we had to take some collective action against Darode-Jog.

He said that they have already decided to do the same.

"There is no point in complaining among ourselves on Whatsapp. Some solid action is required," my colleague said.

"What kind of action?," I asked.

"We are planning a press conference," my colleague said.

"What will we achieve by the press conference? Will a news in the press force Darode-Jog to give my money back?," I asked him.

"May be! At least - the news may shame Darode-Jog and might force them to take some positive action," my colleague said.

"What do you think - what is the exact problem of Darode-Jog? The work is stopped because they have lost interest in completing the project or they don't have any money to construct the project?," I asked my colleague.

"Why should we bother about their problem? We have given them 80 per cent money - we want our flat. That's all," my colleague said.

12) Mimicking Mr. Jog:

After talking to him I realized that our problems are different. I want my money back. They want their flat. Which Darode-Jog is not in a position to deliver.

It means that my problem is more simple to solve then theirs. For Darode-Jog paying money is easier than completing the project. And paying 4.5 lakh would be the easiest job for him.

Only problem is - I have to figure out - how to force Darode-Jog to refund my 4.5 lakhs!

I must not get worked up.
I must learn to keep my head cool.
Like Mr. Anand Jog.
His problems are much more serious than mine.
I called him so many times but he never became impatient with me.
I can figure out the way to get my money back only if I stop becoming anxious.
I told myself.

13) Catch 22:

With renewed confidence, I started my research. Exploring the way.

"When are you organizing the press conference?," in the lunch break, I asked my colleague.

"It fizzled out. Editor of a leading newspaper told us that they can publish our news only after we register FIR against Darode-Jog," my colleague said.

"Then are you registering FIR?," I asked.

"No. No one is interested. Because after taking a hefty fee, the lawyer told us that better go home and read your agreement once again. The agreement says that December 2016 or 2.5 years from the date of agreement. And if the possession is delayed more than that Darode-Jog is going to pay us 5,000 rupees per month. It means that we can't file FIR against the builder. We can only file a complaint for not getting 5,000 rupees. Something like that! That's why no one is interested," my colleague said.

14) FIR:

"But I have canceled my booking - I can file FIR against Darode-Jog for not giving my money back!," I told myself and went to Deccan Police Station and on a plain paper filed my complaint against Darode-Jog for 'fraudulent business practice of collecting booking amount - and not refunding money after cancelling the booking'.

Nearly 2 months after filing compliant and innumerable visits, the police didn't do anything. Every time their answer was standard - we are investigating.

At last, I visited the police commissioner of Pune. The commissioner madam told me to submit my complaint so that she will send it to concerned incharge.

But I didn't see any point it doing that. Mainly because it was not a traceable & accountable procedure. Instead of that I wrote to C M of Maharashtra.

15) Aaple Sarkar:

The office of C M wrote me to register my complaint in the grievances section on Aaple Sarkar Portal.

I registered my complaint against Deccan Gymkhana Police Station for not investigating my complaint against Darode-Jog.

And I got the complaint id.

Good thing about Aaple Sarkar is you can use this id to check the progress of your complaint.

16) MahaRERA:

While I was I checking the progress of my complaint, MahaRERA started accepting flat buyers complaints.

I paid 5,000 and filed complaint on MahaRERA website too.

17) Half Victory:

One day, I received call from Deccan Police Station.

I told my colleagues about the call from police and invited them to join me. Only 4 came.

When I visited the police station, I realized that I have become used to it. Against that my 4 friends were very nervous.

Police officer had already invited Mr. Jog. The officer told him to pay us so that he can send the report to Aaple Sarkar.

"Mr. Jog, you are a big builder - why are you holding our money - pay us and close the matter," I was surprised, when I said this.

"Yes. of course, I wants to pay you - but I am facing serious cash crunch because of notabandi, slowdown. GST. So you have to wait a little," Mr. Jog said.

"Mr. Jog, you can not take your own time - I have to submit a report to Aaple Sarkar. And you know? We are under tremendous pressure because of DSK issue," the police officer said.

At last, Mr. Jog gave in writing that he will pay 50 per cent in 45 days and balance amount 15 days after that.

Means in the next 60 days - not only I but my 4 friends also - going to get back their booking amount!

And you know what? As per his commitment, Darode-Jog transferred 50 per cent amount in my account by NEFT!

18) P M India:

Now, I have to wait only 15 days for the balance 50 per cent amount.

15 days passed very fast. But I didn't received the money. So, I send sms to Mr. Jog - "Pay my balance 50 per cent amount or I will file complaint against you on the portal of P M of India"!

Within 15 minutes, Darode-Jog's advocate Whatsapp me the demand draft of the balance amount and called - "You will get this demand draft only after you withdraw your compliant filed with MahaRERA"

"I will withdraw my complaint only after I get the draft," I told him.

"You first withdraw the case," said the advocate.

"Let us meet at MahaRERA court and close the matter," I told him.

19) Mental Harassment:

In my MahaRERA complaint I had demanded booking amount plus interest on it.

MahaRERA refused my demand of interest. Because it was a 'self cancellation' - I had cancelled my flat booking on my own - so I can not demand interest on the booking amount.

Darode-Jog's advocate complaint to the court that I was mentally harassing the builder by sending threatening text messages.

Immediately, I showed my sms about filing compliant on the website of P M of India and explained the reasons behind sending it.

I didn't stop there. I showed photos of the site of 3rd phase of Padmanabh which is used to keep cows & buffaloes - and asked the court,"Isn't this mental harassment of the flat buyers?"

"Ours is a development agreement. We can't stop the landlord from using the site," Darode-Jog's advocate said.

MahaRERA court told the advocate to give me the demand draft so that I can withdraw the case and go back to Pune.

I did exactly the same.

20) He Man:

"Welcome home my 'He Man'!," hugging me, my wife said and took me to our bedroom.

That night, I slept like a baby in our marital bed.

That's why this a positive experience!

21) Share your positive experience:

This is a dramatization of a true procedure followed by one of my readers to recover his booking amount from Darode-Jog Properties.

You may have followed some other method to recover your money from Darode-Jog or from some other builder.

Please, share your positive experience in the comments to enlighten thousands of flat buyers in Pune who don't know how to recover their money from their builder.

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  1. Haha, perfect chitrapat material:
    I am already imagining the roles; hero: Swapnil Joshi, Heroine: Sonali Kulkarni, office colleagues: Umesh Kamat, Ankush Chaudhari, Jog: Nana Patekar, etc...etc....
    Chitrapatacha nav: Daroda.

  2. "50 years! Did Darode-Jog become builders when they was 6 months old?," my colleague said.

    - This firm was formed about 28 years ago. So as per Lashkar-e-CREDAI formula, Darode's 28 + Jog's 28 = 56 + 30% loading = 73 years.
    This means they were builders even before they were born !

    This is one of the best blogs written by you in recent times. Keep it up.
    Such stories once again shows why not to buy under-construction flats & not to handover such amount to builder without doing proper legal check.
    It is equally good to see the BJP led state Govt having Aaple Sarkar which is helping the citizens on several issues.
    Hope people learn from such experiences & avoid making the same mistake by trusting the builders blindly. You will see several builders going bankrupt in coming time & only the professionals & honest ones, if any, will survive.

    And here is one more major builder, DB realty booked for cheating for giving almost 30% lesser carpet area than what buyers paid for. This reminded me of Goel Ganga builders of Pune case who had similar complaints for it's project Ganga Bhagyoday.

    Bailable arrest warrant for DB Realty founder -
    Borivali metropolitan magistrate also issues warrants against six other officials of the group; Order comes on home buyer’s complaint of carpet area fraud.


    And Mumbai flat buyers in crook KUL project got a decision in their favour from RERA. Don't know why Pune flat buyers aren't approaching RERA ?

    MahaRERA gets tough -

    The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) has asked well known Pune developer Kumar Builders and Mumbai based Ekta Parksville to advance their possession deadlines


    1. "50 years! Did Darode-Jog become builders when they was 6 months old?,"
      "Jog's 28 = 56 + 30% loading = 73 years. "

      supperrrrr..... ek shitti ( visel) tar banatech ....

  3. Dear Ravi,

    I have explored all possible options of talking to Mr. Darode politely without escalating the matter too much, but finally had a little choice after 3 years of rigorous follow ups.
    Then we finally approached PMC officials, but they all are not responding as per our expectations which may be because of Mr. Darode's influence and we had to speak to them by filling RTI.
    Further, we sent notice for going to national commission to which Mr. Darode's lawyer replied demonetisation as one of the reason for the delay of our flats. Delay for more than 3.5 years and demonization only an year back, but reason quoted is demonetisation (such a poor statement).
    Now we are left with no option than to knock doors of national commission to pursue our matter.
    Hope that works other wise we shall have to Lodge FIR.

    Surprisingly, they have also obtained OC and all NOC's for the projects, god knows how can anyone request to get occupancy certified for project which is just 50-70% completed and extremely in bad condition to stay.

    Shall talk to you someday to seek further assistance.

    Abhishek Laddha