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Monday, November 24, 2014

Beware of Pune Builders' Gang of Liars & Cheats

Pune Property Buyers,
Beware of Real Estate Sales Executives.

These Liars & Cheats are Out There to Dupe You
by Selling Illegal - Unauthorized - Construction
- Warns Mr. Vijay Kumbhar, RTI Activist.

Mr. Kumbhar is Launching a Campaign Against the Big Builders
Who are Cheating Pune Home Buyers by Developing Illegal Townships
- Without Obtaining Environmental Clearance:

As per the Environment Protection Act of 1986, when the housing project is bigger than 20,000 sq.mt. - 2 lakh sq.ft., - the builder must get an environmental clearance.

The builder can start the construction only after he obtains the environmental clearance (www.ec.maharashtra.gov.in).

Violation of Environmental Clearance means starting construction without obtaining environmental clearance.

After digging information about the cases of Violation of Environmental Clearance, Mr. Vijay Kumbhar, has come to conclusion that this is an organized crime. Committed by the builders, architects, structural engineers, banks & government officials. With the intention of earning huge sums of moneys in the shortest period of time. By cheating the home buyers.

In this crime against the property buyers, real estate sales executives play an important role.

Mr. Sachin Bhavsar shares his experience about Violation of Environmental Clearance by Pristine City Bakori Wagholi:

Violation of Environmental Clearance by Pristine City Bakori Wagholi - 2

In this video interview in Marathi, Mr. Sachin Bhavsar, who was working as a sales manager at Pristine Properties' Pristine City at Bakori, near Wagholi, on Nagar Road (www.pristinepune.com), had shared his first hand experience of how builders use sales executives to cheat the property buyers.

First, the sales executives hide the truth that - the builder can start the construction only after obtaining Environmental Clearance (EC).

Instead of that, the sales executives mislead the property buyers by telling that - the builder can construct up to 2 lakh sq.ft. without obtaining EC.

At present, we have opened booking of the first phase of Pristine City
- which is less than 2 lakh sq.ft.

We will launch the second phase only after obtaining environmental clearance.

Obviously, at that time rates would be high. So, you can book now, in the first phase and save a lot.

The property buyer believes in the sales executive and books a flat.
Bank sanctions and starts disbursing the loan as per the progress of construction.

After a couple of months, the sales executive asks the builder about EC.

The builder hides the truth - technical assessment committee has refused to give him clearance.

"Don't worry - within 2 months we will get the EC." the builder lies to the sales executive.

The sales executives tells the same lie to the flat buyers.

In the next 18 months, nearly all 300 flats in the first phase are booked.

Now, the construction is at an advanced stage.

The builder has collected almost 80 per cent payment.

Suddenly, Sachin Bhavsar's conscience awakens. He  realizes that the builder has used him to deceive the property buyers. He starts feeling guilty. He argues with the builder. Leaves the job.

Today, from a distance, the property buyers can see the nearly complete buildings.

They are dreaming about getting possession of their flats.

Violation of Environmental Clearance by Pristine City Bakori Wagholi-1

But the fact is, in February 2014, the committee has told the government to take action against Pristine City for violation of environmental clearance. For starting construction without obtaining environmental clearance.

The builder, Pristine Properties, knows what it means. The court case. Uncertain and long wait. The imprisonment. The hefty fine. Pulling strings to avoid both. Or at least, imprisonment. Then resubmission of the proposal for environmental clearance. Uncertain future.

But, one thing is certain. An appreciation of land price!

What about the property buyers who have booked the flats?

What about them?

Agar Ghoda Ghaas se Dosti Kare-ga to Khaye-ga Kya?

Sachin Bhavsar does Anna Hajare. Starts Uposhan - hunger strike - in front of the commissioner's office. But no one pays any attention.

Jobless Sachin Bhavsar can't pay car & home EMIs.
May lose both.
 But, Sachin doesn't give up.

Creating awareness among the property buyers is the only way to save them from becoming victims of the builders. Sachin realizes. He suggests -

Do not trust the real estate sales executives. They are nothing but liars & cheats.

Before booking a flat - do your home work. Learn all about sanctions & approvals.

Take a decision of booking a flat only after confirming that the project has received environmental clearance.

List of the projects in Pune which have committed the crime of Violation of Environmental Clearance:

What about those who have already booked a flat in some township?

What about those - like the flat owners in Vista Luxuria Manjri - who have already taken possession of their flats?

There are more than 100 projects in Pune which have violated the environmental clearance.

And you know what?

Someone has taken enough precautions to make it difficult to find the names of the projects which have violated the law! Says Mr. Vijay Kumbhar.

Soon, Mr. Kumbhar is publishing a list of all projects which have committed the crime of  Violation of Environmental Clearance.

Who knows? Your project may be in the list.

Better visit Vijay Kumbhar's  blog to find out.

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