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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Now, you can get the best property deal in Pune even if you don't know Marathi!

Marathi Bandhkam Vyavsayik Association - MBVA - www.mbva.in - to organize 'Pune Home Festival' from 28th to 31st March 2014 at Pandit Farms on Raja Mantri Road (100 feet D P Road from Mhatre Bridge to Rajaram Bridge), opposite United Western Hall (Tol Sabhagruha), Karve Nagar, Pune!

Living in the New Dark Age:

You know? There are two types of builders in Pune.
Honest and dishonest.
No. I don't say so.
Some builders believe so.
To be specific, Marathi builders believe that they are the honest ones.

In fact, Marathi builders don't call themselves "Builders".
They call themselves "Bandhkam Vyavsayik"  - "Construction Professionals."
Like medical professionals - banking professionals - Marathi builders are construction professionals.

Most of these (so called) honest construction professionals do not regularly advertise in newspapers. Some of them advertise - only when they launch their projects. But they advertise only in Marathi newspapers. Like Sakal, Lokmat, Pudhari etc. But never in English newspapers. Result is, those who can not read Marathi, remain in the dark about the projects launched by these (so called) honest construction professionals.

For example, recently, Darode-Jog Properties launched "Padmanabh" - 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK & 2 BHK Flats at Dudulgaon on Dehu Alandi Road in Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC). Because of good connectivity the location of Padmanabh was convenient to first time home buyers working in  Hinjewadi as well as in Kharadi. But Darode-Jog didn't advertise in English newspapers at all. I didn't like that.

"Mr. Sudhir Darode, I know that you are 'president' of Marathi Builders. But I didn't know that you build homes only for Marathi people," I said.

"I build homes for all - even I make it easy to own a home - for the young first time home buyers - who don't have enough savings on hand - to give 20 per cent booking amount!," Mr. Darode said.

"You make it possible to own a home only for those - who can read Marathi! What about those young first time home buyers who can not read Marathi? You didn't advertise Padmanabh in English newspapers. You kept them in the dark. These guys missed an opportunity to own a home & live a better life in PCMC. Poor fellows working in Hinjewadi & Kharadi - now - have no option but to live in Pirangut - Kasarsai - Wagholi - Fursungi. They have to suffer for the rest of their life - only because - you didn't advertise in English newspapers. This is not fair. These non Marathi young guys are our guests. We should treat them well. We should take care of them," I said.

"I care for them. That's why - for the first time - we - Marathi Bandhkam Vyavsayik Association - MBVA - are organizing property property exhibition," Mr. Darode said.

And you know what? Marathi Bandhkam Vyavsayik Association's property exhibition - "Pune Home Festival" - is on  - March 28th, 29th, 30th & 31st!

In the last few days, couple of times, I visited the beautiful venue of the property exhibition - Pandit Farms on 100 feet D P Road - Raja Mantri Road - between Mhatre Bridge & Rajaram Bridge in Karvenagar. I saw that preparations were in full swing

At Pune Home Festival, I am sure, there will not be any barriers - you will come out of dark - you will get information about many unknown good projects. In short, visiting Pune Home Festival, for sure, would be a pleasant & profitable experience. Do visit.

By the way, who doesn't want a honest servant? We all are honest servants. Still, the owner of our company sets the rules. Not we. The owner punishes us if we break them. Pays us only at the end of month. Not at the beginning. While buying a home, as a paymaster, we should treat our 'honest' construction service provider the same way. We should set the rules. Right?

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