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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What are the ethical business policies & practices of Belvalkar Housing?

An Open Letter to Mr. Sameer Belvalkar, Director, Belvalkar Housing, developers of Kalpak Homes at Kirkatwadi, Sinhagad Road, Pune:

Launch Ad of Belvalkar Kalpak Homes, 1 BHK & 2 BHK Flats at Kirkatwadi, Sinhagad Road, Pune 411024
Launch Ad of Belvalkar Kalpak Homes, 1 BHK & 2 BHK Flats at Kirkatwadi, Sinhagad Road, Pune 411024

Click to Visit Original Ad

Dear Mr. Sameer,

The launch of Kalpak Homes at Kirkatwadi, on Saturday, 16th November 2013, was a great success!!

When I visited the site on Sunday evening, I was told that - nearly 60 per cent flats - out of around 90 units - were booked. Not only that - the special launch offer - for the first 25 bookings - was over in the first one and half hour on Saturday morning.

Around 50 bookings on the launch weekend - proves that - there are many people who are aware about Belvalkar Housing's ethical business policies & practices.

However, Mr. Sameer, there are many people like me, who do not know Belvalkar Housing's ethical business policies & practices.

Impressed by your घराचे शलोक - List of Property Purchase Precautions in the Poetic Form - published in your ad - educating home buyers to book a flat with a builder who's business policies & practices are ethical -
मना सज्जना... घर खरेदी करावे,
नीती, मूल्ये… व्यवहार आधी पाहावे,
प्राधान्य द्यावे, घराला स्वभावे,
'कल्पक' घरातून... उत्कर्ष व्हावे (३)
I visited your websites www.kalpakhomes.com - www.belvalkarhousing.com - but unfortunately, I couldn't find 'ethical business policies & practices of Belwalkar Housing' on any.

Mr. Sameer, I admire you for educating the home buyers.
I appreciate you for instructing home buyers to consider the builder's business policies & practices.
Now, I appeal you to be more specific and list out your ethical business policies & practices on your website.

By publishing your ethical business policies & practices on your website,
you will not only help the home buyers but the other builders too.
Listing out ethical business policies & practices would be your great contribution to Pune real estate market.

As a paymaster - as a property buyer - let me take this opportunity to tell you what we expect from you - from the builders - from the construction service providers.

As a property buyer - as your paymaster - we all are broadly concerned about:
1) Sanctions, approvals & agreement to sale
2) Planning, pricing & terms of payments
3) Reporting about accounts & progress of the project
4) Quality of construction
5) Completion of construction and possession
6) After sales service - warranty & guaranty
7) Society formation, conveyance / sale deed and other formalities

If you expect me to buy your concept and my commitment to pay, I need to know the builder's policies and practices about above mentioned concerns and public commitment to put them in practice.

Once again, I congratulate you for educating the home buyers about property purchase precautions and I thank you, in advance, for contributing to Pune real estate market by insisting on ethical business policies & practices.


Ravi Karandeekar,

P. S. My dear readers, what say you?
Don't you think that all builders should publish - on their websites - their business policies & practices - about above mentioned concerns - and give public commitment to put them in practice?
Please, share your views in the comments.


  1. Thanks Ravi,
    Good . That you brought up this point. This is very serious & important point for all home buyers.
    Every Builder should have this, I feel Pune builder association should take the initiative in this. & make sure that every one follows it.

  2. Thanks Ravi for bringing it upfront.
    Home buyers are always looking for such a valuable information but it's No Where avaiable.
    Someone should take initiative and do it pro-actively so that it will be mandate for other builder in future.

  3. "should " is the keyword Ravi.
    The wishlist can go on....

    1) Ministers should not be corrupt
    2) Pune should have better roads
    3) My bride should be beautiful , should be convent educated.
    4) Life should be a sooraj barjatiya flick

    But does that really happen.

    The question is.. do we accept it ? do we go by the 'Gandhivadi' way and wait for the builder to get 'tired' of cheating us and somehow say that he will be fare for a change

    What should we do ?

  4. Thanks Ravi for bringing it upfront.Here is your chance to be notified of all new listings in Red Deer, Alberta that meet your criteria, absolutely FREE!

  5. dear ravida, by me, transparency is an action n not just a mere word. May be many a times website isnt the mean to provide all d data but at least updation of site progress can be done as well area table mentioning all carpet, builtup & so called chargeable or salable, so the customer gets perfect idea what sft he is buying!

  6. This shameless builder will never speak .he is not able to come infront of buyers in solacia project also.He cheated and looted and still showing himself as Honest builder with ethics .Same on you .
    Get true review with facts and proofs at this link .how honest Belvelkar builder :