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Monday, October 14, 2013

Celebrating Dasara with Mr. Arvind Jain, M. D., The Pride Group

Expanding Horizons:

Mr. Arvind Jain
Thanks to Mr. Arvind Jain, Managing Director of The Pride Group (www.pridegroup.net)! Because of him, in the true sense, I celebrated this Dasara!!

After all, Dasara is all about expanding your horizons. This Dasara, Mr. Arvind Jain introduced me to an upcoming location in Pune real estate market. He considers it an ultimate location!

Mr. Arvind's 'ultimate location' is not a faraway place on any national highway - passing through Pune - Pune Nagar Road - Pune Nashik Road - Pune Mumbai Highway or Pune Bangalore Highway - or on a railway track.

Arvind's 'ultimate location' is - just at the corner - close to well known and familiar neighborhoods of Pune & Pimpri Chinchwad.

In fact, Arvind's 'ultimate location' is within Municipal Corporation limits.

It is 'Charoli near Lohegaon'!

When Mr. Arvind gave me a walk through of Charoli, I asked him, "How did you find it?"

"Guess!," Mr. Arvind said.

"Let me try - you may have found it because - you know geography & geometry - you know that Pune is not a river - but a lake. Pune is going to expand like a lake - means Pune is an expanding circle! Am I right?," I asked.

"Yes!," said Mr. Arvind Jain and went on explaining how Charoli near Lohegaon is the future of Pune. When I started taking down notes, Arvind stopped me and said,"No need to take notes. I will send you a document!".

Have a look at what Mr. Arvind Jain sent me -

"Charoli near Lohegaon" -
Delivers Pune’s Ultimate Real Estate Location

View "Charoli near Lohegaon" - Delivers Pune’s Ultimate Real Estate Location in a larger map

Location is everything in real estate – and never more so than in Pune, one of India’s most exciting and active real estate markets. The Oxford of the East has been steadily gaining a larger and larger share of the country’s IT and ITeS pie, and is now all set to surpass even Bangalore. At the same time, Pune’s real estate market is further bolstered by its thriving manufacturing industry as well as education and healthcare sectors.

With these multiple demand drivers, Pune’s property market is naturally an investment hotbed par excellence. Not surprisingly, the most advantageous locations in the city are beehives of real estate development activity.

As a consequence, areas such as Kalyani Nagar, Viman Nagar and Koregaon Park – the time-honored residential destinations for the high-salaried IT class - have already reached saturation point. Whatever options remain are exceedingly expensive and beyond the reach of middle-income end-users and even most investors. Kharadi, Pune’s latest and most promising IT hot spot, is rapidly heading in the same direction.

In the midst of this real estate development and pricing gridlock, it seems improbable that one single new location in Pune can still provide both matchless location and affordability. However, that is exactly what Charoli offers.

To begin with, Charoli is located just 4 kilometers from Pune Airport at Lohegaon – the singular factor that raised Viman Nagar and Nagar Road to the highest levels of potential.

In fact, Pune’s airport has proved to be a magnet for all classes of real estate development – residential, commercial, retail and hospitality. Lohegaon is the fulcrum from which a huge radius of development potential in Pune has been leveraged.

Airports As Economic Engines

In any form of business, areas that are easily accessible from airports are crucial economic drivers – and it is no different in Pune. The expansion plans of Pune’s Information Technology, automobile and manufacturing MNCs hinge on high-level decision makers who oversee them. Likewise, accessibility is crucial for the executives who follow up with the implementation of these plans on the ground.

Ease of transit to and from the city’s key business areas is therefore of primary importance, and has a direct effect on commercial viability of countless companies, the resultant creation of jobs and – as a logical consequence – Pune’s overall economic progress.

Also, airports in any city are massive catalysts for employment in various sectors such as hospitality, retail and logistics. Demand for residential property in and around the airport and the countless commercial undertakings it supports is extremely high, since the people who service these establishments need to live in the immediate vicinity. This is the primary factor behind the consistently high real estate investor interest in and around airport-centric locations.

Charoli – The Ultimate Real Estate Location

Apart from its proximity to the airport, Charoli has various other location benefits. It is just 10 kilometres from the Pune railway station, 7 kilometres from the IT hub of Kalyani Nagar, 8 kilometres from the high-end residential area Koregaon Park and 15 kilometres from Shivajinagar.

In addition, Charoli lies squarely along the proposed 170-kilometer Ring Road around Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad. This massive infrastructure undertaking will provide an unprecedented level of inter-connectivity to Pune and the PCMC and beyond, vastly elevating the real estate profile of every location it touches.

Indeed, there are many areas in Pune that hold inherent promise because of their location. However, many of these have been unable to emerge in strength due to the fact that they do not fall within the Municipal Corporation limits. This lacuna has resulted in severe limitations in terms of road networks, sanitation services as well as water and electricity supply. Charoli, on the other hand, falls squarely within the Municipal Corporation limits and has all the implied benefits.

In short, Charoli is a coiled spring of development potential ready to make a quantum jump onto Pune’s real estate map. A strategic study of this area indicates that it is an ideal location for large, planned mixed-use developments.


  1. Hi Ravi,

    Any property for investment in 'Charoli' that you will recommend.
    Rajesh Shelar

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Dear Prashant, I respect your opinion and sense of humor. However, please, try to understand the argument before you comment.

  3. http://pridepurplegroupissues.blogspot.in/ Truth about Pride Purple group projects. Display of Mercedes, delivery of six seater rickshaw.

    1. Dear Kiran, Buying a ready possession flat is the only right way to buy! - Flat 40 % Off!

  4. Btw, I must commend on the long advertisement glorifying Arvind Jain. I did see it long back when he made a mud road leading to Pride Platinum as well. Do visit the basement some day. You'll get to know the reality of Pride Projects.

    There is a dispute that the builder is still not able to resolve after 4 years and therefore the 288 flat owners are living without a compound. So before you sing praises for his ethics and business acumen, do enlighten your blog viewers about the two faced approach his business empire runs.

  5. Hi Ravi,
    I think the quality of your reviews & maturity is getting extremely poor these days ,you are writing Negative about Builder one day and second day you find builder visionary , Same thing is happening about your choice of locations ,I think builders are paying you enough after first three minutes of free talk to recommend there locations.

    1. Dear Sanjay, Thanks for sparing your time to comment.

      1) You know, Sanjay? This is a news blog - Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog.

      On this blog, I share useful information with the property buyers. For example, this blog. I though that the upcoming location is useful info for the property buyers. Isn't it?

      It's not about my choice. Not my recommendation. It's info. News. Some may like it. Some may not. My job is only to share info with you.

      2) Sanjay, you are my true friend. Whenever, you write about 'builder paying me' - please, mention the amount 'Rs. in Crore' - and address the builder - for example -
      "Mr. Arvind Jain, you must have paid Ravi 5 crore for this blog".

      OK? Always write amount - Rs. in Crore.

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  9. I somewhat agree with Sanjay that now a days your blogs are not that much buyer friendly. Off course blame will go to you only as you had provided really eye opening blogs in past and the expectations were always high from you. Although I defer with Sanjay with his statement that builder might be giving you money to advertise their projects. I am sure this is not the fact. What is the base of his statement is that your blogs are somehow builder friendly and thats where the money point comes in our mind. Hope to see best blogs in future as always!

  10. Dear Manoj, thanks for the comment.

    1) This is a news blog. Here I provide useful information for the home buyers. The description of the blog, in the mast head, is - Pune Real Estate News, Reviews, Updates, Offers, Rates, Opportunities.

    It means that my views are strongly expressed in the reviews.

    In the press releases, in the updated, offers, property rates - you see less of me and more of the builder.

    For example this article expresses the views of Mr. Arvind Jain. I have shared it because I thought that this is useful information.

    You know? Before publishing any blog - I ask - Is this info useful?

    - Of course, not for all, but for those who may be interested in this topic.

    Obviously, you find reviews - buyer friendly &
    News, Updates, Offers, Rates, Opportunities - builder friendly.

    Am I right?

  11. Thanks Ravi for sharing the views from Pride group. The views may be right or wrong and time will tell but Pride group has not kept many big promises to flat owners at the projects I know. They are non-commital group. They are just using big advertising but in reality they deliver very low, so think through...

  12. Dear Mr. Ravi Karandikar,

    With regards to this Mega township Project by Pride Group @ Charoli (and all other such mega township projects in the city) may I request you to please throw some light on the Pros and Cons of such projects in general.

    1. In terms of buying the property at Pre-Launch,
    2. Waiting period of over 30 months to get possession,
    3. Any benefits of pre-launch offer against buying price at the time of ready possession flat,
    4. Maintenance fees charged by builder - Rs.4 per sq.ft (considering 1000 or 1100 sq.ft area to be standard 2BHK flat),
    5. Additional corpus amount of Rs. 1 Lakh+ taken by builder,
    6. From an investors point of view if there is need of reselling the flat after possession would there be the possibility of challenges in selling the flat as there could be several other flats or options that could be available for next buyer.

    Request you to please help new buyers like me to have a better understanding about such mega township projects so that it would help me to make an informed decision before buying the flat in such mega township.

    Thanks in advance and hope to get your response soon.

    Mayur Undale

    1. Hey Mayur,

      I would suggest you to go for ready possession or near to ready possession flats. Builder will have less chances to loot you in this as he has already built the project and have to sell flats at the earliest. You may find bargaining chances as well.

  13. HI Ravi,
    I too would like to know your answer for Mayur's post

  14. Hey Ravi, Finally I booked flat in Charoli in Tanish Orchid. Its' a great location within budget. Your blog gave boost to my decision for buying, Thanks a ton!!!

    1. Hi Manoj,

      I am also looking for purchasing a flat in Tanish project. It is Tanish Pride next to Tanish Orchid in which you have finalized. What do you think?

      I am a software Engineer, 24, and hoping to have a property that has well connectivity with IT corner hubs of pune. Please assist.

  15. Hi Ravi,

    I need a favour for Tanish groups 2 schemes at alandi.

    Tanish group is offering fully furnished flats.. You might have seen the full page booked in lokmat front page.

    Need your valuable inputs since i am planning to buy 1 bhk in this scheme.

    Some details regarding this project
    Rate per square foot - 3300
    flat area- 619 sqft
    Fall in charoli grampanchayat.