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Friday, August 23, 2013

UrbanGram Shirwal Launched

Vastushodh Projects opens booking of
1 Room Kitchen, 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK & 2 BHK Flats
- in the price range of Rs. 10 to 30 Lakhs -
in the 1st phase of UrbanGram Shirwal,
16 Acre Township on Dhangarwadi Phata at Chaupal,
55 Km (approx) from Swargate, on Pune Bangalore Highway (N H 4),
Taluka Khandala, District Satara, Pune 412 801:

For whom is this economic growth?  For whom are these SEZs, MIDCs, Industrial Corridors?
For whom is this economic growth? For whom are these SEZs, MIDCs, Industrial Corridors?

Small Homes, Small Property Prices & Small Own Contribution:

In today's Sakal, Vastushodh Projects released big ad of UrbanGram Shirwal (www.urbangram.in)
and opened bookings of small homes - in short buildings (Parking + 4 Floors).

1 Room Kitchen Flat - 243.15 Carpet + 31 Terrace - Rs. 9.41 Lakh Onward.

1 BHK Flat - 366 Carpet + 40.68 Terrace - Rs. 15.39 Lakh Onward.

1.5 BHK Flat - 485 Carpet + 52 Terrace - Rs. 19.63 Lakh Onward.

2 BHK Flat - 561 Carpet + 50.37 Terrace - Rs. 22.08 Lakh Onward.

Click to Visit the Floor Plans of UrbanGram Shirwal

To own these small homes, only 10 per cent own contribution is enough - till 25th August 2013.
Rest of the 90 per cent will come from the bank.
Guess! The home loan interest rate would be.....

What is the moral of the story?
When economy grows - our homes shrink.
When big development projects come to town - our homes become small.

Then, please, tell me - for whom is this economic growth?
For whom are these SEZs, MIDCs, Industrial Corridors?
Share your views in the comments, please.

Contact Vastushodh Projects' UrbanGram Shirwal Pune 412810:

View Vastushodh Projects' 'Urbangram Shirwal, Dhangarwadi Phata at Chaupal, Pune Bangalore Highway (N H 4), Taluka Khandala, District Satara, 412801 in a larger map

Call 92251 92252



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  1. This is the first time you have not written anything good about Vastushodh

    Does Vastushodh dosen't fit as a good or ethical builder in your list now?

    I believe your list already had very few names in it, now less 1 more..???

    1. Dear Kaustubh, I care for you -property buyers.

    2. Thanks for caring the property buyers,

      However, You still haven't addressed main question
      Does Vastushodh doesn't fit as a good or ethical builder in your list now?

    3. 1) Economic growth - development - for whom? Is the topic. Not Vastushodh.

      2) I don't have any list. I don't search for a good builder. Assertive buyers is my focus.

      3) Mr. Sachin Kulkarni is my friend. Before criticizing him in public, I would talk to him in private.

      In this blog I haven't criticized the planning.

      This time the concern is much bigger. Concern is about economy & development.

  2. kudos to Ravi for his non-biased reporting for the good of the end user. Hats off Ravi. Keep it up!! Pravin

  3. dear ravi
    i am interested in a NA plot of land about 5000 to 10,000 sq ft for a bungalow on pune- satara road, may be shirwal with ample water road and electricity... in the greenery, could you please suggest a suitable place/ builder or project...? the budget is about 20 to 25 lacs. thanks.
    e mail id is deep1952@gmail.com
    capt deepak satam

  4. Hi Ravi,
    Great work by you in providing regular unbiased real reviews and facts.
    The way you think makes me introspect. Really respect your blog.
    However we are waiting for clear review about vastushodh shirwal-
    Will it be a genuine first buy /investment?
    Is it hyped about the growth of shirwal - business corridor, etc. or will it deliver its promise?
    Is it really correct to buy ahome at this price range considering its location ?

    Thanks in advance

  5. The economy is bad and the flat rates are shooting up even areas like Pirangut.
    Moreover, the total carpet area seems to be steadily decreasing.

    Would you say that it is best to invest in land right now ?

  6. In today's economy scenario Investing in India is a good option.You can choose property in Lucknow as investment option.It provides you good return on you invested amount.You can get growth on your invested amount by Investing in India