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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Future Group's HomeTown store opened in Pune at Ishanya, India’s largest Design Centre and Speciality Mall for Interiors and Exteriors

With Croma and @Home already open Ishanya (5,50,000 sq ft of retail and service spaces!) now presents three of the best names in home improvement.

Spread over 1,20,000 sq.ft, the HomeTown outlet at Ishanya is the first in Maharashtra and first in Pune. Yes, at an investment of Rs20 crore each, Pune will have another two HomeTowns by around June 2008.

According to Mr. Mahesh Shah, CEO, HomeTown, the store is divided into three sections —exhibitions, markets and services. HomeTown will provide end-to-end solutions to consumers - all that goes into building a house and everything to make it a ‘Home’:

1. Live displays such as living room, dining room, bedroom.
2. kids’ furniture
3. kitchen fittings
4. bathroom fittings
5. furniture
6. furnishings
7. consumer durables
8. electronics
9. counters by Future Money
10. hostel segment: students can buy packages such as bed and mattress starting from Rs. 5,000
11. the company is planning to offer custom made furniture

Private Lables: According to the company, almost half its sales revenues accrue from private labels retailed by HomeTown across various segments.

Company Lables: The company has two labels each in electronics and lighting segments, one in fittings segments, and is reportedly planning to launch its own brand of furnishings in about a month.

Sales: The company expects a 50:50 ratio of institutional and individual business contributing to its sales.

HomeTown in Towns:

1. Ishanya, Pune is 5th store.
2. First HomeTown was opened in Noida, in April.
3. HomeTown is present in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Ahmedabad.
4. By June 2008, HomeTown will be in Gurgaon, Lucknow, Thane and Kolkata.
5. 12 more HomeTowns are planned in cities including Ludhiana and Kochi in 2009.
6. 5 HomeTowns in Mumbai, Nasik and Nagpur in Maharashtra.
7. Home Solutions Retail (India) Ltd, a part of the Kishore Biyani’s Future Group, has set a target of 40 HomeTown stores by 2010; it expects sales of Rs 7,500 core by then.

Pune Real Estate Market:

According to Mr Shah, HomeTown has bagged Rs 300-crore order from the Bangalore-based Prestige Group of Builders for the supply of modular kitchen and bathrooms. HomeTown is in talks with builders in Pune for a similar agreement.

About Eshanya - India Design Centre and Speciality Mall:

MoneycontrolIndia has published good write up sourced from - Adfactors Public Relations Pvt Ltd. As a proud Punekar, i am happy to present it:
The name Ishanya means north-east in Sanskrit, the most auspicious direction according to the ancient Indian science of Vaastu-Shastra. And Ishanya is located very conveniently in the North East of Pune.

Ishanya now brings to Pune access to a truly unique retail and design destination dedicated to anyone who wants anything in interior and exterior products, design, or services, to congregate, exchange ideas, browse or buy.

“There is nothing quite like Ishanya anywhere in India, and indeed perhaps the world. It will be a pan-India Design Centre and Speciality Mall dedicated to offering all its customers – whether shoppers for the home or office or professionals in the design industry or builder /developers or service providers a unique combination of ideas, expertise and solutions. It will be a must-visit destination for everyone interested in good design whether is consumer or its business aspects. Its unique partnerships with the IIID and CCPS, and indeed other bodies, will make Ishanya a thought-leader – a destination for retail and inspiration,” said Mr. I. S. Narula, CEO & President, Ishanya.

Ishanya is a single sourcing point for 52 categories of products and services, materials and knowledge, drawn from across the best in India and across the globe. Tenant fit outs have commenced and the remainder of Ishanya’s over 100 outlets offering more than 5000 brands, all dedicated to interiors and exteriors will open their doors in phases. Its range offers very wide choices right from the truly price competitive to the ultra-designer league. By night Ishanya will convert into the cultural hub of Pune and form the backdrop for performing arts, music and multi-media shows or even a venue for corporate events.

Ishanya, will be truly unique in that it will also offer art galleries, specialized centres for design, training and research, seminars and exhibitions, features that will truly make it a design destination like never before. Moreover, it is the only Design Centre endorsed by the Indian Institute of Interior Designers (IIID) and Confederation of Construction Products and Services (CCPS).

The IIID will have its chapter office at Ishanya, with a Knowledge and Research Centre the that it will run. Ishanya and IIID will work together to create opportunities for learning whether you are a professional in the business of interiors and exteriors or whether you a simply a consumer looking for knowledge and help.

The Ishanya-CCPS Training and Development Centre will train engineers, supervisory staff, craftsmen, consumers and laymen on the correct selection, usage and application of various products and materials in interiors and exteriors. The centre will also hold seminars, conventions, workshops and training sessions to raise quality and design of indigenous products and services to world standards. Ishanya’s CCPS tie-up enables us to provide our customers a huge database for product suppliers and service providers including CCPS trained craftsmen.

Mr. I. S. Narula, CEO & President, Ishanya said, “Over and above the extensive range of products, what makes Ishanya truly unique is its service aspects. We have a Mock-up & Simulation Centre which will be the place to see what your home or office can look like even before it leaves the drawing board. Our Knowledge Centre will offer information and inspiration at your fingertips. Best of all we will offer Design Solutions with Architects, Interior Decorators and Landscapers at hand to advise and inspire. Ishanya’s proposition is truly the most comprehensive that one can get in the space design field.”

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