Kothurd & Warje

Ravi Karandeekar's Blogs on Properties at Kothrud, Warje, Shivane & Kondhawe Dhawade, Pune:

Shivaji Putala, Kothrud, Pune
Shivaji Putala, Kothrud, Pune

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28) FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2012

Meet Arun Kharde-Patil of Woods Royale, Kothrud, Pune


3 BHK & 2 BHK Flats at KarveNagar Pune!

26) FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2011

Property Prices at Kumar Properties (www.kumarworld.com)

25) TUESDAY, AUGUST 02, 2011

Asli Maal

24) TUESDAY, JULY 05, 2011

A Right Triangle 1 BHK Flat for Rs. 33.5 Lakhs!

23) THURSDAY, APRIL 07, 2011

a la carte Homes in Grand Stand Kothrud Pune - Ooh La La!

22) TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 2010

Darode Jog Properties' Shriniwas Varad Vastu - Available! A few compact 3 BHK Flats in Mayur Colony Kothrud for only 102 lakhs!!

21) THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2010

Parth Enclave Karvenagar Kothrud Pune - opens booking of 2nd phase!

20) TUESDAY, MARCH 02, 2010

Garbage crisis in Pune - Shilpa Society in Kothrud and Kasturkunj Society in Bhosalenagar offer a permanent solution

19) MONDAY, DECEMBER 21, 2009

Wonder Futura, Kothrud - Work will be over soon, builder assures flat-owners


Wonder Futura, Kothrud, flat owners still an unhappy lot

17) MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2009

Sigma One, near MIT, Paud road, Kothrud, Pune - "Who will have the last laugh?"

16) FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2009

Pethkar Projects is now an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Firm

15) WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2009

Kumar Properties - current property rates and budgets of 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats and bungalows in Pune real estate market

14) WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 05, 2009

Exclusive 2 and 3 bhk flats in Mayur Colony, Karve Road, Kothrud, Pune

13) MONDAY, JULY 27, 2009

Bhusari Colony on Paud Road, Kothrud, was freed of tanker lobby - "Water Affidavit" on DNA

12) FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2009

Kumar Builders open booking of the first 30 stories skyscraper in Pune, 45 Nirvana Hills, first phase of 79 acre township at Paud phata on Karve road

11) FRIDAY, MAY 22, 2009

Kumar Builders' 45 Nirvana Hills at Paud phata on Karve road in Kothrud Pune

10) WEDNESDAY, MAY 20, 2009

Live a long life!

9) SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 2009

Golden Petals, near Cummins College of Engineering for Women in Karve Nagar - Kothrud, opens the bookings of 2 bhk flats starting from 26.76 lakhs

8) FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2009

NRI property buyers are still shopping in Pune real estate market!


HDFC Realty organizes Property Assist at Kothrud in Pune

6) TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2008

Indradhanu at Vanaz, on Paud Road in Kothrud, offers special property rate for Diwali!


How to own a piece of paradise near Eklavaya College, Kothrud, Pune

4) SATURDAY, AUGUST 23, 2008

Pune Real Estate Market News!

3) SATURDAY, JULY 26, 2008

Pethkar Projects' Samrajya - Balwantpuram compact 2 and 3 bhk flats at an affordable property rate of Rs. 4,000 - 80% flats booked in 2 days!

2) FRIDAY, JULY 11, 2008

Pethkar Projects, at ShivtirthNagar on Paud Road in Kothrud, opens bookings of 2 new wings of Samrajya - Balwantpuram at Rs.4,000 per sq.ft.!

1) SUNDAY, MARCH 02, 2008

Hot Pune Real Estate News:
Pethkar Projects launches Samrajya, township with swiming pool in Balwantpuram at ShivtirhtNagar on Paud Road in Kothrud

Ravi Karandeekar's Blogs on Properties at Warje Pune 411 052:

View of Day & Night Cricket Ground from your home at Oval Nest, Warje Pune

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15) THURSDAY, JUNE 28, 2012

3 BHK Flat at Suyog Aura, Warje Pune -
To Book or Not to Book?

14) FRIDAY, JUNE 08, 2012

1 BHK Flats at Warje-Pune Launched!


Affordable 1 BHK & 2 BHK Flats at Warje Launched!


Looking for a 2 BHK Flat at Warje Pune?

11) THURSDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2010

SRK Developers to open booking of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in E 3 Tower of Oval Nest Warje today!

10) FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2010

Saarrthi Sinclair Homes, 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK & 2 BHK Flats at Warje Malwadi Launched!

9) THURSDAY, APRIL 29, 2010

Anant Apartment at Warje, Pune - Ramdas Hagavane's first real estate project, 11 Flats of 1 BHK & 2 BHK, is almost ready for possession!

8) TUESDAY, APRIL 20, 2010

Aditya Garden City Warje, adjoining Kothrud - Available last 6 flats! Total 1010 Flats of 2 BHK & 3 BHK sold out!!

7) SUNDAY, APRIL 18, 2010

Oval Nest Warje, Kothrud Annexe - All 2 BHK Flats & Day and Night Cricket Ground facing 3 BHK Flats Booked!!

6) SUNDAY, MARCH 28, 2010

Rahul Park Warje News - Available! A few ready possession 3 BHK Flats for Rs. 59 lakhs

5) SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 2010

Oval Nest Challenge

4) SATURDAY, MARCH 27, 2010

Oval Nest, Warje - Kothrud annexe - Pune News - day and night cricket ground and 2 & 3 BHK - 5 star - homes are ready for possession

3) FRIDAY, MARCH 26, 2010

Oval Nest, Warje - Kothrud annexe - Pune - opens the bookings of 2ND phase

2) MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2009

Residents of Warje staged a rasta roko on Friday demanding that a public toilet facility be made available to them

1) SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 2008

SRK launches OvalNest 5 Star Homes - 2 and 3 bhk flats at Warje - Kothrud annexe, in Pune at the rate of Rs.3,500 per sq.ft.

Ravi Karandeekar's Blogs on Properties at Shivane & Kondhawe Dhawade, Warje annex, Pune 411 023:

View Ravi Karandeekar's Blogs on Properties at Shivane & Kondhawe Dhawade, Warje annex, Pune 411 023 in a larger map

UrbanGram Kondhawe Dhawade Pune 411023 - 3
UrbanGram Kondhawe Dhawade Pune 411023 - 3

18) FRIDAY, JULY 06, 2012

Visit Vastushodh Projects' UrbanGram Pirangut
1 BHK, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats for Rs. 18 to 37 Lakhs on Paud Road, Pune 412108

17) TUESDAY, MAY 01, 2012

Pre-Launch Offer of 4 to 30 Lakh Homes at Pune

16) WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25, 2012

Pre-Launch Offer of UrbanGram & AnandGram!

15) FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2011

Construction of "2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs" Begins!

14) SUNDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2010

"Hooray, we booked 'a 2 BHK Flat for Rs. 20 Lakhs' in Vastushodh's UrbanGram at Kondhawe Dhawade!"

13) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2010

"I have booked a "2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs" in Vastushodh's UrbanGram at Kondhawe Dhawade, near Warje in Pune!"

12) FRIDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2010

Vastushodh's UrbanGram, 2 BHK Flat for Rs. 20 Lakhs
(All inclusive property price)
at Kondhawe Dhawade, near Warje, Pune 411 023, Launched!

11) THURSDAY, OCTOBER 07, 2010

Are you participating in UrbanGram to Sinhagad Fort Cyclotreck?


How would be My 2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs?


Vastushodh Projects to launch "2 BHK Flat for Rs. 20 Lakhs" - (All inclusive Property Price) - at Kondhawe Dhawade Pune 411 023, soon!


Affordable 2 BHK Flats in Pune real estate market

7) MONDAY, JULY 12, 2010

2 BHK Flat for Rs. 20 Lakhs at Kondhawe Dhawade Pune 411 023 - Sachin and Nitin Kulkarni's pre-launch presentation to Vastushodh's Google Group members

6) FRIDAY, JULY 09, 2010

"My budget is 20 lakhs and I want to own a 2 BHK Flat in Pune!"

5) FRIDAY, JULY 02, 2010

Pre-launch presentation on "Vastushodh's 2 BHK Flat for Rs. 20 Lakhs", all inclusive, near Warje, Pune

4) TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 2010

Searching the site of Vastushodh's "2 BHK Flat for 20 Lakhs" project near Warje Pune

3) TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 2010

2 BHK Flat for Rs. 20 Lakhs near Warje Pune - almost surely!

2) WEDNESDAY, JUNE 02, 2010

2 BHK Flat for Rs. 20 Lakhs near Warje Pune! Sachin, are you joking?”

1) THURSDAY, MAY 27, 2010

2 BHK Flat for Rs. 20 Lakhs, all inclusive property price, near Warje Pune!

Visit Pate Developers' West Coast Park, 1.5 BHK, 2 BHK & 2.5 BHK Flats at Shivane, Pune 411 052
Visit Pate Developers' West Coast Park, 1.5 BHK, 2 BHK & 2.5 BHK Flats at Shivane, Pune 411 052

3) SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 2012

Buy a Flat & Get 1 Water Tanker for Free!

2) THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 2012

West Coast Park Shivane to open booking on 27th April 2012

1) FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 2011

Shivane Kharadi - 100 feet wide - 23 kilometer long - 966 Crore Road - for whom?


  1. Namaskaar,

    Good morning.

    I am Chaskar residing at Wonder Futura, Phase I. U 101.

    It's noticed that the pipe line laid from out side of our property heading towards your site @ mumbai bangluru is broke open. Lot of water is being wasted daily. The spot is exactly under the tunnel. In these days of water is scarcely available. We all should save every drop of water.
    I request you to depute your Engineer, plumber to fix the pipe line immediately.
    If you wish, you can see that wastage with your eyes.
    Mukund Chaskar
    Mobile : 9764824334

    1. Thanks, Mukund! I have forwarded your comment to the builder of Grandstand.

  2. Hi,

    Do you have any Farm house project in and around Hinjwadi ?



  3. Dear Ravi,

    First off all thanks for your excellent Blog and time contribution to make this happen. I am looking for a 3 BHK in and around Warje, Could you pls help me about the know projects from good builders.

    I am looking for minimum carpet area = 1100 to 1200 sft and not very compact 3bhk in small carpet area and my budget is 50L.

    Thanks & Regards

  4. Dear sir,
    Thanks for blog ,I am defence person ,I have no flat in INDIA , My age is now 60 years .Now I want to buy 1 bhk flat ,Re sale Flats at pune want to buy as soon.
    mail me ; wisebijoy@gmail.com

  5. Hello,
    I have taken the possession of a 2 BHK flat in Eiffel City,Chakan. I have made all the payments including the grampanchayat tax. They have given me a provisional possession letter in the month of July'13. Now they have called me to their office with the original receipt for the Rs 35,000 paid against gram panchayat tax saying that they are returning the gram panchayat tax to all the members in the Eiffel city as there are some goof ups in the gram panchayat department and we can pay the gram panchayat tax once everything is sorted. I am in two minds whether i should return the original receipt given by the builder and take the 35.000 back or I should inform them that I will not take the money back as I will have to pay additional gram panchayat tax by the time things are sorted with Grampanchayat. Can you please suggest or help as to what or how can I tackle this situation if I want to avoid further circumstances of bearing more gram pamchayat taxes on me.


    Yashwant Deshmane

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  10. Hi,
    I am planning to buy a flat in warje area. I have short listed two options. Jubilee park and SVS Excellencia. Are there any legal issues or negative points about these properties?
    Waiting for your expert opinion.